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Research essay代写 according to Research Markets (2017),the unattended retail is become more and more popular in Australia.



Froyo Robotics is one of the largest unattended retail companies in Australia.which provides new robotic and automatic technologies to disrupt retail and wholesale food and drink channels.Research essay代写


Moreover, it provides fully automatic interactive robotic solutions for fresh and frozen drink and desert. Froyo Robotics delivered a new project called Reis & Irvy’s Healthy Smoothie in 15 August.Research essay代写 The financial model of unattended retail machine has low staff, rent and electricity cost and higher profit margin.

Research essay代写 Unattended retail can operated 7/24 and need a little space for the machine. Comparing with traditional fresh and frozen drink store, Unattended retail can be measured the sale in real time and response to customer quickly.


Moreover, The small footprint means it can be placed almost anywhere.Research essay代写 Therefore, it can get brand visibility quickly and easily in high foot traffic locations. Unattended retail has a customer profile information system to record sales activities. And the retail management can be done based on customer profile information system.

According to Canter, Munck (2012),The current vend transaction with the consumer carrying, the user device is altered based upon the received consumer profile order to block product sales containing relevant food allergens.Research essay代写

Offer discounts for particular consumers in automated trading,strengthen parental controls and other possible personalized consumer experiences.Research essay代写


On the other hand, according to Research Markets (2017), The retail automation market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.81%. From $8.786 billion in 2017 to $14.28 billion in 2022 and grow to $34Billion 2023.Research essay代写

The Asia Pacific region is expected to achieve the fastest growth during the forecast period.The unattended retail is become more and more popular in Australia.Research essay代写



Research essay
Research essay




Key findings of the brand analysis

Reis & Irvy’s Healthy Smoothie can save operating costs by low energy costs, rent and staff costs.Research essay代写 A machine needs 220v power supply, 1700kw operational power consumption and 50kw Standby power consumption. The height of smoothies machine is 2020mm. The width of the machine is 1220, and the depth of the machine is 900mm.


Moreover, the size required for optimal operation is 4 square meters. The space for the machine is quit small in order to flexible moving and causes lower rental fee. Research essay代写 In addition, Reis & Irvy’s Healthy Smoothie is looking for something quick and also has healthy benefits. It can produce delicious smoothies in forty seconds.

The Froyo Robotics has 4 brand values, which are convenience, quality, health benefits and customer satisfaction.

The market of Reis & Irvy’s Healthy Smoothie can be segmented by age and income level. The target customer of Reis & Irvy’s Healthy Smoothie is for young adults between 20 and 25 years old with healthy consciousness.Research essay代写 Compared with older generation, young people are more familiar with technologies and not afraid to try something new.

The spending money of young people normally are less then older generations, thus the price of Reis & Irvy’s Healthy Smoothie is 50-60% lower then the competitors. Research essay代写 The goal of Reis & Irvy’s Healthy Smoothie is to provide health smoothies that customers can afford daily, not just as a special treat on the weekend.

Reis & Irvy’s deliver great value, convenient, healthy, and tasty smoothies with the business opportunity to grow the largest smoothie and frozen yogurt chins in Australia with limit staff.Research essay代写


On the other hand, the main competitors of Reis & Irvy’s Healthy Smoothie are Boost, Baskin and Bobbins, these companies struggling with higher pricing and higher operating cost. Research essay代写 The price of the product of these companies is close to $10 already.

However, Australia people pay everyday coffee for $5.  That is where Reis & Irvy’s Healthy Smoothie aims to be with both healthy smoothies and yogurt ice cream.



Reis & Irvy’s Healthy Smoothie has been working on ensuring product taste; technology and systems are all working properly before going to Australian market.Research essay代写

However, Reis & Irvy’s has not stared advertising to push sales, This report is going to create a campaign by the budget of $10k, working on messaging and also a strong online and site advertising campaign.What the machines should look like will be considered in the report, and online message and advertising campaign will be drive.Research essay代写

The advertising will be designed to achieve the key objective of the campaign, which is increasing sales and brand awareness of Reis & Irvy’s Healthy Smoothie.


















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