My Social Problems Interests



My Social Problems Interests

Social Problems代写 My Social Problems Interests:A social problem is a is an incident, behavior or condition that is affecting people in society.


A social problem is a is an incident, behavior or condition that is affecting people in society. In essence, a social problem is an issue that has been identified for change. My “interest” those that social problem that I have identified and feel that they have a direct or indirect concern with them or have impacted negatively to the may community. In this critical paper, I will address three key social problems that are have identified to be the major problems in the society, and that took my interest to address. They include:

i. Alcoholism and other drugs

ii. The problem of inequality – poverty-changing nature of poverty

iii. The problem of the social institution – inequalities in power

The above social problems are discussed in detail below.

Alcoholism and other drugs  Social Problems代写

Alcohol use becomes abuse when overused or misused thus it becomes a problem of alcoholism. Drug abuse is the consumption of substances that are not allowed or prescribed by the medical doctor or if prescribed, used for the purpose which they were not intended. These two menaces have been a social problem in society for long, and regardless of many interventions, the problems have continued to persist.

According to Cigna International (2017), alcoholism has continued to kill more than 100,000 people in the United States and Canada each year. They identified that alcoholism had become a major problem especially to the teenagers between the age of 12 to 17. Alcoholism is associated with risky behaviors which increase the chances of harm. Alcoholism leads to behavior like drug abuse drinking and driving, reckless sexual activities, and depression. As such, there is a need for increased sensitization and control legislation and regulations these trends in the societies.

The problem of inequality – Poverty  Social Problems代写

Poverty is a term which is both absolute or relative. In absolute terms, poverty is lacking enough or no basic needs. In other words, poverty as having limited resources to have a decent and happy life (Farooq, 2013). However, poverty in relative terms depends on the economic status of the subject in comparison with others in the society, that is, a person without a car in a rich neighborhood can be said to be poor.

Social Problems代写
Social Problems代写

Poverty as a social problem affects various aspects of life. In understanding poverty in the context of the social problem I will address the various causes of poverty and how they contribute to the cyclical nature of poverty, in other terms, “being poor because you are poor.” Some of the causes of poverty include:

i. Lack of education

ii. Poor economic practices

iii. Political and economic instability

iv. Diseases

v. Poverty itself

These and more other variables can lead to people being poor. When poverty persists in a community, and if nothing is done to control the condition, the cyclical effects of poverty are experienced. Moreover, being a social problem means that theft, diseases, deaths, illiteracy, and other social vices will increase and persist if not mitigated.

The problem of the social institution – inequalities in power  Social Problems代写

Inequality is a product of two inevitable forces – prejudice against individuals and social imbalance (Crossman, 2018). The interaction between power inequality and social differences breeds prejudice. Although the rift between the rich and the poor is reducing, the inequality is still significant in the society. Inequalities in power have led the unfairness in the distribution of resources consequently resulting in social conflicts between the two extreme groups of low-power and the high-power groups. The low-power is faced with problems of injustice, violation of rights, low social status, discrimination, negative stereotypes, and much more. On the other hand, perhaps the inequality creates a threat to the security and social status of the high-power groups.

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Social Problems代写
Social Problems代写