The Impact of Pop Culture on Branding and the Influence it has on The Purchasing Behaviors of Young Adults and Millennials (Generation Y)

Research Design and Methodology

研究设计代写 The purpose of this research is to find out how popular cultures on brands influence the buying behavior of both the young and ···


The purpose of this research is to find out how popular cultures on brands influence the buying behavior of both the young and adult consumers. Under this chapter, the methodology chosen to answer the question and the test hypotheses was be explained. The research design was explained together with the data collection methods, and analysis used in the study. Further, this section explained the target population of the study, sampling technique used to arrive at the respondents, and the delimitation of the study.

Moreover, the empirical examination and study of a generation such as the millennials’ is a problematic aspect because the idea itself includes tension amid its qualitative and quantitative nature, as both qualitative experiences separate generations and following quantitative attributes such as age, time-space that vary depending on the topic of research. In line with this research topic, qualitative data from millennial and young adult consumers will be taken into consideration while conducting an empirical study.

Data Collection Method  研究设计代写

The data collection method will be semi-structured in-depth interviews where data will be collected using one-to-one personal conversations and interviews that would answer predefined questions. However, as the interviews are semi-structured rather than having a defined set of questions beforehand, only relevant areas or topics for conversation to occur around the research question and objectives will be drawn upon, and as the interview progresses, the flexibility to deviate from the interview structure exists within this study. This methodology and research design are very resourceful as they will result in the gathering of credible and quality data responses.

The research study will consider two groups of respondents. The choice of respondents will include five millennial consumers, five marketers, and five young adult consumers to be chosen for the interviews and this choice will be made based on the level of involvement with the millennial.

Delimitation of the Study  研究设计代写

The number of likely respondents is large and due to the limited resources and time, the study only interviewed few marketers and consumers in London. The sample was meticulously chosen for diversity in gender and age to have rich and detailed responses in regard to the research question.

Sampling Method

As for the most of the research questions like in this was in this study, it is not possible to collect the data from the whole population. Therefore, a sample is selected from the whole population and the results are construed to be the representation of the whole population. The research population was the young and adult consumers in London and who are in the bracket of millennials. The group constitutes generation Y which is the main focus of this study. This research used random sampling to get a sample of 15 participants will take part in the study.

The participants were randomly selected and voluntarily took part in the interview.  研究设计代写

They were also oriented to the purpose of the study and informed of their rights and responsibilities in choosing to take part in the study. As such, 5 of these participants were millennial consumers, five marketers, and five adult consumers. Preferably, the research focused on having equal representation of both genders in the interview to get detailed and rich responses. The age of the respondent ranged from 23 to 40 years, and all were ranked under millennial consumers. The marketers were of varied ages with the youngest and oldest being 25 and 45 years respectively.

The nature of the research led to the formation of three groups of respondents which included the marketers, millennial consumers, and adult consumers. For the purpose of confidentiality, the respondents were made aware that the information they give will be treated with privacy and that the interview was free and voluntary. Only the areas of origin and gender were mentioned about the respondent.

The interviews were conducted at the convenience of the respondent but were complete before the start of Spring 2019. The interviews were recorded only after the respondent acceptance. The interviewee took the just the main points from the interview leaving off the bystander comments in the progress. The interviews took a maximum of 40 minutes in which all the information needed from the respondents were exhausted. Only a few deviations from the interview were allowed depending on the flow and progress of the interview.

Data Analysis Method Used  研究设计代写

After the data were collected, the research proceeds to the analysis and of the data in the conformity of the research purpose and thus summarize the results and present them in a manner that answer to the research question. The raw data collected from the interview will be analyzed qualitatively. The data will be divided into three groups, that is the millennial consumers, marketers, and adult consumers.

Each of these responses will be analyzed and evaluated to the branding and the purchase behavior of the millennials. The findings will be grouped according to each group preferences in the buying marketing and buying behaviors. From the data analyzed and presented, the conclusion will be made on the impact of the pop culture on the branding and the buying behaviors of generation Y.

Interviews  研究设计代写

The survey was conducted using semi-structured interviews. Below are the interview questions used to gather information form the respondents.


1.Please tell us about yourself as the marketer and how you have managed to keep up with changes in the marketing trends.

2.Which marketing strategies do you employ to reach the young consumers separate from the adult consumers?

3.What do you understand by the popular culture in the context of the generation Y? Do you believe it has impact on brands and the consumer buying behavior?

4.What do you think is the impact of pop culture on brands and buying behavior of the millennials and adult consumers?

5.In which media do you think millennials are able to express and share their brand experiences? Which medias do you target in the bid to create brand popularity and catch the attention of the millennials?

6.What are the differences in brand and purchase behaviors as observed between the young and adult consumers? Which buying behavior do young consumers have that adult consumers do not?

7.Can you describe your general view of the millennial consumers in the modern market? Also, explain target consumers and some information about the market segments that you target in your marketing strategy.

8.According to your approximation, what percentage does the millennial and the young adult consumers take in your market?

9.How are the millennials important to your business as the marketer and why do your marketing focus on them? Tell why the millennials are essential? Generally, is this only for you or do you think it is also so in other marketers too?


As a marketer, which channel do you use to reach out and communicate to your market? According to your work and own analysis, which is the most appropriate and effective channel to reach the millennials?

11.Generally, which marketing tools do you use to reach out and communicate to both millennials and the adult consumers? For instance, mails

12.According to your experience and opinion, are there different or the same method of marketing for reaching out to the millennials? Please explain further.

13.What is the effect of the global market environment on pop culture? Do you pay attention to it and how it influences the marketing decision? Why?

14.Based on the experience you have in the field of marketing, what pop culture influences the young people’s brands and buying behaviors? Is it brand honesty? Aesthetics? Hypes? Moreover, more?

15.Can you explain how pop culture is influencing the millennial brand and purchase behaviors? How is it affecting your decision-making regarding marketing as well as the brand operations?

16.Is finance a factor when it comes to the influence on the pop culture in the brand choice and purchasing decisions among the millennials?

17.How the millennials when it comes to brand loyalty? What affect influences the trend? Can explain how as the marketer the brand loyalty can be achieved in both the young millennials and the adult consumers?

18.How will you explain the changes in marketing approach in the modern practices in the bid to attract reach out to generation Y? Please give examples

19.Anything you can add in as far as the marketing in the millennial is concerned?

Consumer Interview  研究设计代写

1.Generally, which products are more popular with young people? Which type of brands do you mostly consume? How has the popularity of those brands impacted your decision to buy? When are you under the impulsive buying, which products do you buy? Are they popular?

2.How do you learn about the products you buy? Do you have a preferred channel of sourcing such information?

3.Why do you love shopping? How often do you go shopping for your favorite brands? You love shopping alone or with friends?

4.Do like purchasing what your friends have? What makes you interested in being like them? Do you trust the peer generated endorsements?

5.What do you value most in a product or brand? Do you value experience over material? Please explain

6.Do you share what you purchase with friends? How do you share your brand experience?

7.Do you have peers whom you compete for what you buy and own? Why do you compete in what you own or purchase?

8.Does where you go shopping matters to you? What makes it makes matter?

9.How do you become interested in the new products and brands in the market?

10.Do you use social media? Which social media platform do you use often? What purpose do you use the social media for? How has social media influenced your brand and purchase decision? Explain how they influence

11.  研究设计代写

How do you take the opinion of your friends about your brand choices and purchases? Is their opinion significant? What about the family opinion? What about society?

12.Does the consumer brand community have any meaning to you? How do you see it have a brand that has a community? Is it relevant to you?

13.Do you research any brand before purchase? Is it important? Which products do find essential to carry out due diligence before purchase? Where do you look for such information about the product of your interest?

14.Which method do you use to purchase the product of your choice? Do you prefer online to physical purchase in the malls?

15.Do you shop locally or abroad? Explain why you shop where you shop

16.Do you follow fashion trends? How do you manage to keep up with the trends?

17.Which social factors affect your lifestyle, brand choice, and purchase behavior? Please explain

18.When looking for something to buy, where do you go looking for them? Which is the most efficient way to look for the brand you want?

19.Which id the most convenient way/channel to reach millennials? Explain

20.Do you trust the mainstream media adverts? Does your perception and importance of the advert depend on the channel used by the marketers?

21.Do you have loyalty to specific brands? Which type of brands and why?

22.Do you have anything else to add, please feel free to add?




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