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电影代写 Flickerfest is celebrating its 29th birthday this year. Since it started in 1991, the event has become Australia’s leading…

Flickerfest is celebrating its 29th birthday this year. Since it started in 1991, the event has become Australia’s leading competitive internation sshort film festive with entries from filmmakers from around the world. The next event is scheduled to be held on 10th January 2020 at iconic Bondi Beach and plans are to have more than 50 tours around Australia. Visitors are looking forward to glam opening night adn closing night parties under the stars at the beach and a panoramic Pop Up Beach Bar. The Flickerfest events has become celebrity spotting. 电影代写

Flickerfest is an accreddited academy and recognized by BAFTA. 电影代写

Films shortlisted for the festival gain acceptance for entry in BAFTA in United Kingdom. Since 2003, FLickerfest has been recognized by Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Science. therefore,  it the festival has international, Australia, and documentary awards.

Since, 1995, Flickerfest has been having a national tour to showcase competitive programs and exclusive programs adn sessions. The festival gives regional and metropolitan people a rear opportunity to view best collections of world’s short films. More than 2,700 entries have been whittled down to a lined-up of 200 short films for the festival at Bondi Pavillion. The festival is culminated by presentation of prestigious awards to the most innovative short form filming and storytelling. 电影代写

The report will focus ont the analysis of Flickerfest festival which happen every year in Syndney. In this regard,  the event’s internal and external environment analysis will be discussed. The discussion will inform the SWOT analysis and recommendations.


External and Internal Analysis 电影代写

i.Macroeconomic Environment

ii.Competition Analysis

iii. Market Analysis 电影代写

iv.Internal Resource Analysis

SWOT Analysis


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