管理信息系统代写 The report aims to describe the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on different huge sectors around the world. COVID-19 has affected every…

Executive Summary

The report aims to describe the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on different huge sectors around the world. COVID-19 has affected every major sector of the world including business, and education and other sectors, and the outcomes are negative. The economies of different countries are striving hard to maintain sustainability, as the global pandemic has ruined and stopped the normal functioning of every task, and process. As the countries are observing lockdowns and have imposed social distancing among the people, majority of the market are compromised due to this, and it has left them with no choice other than to shift their businesses and services online. The report provides a detail analysis about how COVID-19 has affected all the major trends and business sectors around the world, and how they are dealing with the current situation. The report states down all the challenges and risks of the online business and how it is helping the businesses and education processes all around the world.

Introduction 管理信息系统代写

The advent of 21st century has brought one of the deadliest calamities the world has ever experienced. WHO declared coronavirus as the most fatal disease in the history, that reportedly took lives of hundreds and thousands of people. With the rapid spread in the outbreak almost 200 and more countries got affected by the destructive results it caused. With no signs of its recovery the virus has also no vaccine developed until now, and the only preventative measure that the people could ensure is that they take best precautionary measures that will help them avoid any type of social or human interaction. As the only precautionary measure of the disease is social distancing, the countries all around the world have imposed strict lockdowns all around the cities that will force people to stay at home and observe isolation period. But with these strict implementations the businesses all around the world have suffered the most, as the government has directed all the sectors to close down this has brought upon several difficulties on the normal execution of the tasks. COVID-19 has shaken all the world and it has also destructed the economy throughout the globe (Yilmazkuday, 2020). Some businesses have even established their business online, and are conducting digital business that is helping them to sustain their tasks in such crucial times.

Business During COVID-19

Overview 管理信息系统代写

The most affected sectors are the business including both small scale businesses and even large-scale businesses. The industries such as manufacturing companies, stock markets, production industries, health manufacturing industries, schools, colleges, universities, airline sectors, eateries all are observing a shutdown because of the lockdown. Such industries faced a lot of problems because of the lack of revenue generation. This all is affecting the economy of the world as it dependable upon the different working sectors. When there is no progress in the execution of the tasks the businesses suffer to generate revenue, which in turn affects the functioning of tasks. There might be some businesses that can survive such an extensive lockdown but some businesses may crash. With no signs of complete disappearance of the COVID-19 all the businesses can not shut down for such a long period of time (Abubakar, 2020).

Some of the sectors have shifted their businesses online, and they are providing their services online to the customers facilitating them, but some businesses are still unable to find ways of establishing their business online and this all has caused major abruptions in their workings. E-commerce business is providing a revolutionizing way of dealing with plenty of problems faced by the businesses, but with success factors comes risks and challenges and limitations. Online businesses are providing businesses with the opportunities to sell their products, their services and facilitate the customers in every possible way, so that they do not have to come and buy the products themselves. Many retail stores are providing the facilities of home delivery to their customer. Not only business sectors are getting enhanced by the innovative digital platforms but also education is also being facilitated by internet in name of E-learning or online learning. Many schools are conducting their online lectures and exams through internet providing students with the opportunity to study at their homes, without compromising their education (Sun et al., 2020).


The fundamental definition of E-commerce is to conduct all the business activities through various online platforms. It helps the business to provide their products and services online facilitating the customers in every possible way. The E-commerce provides a golden opportunity to the business owners to bring innovation in their businesses. E-commerce can also decrease the dependability of conducting business in stores, as it can revolutionize the marketing of all the businesses. It creates ease for both the business owners as well as customers. Moreover, through E-commerce online setup customers can choose from a variety of products available online and then book or order that service or product respectively. Many companies nowadays have shifted their business online and are providing them with the opportunities to successful execute their business (Huang & Benyoucef, 2013).

  • Benefits

There are various productive benefits of conducting an online business through various digital platforms. The most substantial benefits of the e-commerce business are it reduces the limitations of geographical settings. It enables the customers to stay at their hope and comfortably shop through the digital platform and this provides great ease to the customers (Karakaya & Shea, 2008). Another benefit of the e-commerce business is that it gives a plethora of information about the product at various digital platforms and the description provided for each product on various digital platforms, enable the customers to choose and compare and then make the decision accordingly. It also helps the customers and the businesses owners to conduct sales that will allow the business owners to sell their products more effectively and more quickly through different sales and discounts (Cenamor et al., 2019).

Various Businesses are conducting their business online in Oman. The famous example of online businesses in Oman can be Namshi or Next both are clothing stores and are successfully conducting online business, and their business is not affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic. E-commerce business provides them with the possibilities to continue their market sales, and also this facilitate the customers.

  • Challenges and Risks

With success factors comes the limitations and risk mitigations that every business has to deal with e-commerce business too comes with problems. The major problems that can be highlighted are lack of availability of internet, e-commerce business can not be run in the area where people have no access to the internet, also the business owners should have high speed internet that keeps their website running smoothly. Along with this the e-commerce business can be compromised or not available if there is a problem in the website which causes the website to shut down. E-commerce business also can also face the challenges from their other competitors and should always deal with the comparison of competitor analysis.

E-Learning and E-Training 管理信息系统代写

  • Definition

E-learning is also called as online learning and it is a process of getting education or learning process through online media and through online resources. E-learning provides the great opportunities to students to continue their education in whatever circumstances and learn through digital platforms. Many institutions all around the world are observing online learning or E-learning and teachers are advised by the higher educational authorities to teach students online in these times of crisis so that their education do not get compromised. E-training is the process of getting online training through different workshops, courses and tutorials that are available online. E-training provides the candidates with the golden chances to get trained while at their homes, and some digital platforms even propose free e-training sessions. Both E-learning and E-training are provided through various digital platforms and they provide great chances of learning and training with a plethora of helping material and heling resources available online, and it provides much convenience to the candidates (Groat & Musson, 2011).

  • Benefits

E-learning and E-training helps the individuals to get education as well as training both free of cost, and with great convenience at their homes. It also helps the individuals to access many resources available online and get various kinds of help through those sources. Personalization is also offered in E-learning and it also provides with the direct interaction with the instructor. Time limitation is also eliminated in E-learning because even if the student is not available at some time and due to that he misses his lecture he can take and learn from the recorded lectures of his instructor. Scalability is also provided in E-learning and E-training. E-learning and E-training both offers time convenience and affordability factors to the seekers and it is easy in the process execution (Hislop, 2019).

In these times of crisis many educational institutions are offering various online learning programs to the students so that their education does not get compromised. The online education platforms provide the students to continue their education even during the pandemic. The government has instructed the school authorities to effectively conduct online assignments, quizzes and exams so that the students will be facilitated with the normal educational tasks and everything goes on with the presented timeline without any delay.

  • Challenges and Risks

Online education provides several disadvantages too, it reduces the efficiency of education. Teachers and students may get interrupted by the various problems caused through online apps. Lack of availability of internet may unable the teachers or students to participate in the online lectures which affect their educational process in a negative way.



  • Definition

Teleworking means to work from home, through different online platforms and this enable the individuals to continue their work with great ease from their home. Teleworking provides the possibilities to the workers to comfortably work from home and conduct their business from home. Many business workers and owners all around the world are already working online and performs all their tasks that are assigned to them through internet.

  • Benefits

There are numerous advantages of working from home, the most fundamental advantage of working from home is that it provides the chances to the workers to work with great convenience from their homes. It also reduces the time limitations of working hours; the individual can work whenever he wants. The other benefit also includes that it reduces the daily cost of transportation and travelling to the work location, as the individual is working from home, he can save transportation costs. Another benefit that teleworking provides is that it can also increase the productivity of the work, as the individual is working from home, there is a reduction in pressure and strictness and due to that the individual might be able to come up with more productive ideas (Kamyar & Saketi, 2015).

In these times of crisis many businesses setup have shifted their working horizon to online working, and they are working from home. Government has instructed various business owner to continue their work activities from home so that they can avoid any kind of social and human interaction as a preventative measure from the infection. The business owners nowadays are working solely from home and have established online businesses.

  • Challenges and Risks

The teleworking requires access to the internet, if a person has to participate in a business conference call or has to take a meeting then if for some reason he has no access to the internet, then he might not be able to actively participate in the meeting, presenting a great work problem for him and this can also compromise his work. Teleworking requires the access to all the technology and if there is no technology available such as computer, laptop then work can be compromised.


Conclusion 管理信息系统代写

As the whole world is getting impacted by the deadly COVID-19, the government has instructed people to observe isolation period at home, because this is the only way to stop the outbreak of coronavirus. With this the companies and various educational sectors are conducting online business and resuming educational activities online so that the work, businesses and education do not get compromised. The online platforms and the E-learning, E-training, E-commerce and Teleworking is facilitating all the people in many ways.



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