Research Paper Topics



Research Paper Topics

Research Paper代写 Topic One: The impact of Accounting technologies in Modern Business?Topic Two: The Impact of Auditing on Modern Business?

Topic One: The impact of Accounting technologies in Modern Business?

This topic is interesting as it explores the impact of information technologies in accounting and as a result the business itself. Research Paper代写

In modern organizations, information technology has been integrated into almost every aspect of doing business. As such, IT has been used to develop a computer system for tracking financial transactions of firms (Ghasemi, Shafeiepour, Aslani, & Barvayeh, 2011). Integration of information system into the accounting system has resulted in the emergence of Accounting Information System. The system enables real-time recording and tracking of transactions affecting the business. In that regard, computerized accounting technology is the main focus of this research topic as it tries to answer the need for this technology, how it has impacted on the modern business both positives and negatives, and future research needed.Research Paper代写**格式

The reason why I am interested in studying this topic is to gain much insight into how accounting technologies have impacted on the financial position of businesses.

In particular, how corporations have adopted the Accounting Information System and it has changed on transactional activities. This study will give a chance to explore accounting technologies available to companies as well as it seeks to seal the gap in the field. By carrying out this research, I will be able to give a solution to the question raised based on data collected, analyzed, and presented. The results of this research are also important to the point of reference to future research.Research Paper代写**格式

Furthermore, this topic can be broken down to subtopics, which can be studied separately to offer specific answers to the above question. The subtopics include:

1.Can Accounting Software Help Reduce Cost? Research Paper代写

In essence, this subtopic will provide better insight into how accounting software have contributed to cost reduction in doing business. Besides that, the topic will give “yes/no” answer to the question then proceed to prove how and why.Research Paper代写**格式

2.What rapid growth in information system means to the modern accountants? Research Paper代写

Accounting Information System is tremendously growing, and more businesses are integrating the accounting processes into it. What does that mean a modern accountant? This subtopic seeks to answer this question.Research Paper代写**格式

3.Is Computerized Accounting Better Than Manual Accounting?

Because of changes in technology, accounting processes have been computerized. In essence, this subtopic focuses on weighing the options on having a computerized system over manual accounting and vice versa. The research uses both qualitative and quantitative techniques/methods to get data which will then be analyzed and presented.

Research Paper代写
Research Paper代写

Topic Two: The Impact of Auditing on Modern Business? Research Paper代写

The importance of auditing is derived from creating credibility of financial statements. All investors are interested in the qualifications made on the assessed financial statement. In essence, this topic is interesting as it answers the question of how it has impacted the performance and economic credentials of any business. The insight is valuable to the firms and researchers on various dimensions of creating a credible company (Chen, Srinidhi, & Su, 2014).Research Paper代写**格式

Mainly, auditing also helps track the performance of the company and more so on the making tax returns and profit sharing among stakeholders. Therefore, it is important to study this area and present the findings in a form accessing to the interested parties. Primarily, this topic will seal the gap in the impact of auditing on modern businesses.

Auditing is one of the areas of accounting that thrills me the most. Research Paper代写

Just because the whole accounting process is futile without the input of the auditor. Naturally, human beings tend to act for self-interests, and they can be shrewd sometimes. That why auditing is important to ascertain the truth and fair view of the financial statements and reports. Under this topic, we can derive various subtopics relating to the effect of verification for modern companies. Following are the three subtopics which will provide a specific study on the impact of auditing.Research Paper代写**格式

1.How does hiring an audit firm consistently for long tenures likely to impact negatively on their professional services?

Notably, this subtopic is exciting and needs a conceptual approach to the hiring of auditing firms and how the long-term tenure can compromise them.

2.Investigative analysis of Globalization of auditing standards Research Paper代写

The auditing is challenged by different standards applied relative to the subject country. These challenges have led to studies on the globalization of account verifications. In essence, this means to generally accepted rules applicable across the globe.Research Paper代写**格式

3.How do internal audits help in the management of compliance risk?

The subtopic is interested in understanding the need for internal audits and how it has contributed to ensuring the business comply with the financial management standards. The question will answer how the risk associated with financial reporting and compliance with the rules can be mitigated.

Topic Three: Adherence to Accounting Ethics in modern accounting information system? Research Paper代写

In essence, this area of accounting ethics is important mainly due to the emergence of an accounting information system. In financial management and accounting, it is assumed that ethical practices must be applied without exception (Bampton & Maclagan, 2005). In modern accounting, it has become a challenge in the application of relevant accounting standards and ethics. Therefore, researching on this topic will help answer the question on how to adhere to these standards in the computerized systems.Research Paper代写**格式

My interest in this topic is to explore the gap created due to growth in an information system. I will be able to study ethical standards applicable to the use of computer systems in accounting. It also needs to be understood that, computer systems have created loopholes in the accounting information systems which need to be sealed. This study will research, analyze, and present the findings in a form applicable to modern businesses. Furthermore, in the study of this topic, in particular, there are subtopics which provide specific answers to the question. These subtopics include:Research Paper代写**格式

1.Why companies lie in accounting books regardless of it being an unethical practice

In essence, this is a pertinent issue in the modern accounting system. The subtopic will answer the question of why companies misrepresent their financial statement. The topic will also detail the existence of gaps in the information system.

2.What does the history say about accounting ethics and the application in modern accounting system? Research Paper代写

The understanding of accounting ethics needs relooking at its development. This subtopic will answer the question on the application of ethics accounting information systems in modern companies.Research Paper代写**格式

3.What are the challenges of multinational audits?

Looking at the differences in the global accounting standards, frameworks, and components multinational auditing system is a challenge (Sunderland & Trompeter, 2017). Therefore, there is need to research on transnational audits problems and how they have impacted on multinational companies.

Research Paper代写
Research Paper代写

References Research Paper代写

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Sunderland, D., & Trompeter, G. (2017). Multinational group audits: Problems faced in practice and opportunities for research. Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory, 36(3), 159-183. doi: 10.2308/ajpt-51667



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