Managing People and Organization



Managing People and Organization

Managing Organization代写 According to Jack Ma, Alibaba Group was created with a responsibility to solve problems in society.

Sustainability Features in Alibaba Group

According to Jack Ma, Alibaba Group was created with a responsibility to solve problems in society.

The company mission has always been “to make it easy to do business anywhere” and it has truly lived to the promise. Fundamentally, the company needs strategies to continue managing risks and opportunities particularly those associated with environment, social and governance (ESG) factors. In so doing, Alibaba Group has engaged in affiliations and businesses of providing internet retailing, entertainment, healthcare, cloud computing, and money transfer. Together, these services are referred to as Alibaba Digital Economy.

The company believes sustainability and what it does is the way to win public trust. Managing Organization代写

In this sense, in the corporate spirit of putting the interest of shareholders first, Alibaba defines sustainability as the manner through which the company creates long-term value and sustainable profits (“University of England,” n.d,). As such, in the spirit of pursuing sustainability, Alibaba Group is dedicated to doing the right thing when its activities impact the society and the environment (Burgess, n.d). Also, it has established governance that ensures the company stick to the right path. Managing Organization代写**成品

Therefore, this paper will discuss sustainability characteristics as observed in Alibaba Group. The features will be discussed in the context of United Nations Sustainability Goals (“UN Global Compact.” n.d) and why they are relevant in each sustainability features. In essence, the paper will show how the company incorporates environment, social, and governance features of sustainability through its customers, employees and business partners.

Building Strategy into New Culture  Managing Organization代写

Alibaba is committed to establishing a diverse community through its Alibaba Digital Economy. The company has more than 552 million prospective consumers in China and more than 90 million outside China (Hudson, 2019, p. 4). It has 642 active consumers per year, 10 million B2B relations, and 36 million direct and indirect jobs and aims to grow these by 2 billion, 10 million and 100 million respectively by 2036. Its growth is attributed to the diversity of products offering to the consumers.

In Essence, sustainability is at the core of Alibaba Group.  Managing Organization代写

The company is based on public trust. Every decision made has to be in the context of the ethical paradigm of the company and global society (Burgess, n.d). Alibaba Digital Economy constitute a vast array of businesses and roles ranging from consumers, retailers, producers, innovators, services providers, partners, regulations, and other shareholders. The main target is to solve the problem of all its consumers and business partners. As such, Jack Ma believes that when solving people’s problems, one has to do it ethically in a way that adds value to the society and at the same time create value for the company and its shareholders. Managing Organization代写**成品

As such, the most relevant SDG strengthening of the global partnership for sustainable development, reduce inequalities, fostering innovation and promotion of economic growth. Reason being, every strategy that the company engages is implemented and integrated into the context of the larger society.

Purposive Value-Based Action  Managing Organization代写

Jack Ma has incorporated a unique model according to purposive value-based action. The understanding of company mission, vision and partnership system help to understand the corporate governance as applied by Alibaba Group. The three play a critical role in decision-making pertaining leadership, human resource management, ethics, and social responsibility.

Corporate governance is a set of rules, policies, processes and compliance procedures.

The social role of Alibaba is clearly defined in its mission and vision. The purpose “to make it easy to do business anywhere” form the foundation of the company’s decision making. Also, the goal is deductive that for the company to create value it has to solve a problem in society. Similarly, if it fails to create value for its customers, it will make less profit if any. Managing Organization代写**成品

The company has the vision to serve more than 2 billion consumers around the world and hence help create more than 100 million jobs through its support for 10 million businesses by 2036 (Alibaba Group, 2018, p. 8). The vision is a long-term strategy that helps the company be consistent in value creation. The mission and vision guide the social responsibilities of solving social problems gain public trust, support businesses, and job creation.

Moreover, the partnership is part of Alibaba culture and identity.  Managing Organization代写

There are 36 members of the association holding senior management leadership. The roles of partners include board composition, human resource management, and leadership succession, ethical conduct, and social responsibility. On the other hand, is the board and board committees. The groups are responsible for the long-term success in the company management and leadership, monitor strategy management and execution set compensation for senior managers, oversight the company’s financial reporting, internal control systems, business conduct and code of ethics.

Therefore, the most appropriate SDGs include building a global partnership for sustainable development, foster innovations, and promote economic growth and employment. As a result, small business has grown, employment has increased, and partnerships have created innovation.

A Focus on Human Sustainability Managing Organization代写


Alibaba has established a robust intellectual property rights operation that assures it as the source of branded, genuine products and deters illicit sales in the bid to protect right holders, brands and consumers. The company is committed to identifying problems before complaints from stakeholders. Therefore, it has established IP Protection Department that ensures healthy and dynamic business environment in the e-commerce ecosystem. Managing Organization代写**成品

In so doing, the company has cutting edge technology that is data-driven with sophisticated algorithm for monitoring and taking down illicit products (Alibaba Group, 2018, p. 18). As a strategy, the company partners with producers to understand brand characteristics and hence apply technology to remotely monitor transactions. It has made it easier for brand to track and report complaints and accordingly continue to protect intellectual rights to property.

2.  Managing Organization代写

Therefore, for the sustainability of IP right protection, the company has a one-stop portal that controls brands access. The portal is used management and takedown of processes. The brand can monitor its products by tracking complaints and review retailers’ feedbacks. Since the launch of the procedure, the company has been 95 percent successful in takedown and response time which take less than 24 hours (Alibaba Group, 2018, p. 19). As a result, the company has seen number of registered IP protection rise by 17 percent, 42 percent decline in takedown requests, and more than 240,000 Taobao stores closed due to unethical dealing.

3.  Managing Organization代写

On the other hand, e-commerce is highly dependent on the security and accuracy of transactions made by customers and merchants. Therefore, e-commerce is mission-critical and need to be monitored and addressed with utmost priority. Since consumers and merchants rely on Alibaba to provide a secure platform, the company has employed leading cybersecurity technology and practices. Besides offering an e-commerce platform, Alibaba also has a cloud computing service for use by businesses to safely transact and store data.

Managing Organization代写
Managing Organization代写


The company has invested in modern technologies and research and development to safeguard and find solutions to security issues in the system. It has a multi-layer security system that ensures security in all its platforms. The company’s protective system does 30 billion security scans per day (Alibaba Group, 2018, p. 28). Merchants have personal identification system that remotely identifies them using biometric system. Managing Organization代写**成品

The company has established emergency management system for responding to data crisis and assessment their levels of impact and risks. Also, Alibaba is continually improving its systems to withstand new attacks and block intrusions. These and more security measures have enabled the company to safeguard 325,000 peak order per second and make 256,000 peak payments per second.

5.  Managing Organization代写

Additionally, creating and keeping trust is one of the key factors in sustainability. Alibaba has continually built trust by clear explanation to clients how their data is collected and used as well as their freedom to opt-out. Besides, the company has internal control measures and technologies that ensure data protection.


The company has centralized data handling protocols that are organized to ensure accountability. In so doing, it enforces strict standards and procedures in collecting and managing data that guarantee user data privacy. The data collected is used per agreed purposes, and personal data are used in anonymity. The company used generally accepted practices like limited access to data and reduced data collection and retention. Most importantly, Alibaba follows a set standard for sharing data with partners and third-parties as well as adhering to applicable laws and regulations in data collection, storage, and sharing.

7.  Managing Organization代写

Therefore, data is classified for accessibility and usage. The data are classified as client personal data, business data, and Alibaba data. These data than given security levels as either public, internal, confidential or secret which is highest fourth level. Classification ensures identity verification and authorization of access at any level. All these are governed by PRC cybersecurity laws for collecting personally identifiable information.

Human Capital  Managing Organization代写

Alibaba had 86,833 employees as of June 30, 2018 (Alibaba Group, 2018, p. 33). The management is cognizance that the technology industry in which they operate in competitive in seeking talents and therefore, it is committed to recruitment, retention, and reward as well as having a diverse workforce. The company is competing in employee compensation and is aware that people want to join Alibaba for its clear mission and vision. Over and above the company give opportunity for employee to grow while dedicated to solving modern society problems.

The company has embraced meritocracy over hierarchy, creativity and innovation, change, optimism, and idealism. 

As such, it is committed to having and maintain a serene and friendly working environment where employees feel like family. The whole process of recruitment, evaluation, and compensation is guided by values, including putting customer first, teamwork, embrace change, integrity, passion, and commitment. Managing Organization代写**成品

Overall, end poverty, end hunger, create healthy living and generate inclusivity and equity SDG goals apply on company’s focus on human sustainability. Also, gender equality and empowerment, promotion of full and productive employment and decent work are reflected in creating social sustainability. In so doing, the company has invested in workplace diversity, innovation, friendly working environment and competitive reward system among other measures. Besides, Alibaba has maintained human dignity and won public trust by ensuring IP protection, maintaining cybersecurity and investing data protection as discussed.

A New Social Contract  Managing Organization代写

It has always been the aspiration of Jack Ma to create consumer trust, support small businesses, create jobs, and women empowerment. The company is founded on the belief that business should be done in a socially acceptable manner. For instance, in the e-commerce platform, the company launched a green logistics initiative which uses bio-degradable packing materials, tape-free boxes, recycling bins.

The company has instilled the culture of using technology to solve social issues. 

Managing Organization代写
Managing Organization代写

For instance, engineers in the company developed a system called “Reunion” for tracking missing children in China (Alibaba Group, 2018, p. 38). Leveraging various mobile apps in Alibaba Digital Economy, the platform has been an enormous success. Managing Organization代写**成品

Therefore, in the bid to create sustainability, the company has prided itself on building a positive social impact. It has offered job opportunities to many segments in society. The platform has provided jobs to merchants, logistics providers, consultants, outsourcing companies, and other freelancing entrepreneurs. Thus, there are over 36 million operating in retail ecosystem (Alibaba Group, 2018, p. 38).

Besides, the company has enabled small businesses to thrive. The access of e-commerce platform by merchants is a little business enabler. There are over 14 million business subscribers who use China platform and local and Koubei for marketing and selling products and services.

E-commerce platform  Managing Organization代写

In the international market, Lazada e-commerce platform operating in Southeast Asian countries has acted as an enabler to 155,000 local and international retailers and over 3,000 brands has used the platform to grow (Alibaba Group, 2018, p. 39). Also, the company has a multi-lateral vision of establishing electronic World Trade Platform (eWTP) which will be used by businesses to enjoy low tariffs, free trade zones, and other support.

The company has provided entrepreneurial growth through Alibaba Cloud Computing which lowers the cost of information technology and operating costs and offers financial assistance to start-ups.  The company has utilized its Rural Taobao program to partner with communities and support young people start their businesses using Taobao e-commerce platform.

Model organization  Managing Organization代写

Moreover, Alibaba establishment believes in corporate philanthropy for not only charitable work but to support the ecosystem. First, the company aim at developing businesses through its Alibaba Digital Economy. Through the initiative, customers, merchants, employees and other stakeholders participate in social impact. Secondly, though not for profit organizations the company, its employees, and other stakeholders contribute their time and money towards assisting the local and global ecological and human sustainability. Also, using the help of established charitable groups, the company raise funds for its corporate philanthropy. Managing Organization代写**成品

In so doing, in 2010 the company founded special fund for environmental awareness and conservation.  In 2011, the company established Alibaba Foundation through which it has been able to support environmental protection in China and help the poor (Alibaba Group, 2018, p. 42). The company donated $37 million in 2018, employees volunteered more than 400,000 hours in 2015, and 1.7 million merchants participate in charitable works. Alibaba has therefore grown to be a sustainable model organization.

The appropriate SDGs include ending poverty and hunger, ensure healthy lives, create gender equality and women empowerment, actions to combat climate change and impact, and reduce inequality. The company has participated in corporate social responsibility and philanthropy through its foundation, partnership, and charitable organizations as discussed above.

Focus on Ecological Sustainability  Managing Organization代写

Alibaba is serious about reducing carbon footprint and committed to using innovations to ecological sustainability challenges. A sustainable clean environment has been a scare resource. The company appreciates the fact that every company small or large manufacturing or non-manufacturing has a role to play in minimizing carbon emission. As such, the company has tried to bring sustainability through innovations in the areas that have high impact on the environment. One of the effects is power consumption by company hardware systems. The cloud computing services consumes a lot of power even from other enterprises using the service. Managing Organization代写**成品

Therefore, the company has invested in energy-efficient data centers and servers. Qiandao Lake Data Center use advanced underwater cooling system and hence saves more than 300 million kWh and reduces carbon emission by 300,000 tons a year (Alibaba Group, 2018, p. 45). Zhangbei Data Center is located in a naturally cool area and access wind power. The data center wholly powered by renewable energy such as solar and wind and hence increase its strength by more than 4 percent. Other initiatives include use of liquid immersions cooling technology and green logistics systems.

The most relevant SDG is to “take urgent action to combat climate change and its impact.”  Managing Organization代写

Alibaba has recognized the danger of global climate change. Therefore, it has established measures to minimize carbon emission by creating environmentally sustainable innovations like green logistics, underwater cooling and use of renewable energy.

Alibaba Group is a sustainable organization and is attributed to its continued support of its environmental, social and governance ambitions. The unfettered support of corporate sustainability culture by the company has seen it succeed and the founder Jack Ma renamed as the advocate to the United Nations SDG (“UN Global Compact.” n.d). Therefore, the company vision 2036 will make Alibaba one of the most critical organization in the world in creating human and ecological sustainability.

References  Managing Organization代写

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Sustaining Organisation Characteristics How does it apply to the Alibaba Group? What United Nations Sustainability Goals are relevant, and why?
1. A new social contract Through social responsibilities End hunger, end poverty, and employment.

The company engages in charitable works and other philanthropic activities.

Support environment

2. Focus on human sustainability Growth in human capital, IP protection, cybersecurity and data protection End hunger and poverty, create equality and empowerment.
3. Focus on ecological sustainability Innovations for a sustainable environment, Combat climate change

Establish green logistics, underwater cooling systems, use of renewable energy.

4. Reinventing business models N/A N/A
5. Purposive, value-based action Corporate governance: mission and vision, partnerships, a board of committees Building a global partnership for sustainable development.

Foster innovations and promote economic growth and employment.

6. Building a strategy into the culture A diverse workforce and global establishment

Application of ethics in decision making

Strengthening of global partnership for sustainable development, reduce inequalities, fostering innovation and promotion of economic growth. Reason being, every strategy that the company engages is implemented and integrated into the context of the larger society.


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