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电子商务项目代写 FoodFlex is a grocery and produce delivery service that operates on a subscription basis. Emphasis to provide the customers…

Executive Summary:

FoodFlex is a grocery and produce delivery service that operates on a subscription basis. Emphasis to provide the customers the best reliable service in delivering the fresh groceries every week. The customer has to sign up for the service through the FoodFlex’s mobile-app platform and each week fresh groceries will be delivered to their house. FoodFlex is providing a highly requested service directly to consumers’ homes, where they are most relaxed right now, thanks to the increasing stay-at-home trend. In the early stages of the work-from-home movement, there is a unique business opportunity to win customer loyalty. Despite the fact that there are many similar delivery services, FoodFlex stands out by providing a faster, reliable and cheap delivery service; we have also partnered with different stores to offer our customer the best discounted products. 电子商务项目代写

Foodflex also provides the option of a more immersive cooking experience through its mobile app, which includes cooking tutorials from renowned chefs, real-time shipment tracking, and other features that make the customer experience feel more personal. Not only that, Foodflex also provides a variety of meals kits for customers who strictly follow their diet for different reasons.

Each week deliveries will be different than the others and that also depends on customers how they want their groceries to be.

FoodFlex provides families and individuals with an enjoyable activity at a time when many people are craving a new activity or experience by combining a highly demanded commodity with an engaging experience. A mobile app will be developed to educate the consumers on each product and how to cook new dishes. The company will target all age groups and will provide recommended packages based on their age. Initially, the company will spend more on marketing to introduce the company to the market. The marketing will be done through all social media channels.

FoodFlex expansion has also obtained financing from a venture capital company, which has also agreed to provide technological and administrative assistance. FoodFlex, on the other hand, still needs additional funding from a lender willing to take a minority stake in the company. The additional funds will be used to recruit more drivers in order to provide faster service to more customers.

Mission Statement: 电子商务项目代写

Our mission is to make grocery shopping easy for you by providing you and your family the groceries they need to sustain a healthy lifestyle, by a simple tap on the phone there will be grocery at your door, every week.



o   Grocery distributed timely to all subscribers

o   To assure everyone needs are satisfied regarding meal plans, and healthy diets

o   Allow for users to customize and add what groceries they want

o   Showcase different cookbooks and tutorial for customers to learn new recipes

o   Provide high quality food/groceries

Service plan: 电子商务项目代写

Our service plan is to start a subscription service where we provide fresh grocery depending on your lifestyle and health goals to your doorstep. Not only limited to our list, you are also able to take full control and add items to your list of groceries to receive, to ensure that your fridge doesn’t stack up with multiples of an item and that you also receive food that you are craving. We plan to do this by creating an APP called FOODFLEX which can be found on the app store on apple and android. Once downloading the app, you will be taken to the signup page where you sign up for our subscription. Subscription rates vary depending on the amount of people in your family.

After signing up for the subscription you will be taken to a questionnaire where we ask questions to find out more about you and your lifestyle and what food would be suited for you. Although we come up with a list you are able to add and remove items to make the list more suited to you. Once done and you are satisfied with your list, all you have to do every week is press the order button on the app and we will get your items ready and drop them to your doorstep. Having partnered with many retailers and wholesalers we get the best deals and a wide variety of products to help our subscribers to get the best of the best, with over 1000+ products to choose from you have the flexibility to change up your list every week.

Marketing Plan:

Our marketing plan consists of having a wide multi-Channel strategy such as social marketing, mobile marketing and offline marketing. At FoodFlex we focus more on mobile marketing and social marketing; doing so helps us as a growing company to further reach our target audience quicker. We are on many social media apps that help connect with new and existing customers such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tiktok, Google and Facebook. We make sure to utilize these platforms as best as possible by uploading pictures, videos and engaging with the audience weekly so that the algorithm of the platform is on our side. 电子商务项目代写

These social media apps are great search engine tools that will help give exposure about our company and what we do. Aside from social marketing and mobile marketing, we as well do offline marketing such as television ads and billboard ads. With offline marketing this helps to target older people usually with families that are not too keen on social media or are not active on it. With all three multi-channel marketing plans, this helps us to target a wide but specific group of people.

We capture our target audience with relatable slogans that will grab the audience’s attention. We as well have partnered with certain grocery stores that can provide coupons to shoppers if they spend over a certain amount. At FoodFlex we make sure to advertise our deals and promotions to notify customers on saving big. For our long-term and loyal customers, we make sure to send out exclusive emails with additional fees off of orders.




·         Cheap fees

·         User friendly

·         Partnerships with groceries

·         Massive range of food/recipes

·         International market

·         Quick service



·         Reliance on the stores stock (Rely on the food in the store)

·         Few locations



·         Distribution and growth

·         Partnerships with restaurants

·         Expanding to cities



·         Instacart

·         Ubercart

·         Store Promotions

·         Advance Technology (Amazon drone delivery)


Operational plan 电子商务项目代写

The operational plan for FoodFlex is also geared at customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the guiding principle behind all our operations, a reason our organization has partnered with retailers and wholesalers. FoodFlex operational plan includes various components, which include key performance indicators, quality standards, risks management plans, and the primary implementation timetables which influence the monitoring process. Each of our products delivered to our customers must pass the highest quality standards. These

partnerships with retailers and wholesalers will also be counterchecked, ensuring they effectively meet FoodFlex’s quality standards.

Quality is critical in the grocery and delivery service business. Groceries are consumables; hence all quality standards must be considered. Thus, quality and affordable prices influence customer satisfaction which is vital in our business. The next consideration in FoodFlex’s operational plan is key performance indicators vital to the business’s success. FoodFlex considers all the five key performance indicators, which are Revenue per client/member (RPC), Average Class Attendance (ACA), Client Retention Rate (CRR), Profit Margin (PM), and Average Daily Attendance (ADA). With these key performance indicators in consideration, the business hopes to have a continuous and repeat customer base in each region that its services are available.

Customer retention rate is a critical performance indicator of customer satisfaction, while Profit Margin (PM) is also essential since FoodFlex is a profit-oriented business. Risk management plans are another vital component of FoodFlex’s operational plan. FoodFlex considers all the risks that it is exposed to, which might curtail its operations.

These risks include inadequate produce from retailers and wholesalers. 电子商务项目代写

FoodFlex is looking to source its produce directly from producers eliminating middle-men and other delivery issues. FoodFlex is also aware of the limitations of the service industry. By hiring enough staff, such as delivery employees, customer groceries can be delivered in time without any delays. Other risks to the business operations will be reduced by integrating some risk management strategies. These risk management strategies that FoodFlex will integrate include sharing risks, avoiding risks, and assuming some risks. The combinations of these risk management strategies are critical in mitigating most of the risks faced by FoodFlex. Its operation will ensure customer requests are processed within 10-15 minutes of their order and delivered with 30 to 60 minutes. This delivery timetable is preferred since many customers who order online groceries require to use them immediately. Thus, FoodFlex assumes that having delivery times scaled or cut down is critical for any operation’s delivery service business plan.

Financial Plan

Financial management and forecast are integral in promoting FoodFlex’s going concern. Thus, operations in the business require adequate planning and management, ensuring that customers are effectively served while FoodFlex achieves its objectives. FoodFlex has the following estimates based on this planned expansion. The business estimates that with this planned expansion, it will be able to have a minimum of 5000 subscribers and users of FoodFlex mobile. The rigorous marketing approaches adopted by the business are essential in facilitating these targeted users of FoodFlex services. From this humble number of users, the business plans to increase 20% users every three months.

The company estimates that each customer using FoodFlex services will be charged a $25 fee to all their purchase alongside their groceries’ payment depending on the distance. Other estimates each delivery employee will work in two 8 hour shifts for each day, totaling 448 hours per month. Thus, each worker will be earning 70 dollars per the eight hour-shift depending on the weekly customer requests.

Thus, the income statement for March is detailed hereinbelow. 电子商务项目代写

FoodFlex delivery services income Statements

Particulars charged @ $ $

Deliveries in the month of

March 2021 6180 25 154,500.00

Cost of operations

Salaries paid to delivery

employees 448 hours 70 31,360.00

Fuel costs for delivery cycles 55,000.00

Administrative costs 15,000.00

Fixed costs (office space rent) 5,000.00

Marketing and distribution costs 25,650.00

Maintenance costs 1,520.00

Total costs 133,530.00

Profit in the month 20,970.00

This is FoodFlex projected monthly budget in March 2021, with the business customer request and usage of these services expected to rise on a three-month basis improving its going concern. The financial plan significant borrows from the operation plan influenced customer satisfaction as the primary business culture.

Part 2 电子商务项目代写

Executive Summary:

Foodflex’s  website will be the main means of communication for consumers. As a result, it is critical that the site be built with the goal of providing a consistent user experience. It is critical to understand Foodflex’s goal in order to lay the foundation for the website: “to nourish societies by offering people wholesome food and experiences.” This mission statement will be prominently featured on the homepage so that customers can better appreciate Foodflex’s overall goal. Our dedication to deliver fast and fresh grocery and recycling will also be shown on the homepage.

Customers must feel at ease and engaged with the procedure in order to complete the task. Many people are restricted to their homes and operate remotely as a result of Covid-19. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for Foodflex to use its capabilities to provide consumers with the same fresh produce range that they would see at their nearest grocery store or farmer’s market. They take advantage of the service for a number of reasons, including the fact that it is quick and easy. The ability to subscribe to the service saves customers time. The website will present all current sales from all grocery retailers in an intuitive way, with a brief video clip explaining the buying process on the homepage. It is critical that the website is straightforward and does not have an excessive amount of information. Consumers, according to Foodflex, like convenience and want to order offers.

The website will primarily feature interactive material, or content that varies on a daily basis. Foodflex, for example, would be actively introducing new packages/deals while phasing out less common ones. Increased user engagement and the sharing of dynamic content will be possible with customer comments and web pages.

Statement of Purpose: 电子商务项目代写

FoodFlex is a third-party delivery service that specializes in delivering groceries to customers. FoodFlex’s website is designed to help customers to order groceries from local spots as someone shops for the items chosen and delivers it the same day. The purpose of this is to help make the lives of customers easier and more convenient. There are many instances of why customers would choose FoodFlex rather than going in person. People who feel they do not have the time to go in person or just do not feel like going out can simply order off of FoodFlex within a couple of clicks. People that do not have the ability to drive or are stuck at home with duties and whatever other reasons; may find that FoodFlex is the next best option.

With everything considered our desired outcome is to have increased revenue, reduced costs, improved efficiency and more brand awareness. With all these possible outcomes, it will give the brand the opportunity to grow, have more locations to order from and would help to advance our services. We make sure our website is easy to navigate through so that anyone who would want to order can do so without any issues. That being said this is the purpose that FoodFlex serves and will hopefully continue to grow as it will benefit both us and the customers.


Content Outline:   

When a customer first visits the website, they are greeted with images of delectable produce and meals that they can prepare. Menus for our products, contact information, and support are just a few of the options. There will be a weekly deals tab at one corner which will show deals that are available at any store. You’ll also notice our logo, which, when tapped, takes the user back to the home page. At the right, you’ll see that we’ve added sponsorships and/or collaborations with other businesses, such as grocery stores. Other opportunities, such as jobs, will also be available.

Experiential Flowchart: 电子商务项目代写


FOODFLEX could be accessed through your web browser or through the app. Navigation through the site and app will be similar. Once on the app or site you will be displayed with a home page which contains a store front and a brief summary of what type of business we are in the form of a slide show. There will be a header on the top of the slideshow with different categories that will link you to different pages regarding our company i.e., about page, contact page, and a fundraiser page where one can donate money so we can provide food to people in need across the world. In the right corner of the app and site you will see a sign in/sign up. If you are a member and click sign in, you will see your list and how much points your subscription offers. To change up your list so you receive different goods all you do is click on your list and click edit in the top right corner. Once you click edit a list of different food categories pop up and if you’re too lazy to browse through each category you can click search which is located on the top of the page.

Each food will have a different point value depending on the price it costs and so you can add and edit items till you use all your points. Rest assured depending on your subscription and how many people it should cover; you would have more than enough points for groceries. If one week you need more grocery, then your subscription allows you too, you can click add points and select one time use offers that will be charged to your subscription for that week of use and this option should be located beside your points which is located at the top left corner. and with those points you can choose the items you want.

If you are not a member you will click the signup options which asks you how many people your subscription is going to cover and depending on that it will ask questions such as how much people weigh, everyone’s diet, how much you spend on grocery per week now, etc. After the question it’ll give you a subscription cost. After that you just go about making your list. Once you’re satisfied with your list, every week you just click the “order now” button which is located at the bottom of your list and we will get your items and drop them at your doorstep.

Media Inventory: 电子商务项目代写

FOODFLEX will be taking part in social media to not only advertise and promote our brand but to also be active with our followers, help our customers, bring awareness to ongoing problems, etc. As far as media inventory for advertising we will be doing sponsorships with instagrammers, giveaways through our Instagram page, contest, and social events. We will also be active on Tik Tok by making ads and videos for people to enjoy and learn about or company. Lastly, we will also be advertising on snapchat by placing ads on the stories menu and by creating effects that people can use. Being on the top 3 phone apps for social media people will be more willing to download our app because they are already on their phone, so this will reduce the chance of them forgetting to do it later which would be the case if they were to see our ad in the newspaper or magazine. All our media channels will be found on our app and website under the contact heading. We will also trademark the name FOODFLEX so we won’t have any copyright issues and it will help us be verified on social media as we will be seen as an organized and properly run company while also causing more people to feel safe doing business with us.

Implementation Plan:

The successful implementation plan involved website audit and analysis of a website, customer acquisition, customer engagement, customer retention, optimization of key metrics, etc. implementation of each of these steps has cascading effects. To provide the maximum benefit to the customer the Foodflex website will be completely capable of providing a customizable experience. The complete assessment of the website will be done by examining the customer flow and storefront. We will examine the competing websites and implement the solution through gap analysis. Search engine optimization will be adopted to improve the quantity and quality of the traffic to the FOODFLEX website.

We will also go for search engine marketing in which we will be having paid advertisement which will include cost per click. We will adopt referral programs, e-mail campaigns and re-targeting campaigns. Special discounts will be offered to the customers who will subscribe to our website. We will need to optimize the page load speed, shopping carts and check-outs. We will create well-researched blog content with updated descriptions of the products. Optimization will also require analysis of the total revenues, total spending, net margins and conversion rates of the channels that bring traffic to our website and the rate of abandoned carts (Embitel, n.d.).

Step 4: Project report 电子商务项目代写

The project is about the e-commerce store FoodFlex which deals in the grocery and provides delivery at the doorstep of their customers with their subscription. The business starts with setting the objectives and mission of a company. The mission is to make grocery shopping easy for people and help them to maintain their healthy lifestyles. This involves a mobile phone app and a website. The goals are set to achieve which are timely distribution to the subscribers, providing healthy meal plans to maintain the healthy diet of the subscribers, enable the customers to get customize the experience, providing cookbooks and tutorials to the customers to make them learn new recipes, also to maintain the quality of the products. Then comes the service plan which is to provide grocery items of every type (not only limited to the list given).

The FoodFlex app is designed for this purpose which can be downloaded from Play Store or App Store. Individual then has to sign up in order to get the subscription. The marketing plan of FoodFlex allows us to utilize various channels for marketing such as offline marketing, social media marketing and mobile marketing. However, the most frequent channels will be mobile marketing and social media marketing through Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. Search engine optimization will be given special attention throughout the marketing process. The operation plan will continuously monitor the performance indicators of FoodFlex, risk management and meeting the deadlines for implementation.

Moreover, we have designed a tentative financial plan to estimate our initial cost and revenue.

Based on our initial financial plan we will design a long-term plan for the business setting long-term goals and objectives to achieve. FoodFlex being a third-party delivery service has designed a website to provide an enriched experience to their subscribers making their lives easier and healthier. The website will contain every piece of information in it. From content to images, a customer will get every kind of information such as quality and prices of the products at just one click. We have also planned a website design. The next step is the implementation of the initial plan which involves the hiring of professional programmers, supply chain managers, marketing staff and accounting staff.

Moreover, we need a database administrator to maintain and update everything on the website. The challenges we faced were mainly regarding bridging the gap between the services provided by others and services we have planned to provide. To address this challenge our team closely monitored the webpages and services and operations of the existing online grocery dealers. We learned their weaknesses and tried to address them in our business plan. Moreover, we have also faced difficulty in attracting more and more traffic to our website for this purpose we opted for search engine optimization the apt tool for marketing your products and services.


References 电子商务项目代写

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