社会学论文代写 The process of gentrification has started becoming common with the passing of years. As can be seen from the process…


The process of gentrification has started becoming common with the passing of years. As can be seen from the process of urbanization, and the growth of the middle income families, more and more people have started shifting to better housing places. While it has its own positive aspects, it also has a lot of negative consequences. Everybody likes to stay in good houses, and better living conditions, and so as the development projects increase, the process of gentrification also increases.

Gentrification is basically defined as the process of improving or renovating a district or a house so that it can be made according to the taste of the middle class (PBS). This attracts many people who are looking to upscale their living situation, and in turn improve the neighborhood as well. Many development projects are underway which are focused on providing better living conditions to the renters as well as the buyers. However, one thing that needs to be understood is that with gentrification comes the increase in the prices of properties, along with the increase in rates of rents. This, in turn displaces many of the low income families, who had nothing else to do except live in the neighborhood they had always known. 社会学论文代写

While many people admit that the southern part of LA comprises mostly of Latinos and Black people, with Latinos being a majority, with an increase in housing projects, there seems to be a rise in the number of white people who have started shifting there as well. However, while this may be seen as a highly positive effect of the development of the society, it also means that many people will lose their homes and a place to stay as rents rise and the price of properties increase due to the higher spending power of those shifting to these areas.

Additionally, there doesn’t seem to be equality for the Latinos or the Black people, as more and more schools have a higher African American or even Mexican percentage of people.

The displacement has started creating more and more issues for the people who were previously living in those projects. Many people have been kicked out of their rented homes, either because the prices rose too high, or because the owner decided to bulldoze the building in order to make a new one in its place.

Therefore, I believe that gentrification is not a positive development in the cities, unless proper steps are taken to ensure that it indeed remains positive. There are different steps that need to be taken in order to ensure that gentrification indeed remains positive. Steps need to be taken to ascertain that low income families also have the chance to improve their living conditions. In certain respects, a neighborhood that is gentrified can become a “victim of its own success.” (PBS)

As is explained by Rodolfo F. Acuna, many communities have suffered because of the consequences of gentrification, due to eviction notices being distributed to tenants and people losing a place to live and having to move out of their neighborhood. The case of Boyle Heights is unique because not only is it documented but many activists stood up to prevent gentrification from destroying their community. Here, middle class and working class activists rose to protect their rights and prevent the district from changing too much. Integration of cultures into communities and districts is never a bad thing, it is only when it begins harming the already established norms of the society which were holding it together, that it genuinely paves its way towards the destruction and re-establishment of the society.

These days very few renters can actually afford to buy a home. 社会学论文代写

The reason being that prices of buying a house have doubled from 2001 to 2005 (Rodolfo F. Acuna). Finding a good place to stay that is affordable while at the same time accommodating is quite difficult. Many of the housing districts are actually over crowded and make it difficult for people to live their lives the way they want.

However, this does not mean that gentrification does not have its positive effects. Many students learn to live with people of color, and actually grow up with them. This creates a feeling of acceptance and ingrains in them the virtues and values required to work together, and not indulge in racism. But, this is the only off set of the negative consequences being portrayed by the process known as gentrification. It must be understood that this concept comes with its fair share of negative issues, which create more problems for the people living below sub standard levels.

On the other hand, it creates an opportunity to introduce policies and take certain measures that assures the protection of the people even during the process of gentrification. Different people living together will bring about change for the better, with new ideas being introduced and people from all walks to life becoming friends and even extended families. It will lead to good for the community and society in general, with more mixing of races and ethnicities, however, it can only occur when the right systems are in place to protect the rights of all involved parties.

Profit making has become the primary focus of businesses these days, and where construction units are concerned, it becomes even more important for them to generate profits. This, in turn puts pressure on the landlords to increase the rent, which eventually hurts the tenants and forces them to move out of their homes, leaving their friends and families behind. In order to overcome this, the process of gentrification needs to be monitored and it should be ensured that neither the rights nor the interests of the parties involved in this process are affected, rather an outcome is achieved which presents a win-win situation for all. Only through these efforts can we ensure that the process of gentrification is actually a helpful one instead of one that deteriorates and transforms the society into something bad.

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There are various aspects of the public housing in Latino and low income based neighborhoods. For example, in such neighborhoods, people have lower chances of getting a job that allows them to improve their living conditions. On the other hand, they also create more problems for the residents, whenever a new housing project is opened up. The primary reason for this is that low income families cannot afford an increase in rent, which eventually forces then to leave the premises they were inhabiting.

According to a research, conducted to determine the living conditions of Latino families, majority of whom are living n low income neighborhoods, results indicate that Latinos in Latino tracts rank worse than US Latinos on virtually all socioeconomic measures. Recent immigrants raise Latino neighborhood poverty, while long-term immigrants reduce it (Maria E. Enchautegui). The number of Latinos, moving into housing projects have increased over the years, and it has emerged in a trend where certain geographical locations have become over populated by this population, thereby, making it a majority in such areas. In the 1950s, Chavez Ravine fell prey to bulldozers.

This is a great example of gentrification, where more and more people from well off families began moving to the place, which resulted in many buildings being bulldozed, in order to make room for the arriving doctors, nurses and other personnel of White Memorial Hospital. Many apartment complexes and places for recreational activities were developed and constructed for the arriving residents, which in turn, resulted in the displacement of many of the residents who previously occupied the district.

The entire area was supposed to be levelled so that paths for bicycles could be constructed in order to allow the suited booted, well dressed people from the aforementioned professions to reach their downtown offices with ease. 社会学论文代写

This is one of the biggest reasons why it is said that the government and politicians are natural allies of the process of gentrification, because they allow the displacement to happen and income disparities to occur. Instead of condemning these policies and practices, they are string advocates of the same. As the value of the properties increase, the government can earn more in the form of taxes and another good outcome for the policy makes is the eradication of gangs and violence. This way, integration in neighborhoods occur, while eliminating the evil roots of the society which previously prevailed. However, this is not the only reason why government considers gentrification to be a positive thing for the society and housing projects, their entire focus, just like many corporations is to make profits, and the process of gentrification allows just that.

Generally, red scare refers to the fear the communism will rise in the society. In the early years of the 20th century, there was a rumor that now that Russia has fallen, communism would be on the rise, however, instead the greatest example of a red scare was in the 1950s when a notorious senator from the Midwest, stated that a number of communists were being employed by the state department of the United States of America. This led him to become the center of attention and hence, he became one of the most famous senators from his time. Everybody had their attention on him, even though he had no evidence, neither the numbers to support his claim, and yet, just because he was in power and decided to say something, he became as a trusted source of information. These claims were made in a tense situation and the political atmosphere at that time was very critical and serious.

Due to this, he was considered to be quite trustworthy and the man who laid the foundation for anti-communism. 社会学论文代写

The red scare had a huge impact on life in the projects as people viewed each other with wariness, as doubt and suspicion rose among the society members. Nowadays, the red scare is used to create any sort of a rumor to while away a politician’s defeat or scare away the opposition’s supporters. It has become quite common over the past few decades, where any false information is used to create favorable conditions. It must be understood that such steps can have damaging effects on the lives of the people who may be affected by it.

For example, starting things without proof about black people or Latinos, creating rumors about them or even just giving an off hand statement can result in dire consequences for such communities. One thing that must be understood is that many people try to abuse their opposition of power, hence the use of the red scare. Housing projects can be affected by it in the sense that it can be used to evict the tenants out of the premises and justify the increase in rent. Many other tactics are used by people in the top positions who want gentrification to be successful so that they can do as they please and reap the rewards from it. One begs to question, who does gentrification truly benefit, the people who can afford it, the government, or the contractors in charge of building it.


There can be different alternatives to the housing crises in the city and all over the country.

The government can choose to provide subsidies to the residents in specific localities so has to help unburden them of the housing related issues, especially when it comes to paying the rent along with utility bills. Various steps can be taken to make the process smoother for the tenants when it comes to either increasing their rent or evicting them in order to construct something else in place or the old building. They can be offered separate housing solutions in place of their previous place of residence as then it would allow all parties to be satisfied with the terms and conditions.

Then there are various other types of policies which can be introduced in order to ascertain that the interests of the minorities and low income families are being well taken care of.

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If I became mayor of Los Angeles and was given the chance to develop policies that are dedicated at making the society a better place then the first thing that I will work on is on the unemployment ratio and the level of wages being received by low income families. Many people may even criticize why the focus of the policy should be low income families, instead of people in general. The reason I say this, is because the rate of employment is a high determinant of the kind of life a person is expected to live.

When people have good job opportunities, then they are likely to have better living conditions than has their wage been lower. Not only that, the minimum wage rate should also be revised to that it allows for the betterment of the minorities and provides better opportunities to low income families. This will allow them to not only feel better about their future prospects but also pave way for the betterment and success of their society.

Another policy that I would like to work on is the subsidies provisions along with better housing opportunities and projects.

There are many things that can be done in this regard. For example, we can put a cap on the rent that a low income family has to pay for their residence, so that the landlords cannot set an unjust amount to be charged from the tenants. Another facility that can be provided is to subsidize the utilities, which will not only make it easier and cheaper for them to be used, but also allow people to start saving more, thus allowing them to focus on their own futures and work towards improving their living conditions. We must remember that when the purchasing power of this socio economic class improves, the overall economy will begin flourishing as well, as the same class will go out to buy more expensive items as their livings standards will improve.

A national urban policy may also be introduced which encompasses the drawbacks and hindrances of the cities at a national level and addresses them with the aim of solving them. Cities are hubs of people, jobs and wealth, yet even many of the world’s most developed countries have no particular strategy for their success (Gregory Scruggs). Many countries do not know how to make their cities flourish and prosper, and actually utilize their resources optimally to gain the maximum mileage from them. Thus, local authorities are left with whatever they can muster in order to ensure that they provide good living conditions to their residents and help in improving the overall structure of the city. 社会学论文代写

Many developmental projects may give rise to employment opportunities, however, if such projects harm the interests of one or more parties what can be done about it?

I think in this aspect there are different things that can be done about it, such as providing them alternate housing solutions, so that they are not pushed out of their homes and into the streets.

Another thing that should be done is to focus on the schools and the type of facilities and opportunities that are being provided. Education is the key to success for any person, no matter to which creed or caste they belong to, whether they are white, black, Latinos, Asians, or belong to any other ethnicity. These are some of the important aspects of social life that need to be taken care of, and they will automatically result in better future for the individual, provided they, themselves are willing to word hard for it.

Another thing that must be understood is that an introduction of a policy which focuses on fair play and providing equal educational facilities to all schools will allow for better employment options for the next generation as well. Many of them may become entrepreneurs that light the beacon of hope for many others who may be unemployed. It is only through proper care and effort along with the provision of right facilities and services can it be ensured that the future of the next generation is brighter than the last. 社会学论文代写

These are some of the steps that I, as mayor would take to address the issues of gentrification and improve the overall living standards for the people of Los Angeles, especially for people who may be living in low income families so that the living situation can get better for them.

There are many other things that can be done in order to overcome the issues of the housing market. Ever since the bubble burst in 2008, people have been struggling to recover to the domino effect that was caused by the collapse of the Lehman Brothers and the toppling effect it had on the economy. It’s been a decade since then, however, effects of that failure can still be seen and felt in many of the areas of the country. Gentrification may help overcome some of the effects for a select few people, however, it cannot do the same for the majority that will be affected by the negative consequences.

Therefore, whatever decisions are taken by the persons responsible for the performance of the city should take into account the interests of all the residents instead of a select few. Only then will the city be able to flourish and prosper along with the people, who live in it and help make it a better place to live. No doubt, gentrification helps in eradicating gangs and these bad sides of the society, however, there can be other methods to get rid of these as well.

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