Personal Statement

Management代写 The business management sphere has changed dramatically owing to the dynamism in the global market. Therefore…

The business management sphere has changed dramatically owing to the dynamism in the global market. Therefore, it called for a versatile manager and a leader. The arena of management, therefore also needs an all rounded person to cope with various global changes. As a passionate student of both economics and management, I find myself suitably positioned to pursue a Master’s in Management at the University of Sydney, particularly drawn to the appeal of a dual emphasis on business and leadership skills and professional exposure. The university will also give an opportunity to explore and contribute to the world of academia through research and practical experiences in the corporate world thereafter.

Mainly, I am motivated by the desire to develop expertise in management. Management代写

Precisely, pursuing this program at the University of Sydney is the best choice in developing a well-rounded perspective in the management trends. Partly because of the various programs offered and which tailor to suit the needs of the markets as well as the world of academia. I believe your institution is the place I will be able to develop and strengthen my economic, business, and leadership skills.

My strong foundation in business and economics have landed on challenging tasks but learning experiences in the various internships undertaken. My journey in exploring opportunities started as an intern in Hunan Fengiu Asset Management Co. Ltd and Hubei Wudangshan Co. Ltd in the consultancy services department and the sales and marketing department respectively. In the latter, I was charged with the analysis of tasks and dilemmas faced by our clients to find solutions.


Throughout these internship programs Management代写

I was able to learn the skills fundamental skills on problem-solving and critical thinking. However, my professional foundation was not all that fancy as I sometimes failed in my tasks. At one instance I was charged with analysis of the market data for a client company. Unfortunately, I made a mistake of data misrepresentation which resulted in the wrong decision. The experience taught me how to take due diligence in every decision I make regarding any information given.

Looking back at my experience, determination, aspiration, passion for art and architecture, I feel best suited and qualified to be offered a chance in your world-class university.  If given this I will also contribute to upholding the good reputation of the university. The course will culminate to the achievement of my passion for leadership and management. Management代写