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A Mythic Frame代写 The hero finally makes to come through the second threshold but underwent harrowing transition before coming to the ordinary life.

Question 1 A Mythic Frame代写

The story of Izanami and Izanagi can be related to the Greek myth of Apollo and Artemis. Apollo and Artemis were twins of the king of gods Zeus and Leto (“”). Both Apollo and Artemis were opposite polar. Artemis represented the moon and Apollo the sun, and they gave light but different light.A Mythic Frame代写**成品

It is said that Artemis helped her mother to deliver her brother Apollo after she could not be accepted anywhere in the community. The two grew loving and protecting their mother from any evil. For instance, when Niobe insulted Leto, Leto sent her children after Niobe. Artemis shot and killed Niobe’s daughters into the heart with her arrow while Apollos used flaming arrows to kill Niobe’s sons. Artemis become a hunter and goddess of the hunt while Apollo becomes the god of archery.A Mythic Frame代写**成品

Although the above mythical story does not end there, it is similar to the Japanese myth of Izanami and Izanagi. Izanami and Izanagi were male and female which depicts that male and female were necessary for creation (Campbell 190). Similarly, the story of Artemis and Apollo shows that Artemis was a girl and Apollo was a boy.

A Mythic Frame代写
A Mythic Frame代写

Question 2 A Mythic Frame代写

The hero finally makes to come through the second threshold but underwent harrowing transition before coming to the ordinary life. According to Campbell, the transition to the threshold is difficult and full of physical and emotional turbulence (Campbell 202). After making it back home, a hero whose perspectives have changed after the adventure may develop problems associating other people even the old friends and neighbors. A good example is Rip (Campbell 205) who could not understand why people were staring at him. He had to recheck himself for what he had become a strange creature to the people he knew.A Mythic Frame代写**成品

We have to learn that the return journey is as important as the first when going for the adventure. The first one was symbolic death from home life and the transition to the second threshold is a rebirth to the real world. We can make it by realizing ourselves and knowing that the ordinary world is not welcoming as we may expect. We should never forget to bring enough to share.

Question 3 A Mythic Frame代写

Freedom to live is the last part of the hero’s adventure. At last, the after the victory over the demons without and within the heroes earned the rights to live of their choice. After the conquest, the life of the hero may take different paths but more often than not one of wisdom. As a result, they may become leaders, rulers, teachers or counselors. It is their choice to settle after the adventure or to again.A Mythic Frame代写**成品

Freedom to live is symbolic as it can mean freedom from fear, hopes, distress, anxiety and other emotional problems which distract them heroes from living the current life. Great people have a common character of just being in the current time without having much worries about what they have undergone or the future.A Mythic Frame代写**成品

It has been observed that when heroes return home after a long adventure, they are usually not happy. The difficulty with their life is that the journey may change them to the extent they cannot fit in the current culture. They end up being desperate and wander in other adventures in search of self-self gratification, or are disowned in their community or slain for being a threat of their heroism. In real life, this scenario happens when a person who has traveled around the world can view those who have not made it like him/her as they are shallow-minded and petty.

Work Cited A Mythic Frame代写

Campbell, Joseph. “The hero with a thousand faces (The collected works of Joseph Campbell).” New World Library (2008). “Apollo And Artemis.” Studylib.Net, Accessed 1 Feb 2019.

A Mythic Frame代写
A Mythic Frame代写










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