Banking and Sustainable Development

Mid-Term Exam

留学生商科代写 Bobistan is a lower middle-income, Central Asian country whose economy is a mix of agriculture, natural resource extraction…

Question 1:

Background: 留学生商科代写

Bobistan is a lower middle-income, Central Asian country whose economy is a mix of agriculture, natural resource extraction/refifining and small and medium size enterprises. The First Bank of Bobistan (FBB) is the largest bank in the country with a 20% market share. FBB competes with a half dozen other domestically-owned banks along with 2 global banks and 3 regional institutions.

As the newly-hired Director of Model Risk Management at FBB you have been tasked with reviewing and approving the use of a suite of credit models designed to signifificantly upgrade the Bank’s competitiveness and economic performance covering Corporate (enterprises greater than $2MM in sales), SME, and individual credit card lending that have been contracted from and installed by an egregiously expensive consulting fifirm.

A) How will you structure the task? 留学生商科代写

B) What criteria would you employ in evaluating each model and the suite as a whole?

C) What would cause you to seriously question the benefifit of using a given model or the entire package?

Question 2: 留学生商科代写

The Chair of the Board Risk Committee has asked you to make a presentation outlining the key elements of a top-notch risk management framework for a bank such as FBB. You have been asked to be succinct but comprehensive.

Based on the materials we have reviewed thus far, please provide your list of the  critical elements of such a framework along with an explanation of how each  component works, standalone as well as in concert.


Question 3: 留学生商科代写


In managing the fifinancial services sector of the country, the Central Bank of Bobistan (CBB) is faced with several challenges:

1) the managerial and technical abilities of the domestically-owned banks are inconsistent – some are fairly sophisticated and others are not

2) the regional and global institutions that have begun operating in the country bring welcome technical expertise, have expanded the capital base, and have increased the array of fifinancial products that are available as was desired when they were authorized to operate in the country, but

3) they create real challenges relative to the domestic banks by increasing the risk of “cream skimming” and the concentration of higher risk assets in the less sophisticated banks in the country as well as the likelihood that there could be political interference in the CBB’s oversight of the sector

4) the economic growth and development they have helped facilitate has signifificantly increased the country’s carbon footprint and has led to protests in some quarters against further investment in the extractive and other industries that are the primary contributors to this situation. 留学生商科代写

As the advisor to the CBB’s Head of Banking Supervision, what would be your 3-5  specifific, prioritized recommendations for how she should conduct her risk  monitoring and oversight activities and the reasons why you are advocating  taking each of these steps? Beyond these what would you recommend be in the  critical path in the next 3-5 years? Please provide your rationale for each of these  as well.

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