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Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation代写 ESCS Pty Ltd has identified the 10 strategic activities that steer it to the attainment of its goals.


The Strategic Operations Activities

ESCS Pty Ltd has identified the 10 strategic activities that steer it to the attainment of its goals. These are critical processes which constitute the organization’s operations. The company focuses on management of these strategic activities to survive the market turbulence, quality, and environmental obligations. The success in the management of these key processes propels the company to greater heights along its growth trajectory.

The key processes are:

1.Construction services:  Performance Evaluation代写

The work provided by the company for constructions purposes must serve the intended purpose, be of the highest quality possible, and achieve the environmental objective of the company. There must be consistency in costs, quality, and resources across all the organization divisions.

2.Quality management:

This involves creating a satisfaction in both the company and the outside stakeholders. The companies are expected to meet the demands and expectations of the customers. The achieve this the management does market research, to ascertain the customers’ needs and also do quality assurance testing on products and services.

3.Process and Capacity Design:  Performance Evaluation代写

It is the organization’s responsibility to come up with design strategies that fit all the production plans and goals together with technology and resources required. There is a need for keeping the value stream running efficiently by mapping them to determine the necessary processes.

4.Location decisions:

The management has the responsibility of determining the most convenient and efficient location for organization’s operations including receiving of supplies, the mobility of goods and services from the company to the customers, and the location of choice for marketing and public relations.

5.Layout Design and Strategy:  Performance Evaluation代写

The management must come with a strategy for the design and layout of the desks, workstations, and the delivery and usage of materials. This strategy will ensure smooth flow of operations and organizational communications.

6.Human resources and job design:

It is the responsibility of the management to make human resource decisions and how jobs are designed. The management makes continuous improvements programs by training the workers, reviewing their responsibilities, and ensuring that the workers are satisfied in their workplace so as to improve their productivity.

7.Supply chain management:  Performance Evaluation代写

The management must be thorough in strategic streamlining, create cost-effectively and build trust with stakeholders. This will ensure a smooth supply chain for the goods and services.

8.Inventory control:

The inventory control is the responsibility of the management. Different clients’ specifications and needs bring inventory challenges which call for better strategies and planning. Inventory decisions are shaped by the weather, labor, and supply shortage.

9.Scheduling:  Performance Evaluation代写

This is a holistic approach to how operations are done within the span of scheduled times. This includes how much time is required to provide a satisfactory product and service to the customers and ascertaining the number of machines required to perform any given operations’ activities effectively.

10.Site and organization maintenance:

This constitutes creating reliability of machines and peoples. The maintenance process ensures every process is running smoothly as per the plans of the organization, also ensure that no runtime breakdowns.

The above 10 key operation processes are used as a guide to analyzing the operations of the company. Coming up with strategies to operationalizing these 10 areas in the organizational decision-making process not only enhances the performance of the company but also fulfill the environmental objectives.

The performance parameters  Performance Evaluation代写

Construction services:

the company ranks its construction services in terms of the revenue generated. This is how the constructions services are demanded by the customers. The company should also rank the poorest performing products in its construction services which may have failed to resonate with the customers’ expectations or needs.

To monitor performance, the company needs to consider every specific context that surrounds its products. This measures whether the product is gaining market momentum through demand increase or if there is a demand slump attributed to the loss of popularity and competition.

The product performance may not always measure directly in the revenue growth. Therefore the company needs to come up with measures and metrics that are consistent with the objectives and general model.

The following are the success indicators for the construction services of ESCS Pty Ltd.  Performance Evaluation代写

•  A significant increase in revenue generated from construction services.

ESCS Pty Ltd deals with selling construction products and services which are environmentally friendly and of high quality. An increase in the sales revenue is attributed to the better performance of the company’s products which is an indication that the product market is doing well in the market. On the other hand, under-performing construction services are depicted by low returns, stagnations, and market nonperformance

•  A number of unit per order:

The increase in the number of units per order in an indicator of a performing product in the market, otherwise, the product will be underperforming. A number of units per order are the amount or value of the order placed by the customer with the company.

•  Customer loyalty:  Performance Evaluation代写

This is all about attracting prospective customers, convincing them to buy the product, have recurrent services orders, increase their quantity of purchase and give referrals. To build customers loyalty, customers’ needs and expectations must be addressed and fulfilled. To measure customers loyalty the company conducts customers’ surveys, purchase feedbacks, and purchase analysis.

•  Inventory size:

The inventories in forms of raw materials, work-in-progress and finished goods are the parts of the assets of the company. Inventory is an important asset and therefore the inventory turnover is considered one of the primary sources of the company revenues. Growing company put emphasis on management of neither inventory get too low nor too much inventory. This includes forecasting the required inventory, maintaining cost-effective lot sizes, and just-in-time delivery systems.

•  The service quality:  Performance Evaluation代写

The Company provides engineering services and products that fit the clients’ specifications. These services provided must be of the intended quality of the engineering perspectives. The services and the products have to be durable while serving the intended purpose.

Tracking of construction services and products using the above metrics is important for varied reasons but the most important is the culture performance measurement. They measure to ensure the business is heading in the right direction by evaluating the key indicators of performance.

Quality management:  Performance Evaluation代写

ESCS Pty Ltd has to ensure its constructions products and services meet the required quality. In so doing, the main focus should be on the quality planning, quality assurance, quality control and quality improvement in all its constructions operations. The company should not only focus on the product quality, but also on the means to achieve it.

It is at the disposal of the management to have performance metrics or performance indicators on quality management. These metrics are used to measure how the company is performing in matters the quality of the products and services.

The performance indicators include:  Performance Evaluation代写

•  Clients’ satisfaction and feedback:

ESCS Pty Ltd is not only focusing on environmental sustainability but also clients focused. The construction services seek to satisfy the customers’ needs and therefore, the must meet the quality thresholds. The company aims at building structures that are up to the clients’ specifications and needs. To measure this metric, the clients can fill out the questionnaire or the organization can conduct a survey.

Performance Evaluation代写
Performance Evaluation代写
•  Employees’ satisfaction:

A quality management process recognizes the need for employees’ welfare and happiness of the workplace. Satisfied workers are motivated to perform their duties and the out is high. It is the company’s responsibility to continuously train workers, involve them in the organizational decision-making processes and appraise them accordingly.

•  The overall equipment effectiveness:  Performance Evaluation代写

This is the measure the availability of the equipment needed for the production of services or product to the clients. It also measures how these assets produce at their optimum levels. OEE also measures the percentage of the services or products that are produced within the quality specification. The problems with equipment and outage affect the efforts of quality management.

•  The percentage of the product or service compliance with the quality policy of the company:

This metric measures the quality of engineering sites and structures. This ensures compliance with government regulations and guidelines on quality of engineering structures and sites. It’s the responsibility of the company to improve production compliance of the services offerings.

•  Timely completion and deliveries:  Performance Evaluation代写

Quality management should ensure on-time completion of the order projects and deliveries but not at the expense of the service and products quality. This metric measure the percentage of service or product the company is able to deliver on time and complete free from errors and delays.

Performance Metrics Measurement Methods  Performance Evaluation代写

Under this section, the company establishes the measurement methods for the quality management and construction services. They include:

  • Carrying out an employee survey
  • Client satisfaction survey
  • Projects audits
  • Project evaluation questionnaires
  • Equipment monitoring

Environmental Analysis

Environmental Aspects  Performance Evaluation代写

These are the activities of the organizations that interact with the environment and have an impact on the environments either directly or indirectly. It is the duty of the company to control the magnitude of reduction in the environmental impacts of these aspects. In the light of this, the following are the environmental aspects that are involved in the construction services and management of quality within and outside the company.

These include the following:

•  Clearing of sites for constructions:  Performance Evaluation代写

Before any structure is elected, according to the engineering designs, the site must be prepared by cleared ready for construction. These involve removal of soils, any vegetation, and leveling the ground. The act destroys the natural aesthetic value that used to exist in the area

•  Disposal of the excess soil and other ground materials:

In the process of clearing the field for construction, and excavation for foundation, loads of soils are taken out. These soil need to be disposed from the site to create space for construction. The company must have a means on how to dispose of extra soil especially in a more conserving manner to the environment.

•  Drilling of boreholes:  Performance Evaluation代写

Water is needed to make concretes, for cooling, to maintain the optimum moisture content of the new structure, human use etc. Sometimes it is convenient to drill boreholes for the supply of water on the site. In as much as it seems convenient, boreholes are being discouraged because there has been a proof that they create underground hollows which result in adverse effects on the ground.

•  Noise from machinery:

The noise emanating from construction machinery and vehicles is sometimes intense to the people operating them and those within the precinct of the construction site. The noise is therefore likely to cause nuisance thus noise pollution. The company is committed to creating environmentally friendly working conditions for its workers and the public.

•  Vibrations:  Performance Evaluation代写

Huge machinery also cause vibration to the ground. These vibrations when intense are likely to cause destructions of the soil structure, buildings around, animals and people living near the site. One of the adverse effects will because of fault line on building structures which are catastrophic.

•  Construction wastes:

The site generates waste in the process of construction. The waste needs to be disposed of from the site to create space for other operations. These wastes make the surrounding areas unclean ugly. It is the responsibility of the company to clear them.

•  Cutting down of vegetation:  Performance Evaluation代写

In the process of building or construction site, the company needs supporting pillars, and the most used are wood cutoffs and timber. Also during the clearing of the site trees are cut down to pave a space for construction. This has led to deforestation and loss of natural forests and vegetation.

•  Dust from the construction activities:

When constructing structures which require soil excavation and transport, and use of concretes, dust is produced. The dust is also increased by the blowing winds, as a result, it pollutes the air.

•  Excavation for the strong foundation:  Performance Evaluation代写

It is required that for strong structures especially large structures, a good foundation is critical. Excavation is therefore required for the foundation. Sometimes up to 100fts deep excavations are dug to create the foundation of a structure.

•  Oil spillage:

These are oil spillage from vehicles, and during handling of oil containers and maintenance. These sip into the soil and later carried away by the water runoff which has led to soil and water pollution. The company has the responsibility to control this spillage or keeping it to the minimum.

Environmental Impacts  Performance Evaluation代写

These are the anticipated effects of the project on the environment. These impacts can be positive or negative, mild or adverse. Therefore, it is the duty of the company to ensure that its operations environmental aspects are well managed to eliminate or reduce the aggregate environmental impact of a project. ESCS Pty Ltd is dedicated to providing environmentally friendly products which aim at reducing the negative effects on the environment.

These include the following impacts:

•  Loss of the natural aesthetic values of the cleared site:  Performance Evaluation代写

As a result of land clearing and destruction of vegetation and soil structure, the natural beauty of the site is destroyed. Although most are the times it clearing is necessary for development, there must be a way of restoring the beauty back. This is done by planting flowers, grass, and ornamental trees around the development.

•  The disposed of soiled can be used to fill the open trenches and manholes:

The extra soil after clearing and excavations are carried to fill open trenches and craters left by after mining. The soil is transported to areas which have been polluted due to mining or soil erosion. It rehabilitates these already polluted areas which later turn out to be productive land. Disposing of this soil also creates a space for the construction site.

•  Drilling of boreholes has been established to cause subsidence of the earth:  Performance Evaluation代写

The studies have established that drilling of boreholes causes subsidence of the ground. This phenomenon is explained using some cracking of grounds, structures, and buildings. Also, it results in the bending of houses due to the loss of balance. Boreholes create underground hollows which when large heavy structures are erected on the ground, tends to shrink downwards causing ground subsidence and structures loss of balance and bend.

•  Noise pollution:

The noise created by machines and vehicles become nuisance thus causing noise pollution. The impact is the irritation to the people working with them and the public living around the construction site.

•  Can cause faults lines on buildings and cause a nuisance to the people living near the site:  Performance Evaluation代写

The heavy machinery causes mild earth tremors which are a nuisance to the people living around the site. The intense vibrations also cause a ground distraction which if intense can cause fault lines on buildings and other big structures. The faults created can cause hazards like corruption of the buildings and structures.

•  Generation of wastes materials:

The construction process leads to the generation of wastes. The waste constitutes of plastics, polythene, metal scraps, broken glasses, and concrete blocks. If these wastes are left in the surrounding areas, it causes the destruction of soil and even become hazardous to the community.

•  Deforestation:  Performance Evaluation代写

Wood cutoffs, timbers and other constructions woods used are as a result of cutting down trees. This has led to deforestation thus loss of forest cover in the areas that the construction is established. Deforestation is also caused by clearing the land for the preparation of construction.

•  Air pollution:

Air pollution is caused by the dust from moving Lorries, machines, and other operations in the site. These dust are carried by blowing winds to other areas. The dust can be harmful to the workers and the public living near the construction site. It carries with it construction chemicals and cement dust which pose a hazard to the respiratory system.

•  Underground land distractions:  Performance Evaluation代写

The excavation causes distraction of the ground especially the crust for stability and underground waterways. These distractions can result in the diversion of underground waters which feed rivers. This land distraction may also cause landslides and subside due to the weakened crust.

•  Soil pollution:

The oil spillages from the site cause soil pollution which is detrimental to the vegetation. The oil spillage is caused by leakages from the maintenance of machines or accidents when handling oil containers. The spillage is also the destruction of the ground animal life.

Environmental Objectives  Performance Evaluation代写

These are the overall commitments of the company to make improvements to the environment by reducing or eliminating completely the environmental impacts. The company makes sure that the construction activities do not impact negatively to the environments or if any negative impact it is reduced to the minimum.

The objectives that the company is committed to achieving are:

•  Restoring the lands natural values by planting trees around the construction site:

It is at the heart of the company’s objective and policies to ensure environmental conservation and protection. Therefore, any damage to the environment, the company is obligated to restore the beauty of that land to the best way possible. The company aim at recreating the areas through planting, flowers trees and covers vegetation.

•  Rehabilitation of the land:  Performance Evaluation代写

After the excavation of the waste soil is found useful by rehabilitating wastelands. This soil is transported to these lands using trucks. The company aims at restoring the productivity of polluted lands by filling them with soils. The soils disposals also allow more space for the intended works.

•  Look for alternative sources of water:

The Company will do away with drilling boreholes as the only source of water, instead, it will pump water from rivers or use piped water or use trucks to draw water from the sources. The objective here is to eliminate the effects that come with the drilling of boreholes. An alternative water source like rivers is sustainable and cost-effective for the company.

•  Reduction of noise to the minimum:  Performance Evaluation代写

The Company intends to reduce the noise pollution by more than 20%. To reduce the noise means reducing the amount of nuisance to the affected people especially workers and those within the precinct of the construction site. It is the company policy to minimize environmental pollutants to the minimum levels possible.

•  Avoid high vibrations:

The company aim at reducing the level of vibration released to the environment. These vibrations cause earth tremors which are distractions to the people, other animals, and the ground, therefore avoiding them will reduce the effects on the environment. The company intends to reduce this vibration to the minimum levels possible.

•  Minimize waste materials:  Performance Evaluation代写

The operations that generate these wastes need to be efficient and effective so as to minimize wastage. These wastages are costs to the company because they must be cleaned and disposed of well. Therefore, the company’s objective is to reduce the amount of waste generated by the operations and keep them to the minimum levels.

•  Minimize deforestation and if trees are cut more are planted:

Increase in forest cover is important to achieve optimum climate. When it is necessary to cut down the tree, the company will plant more to compensate for the loss. But ideally, the company will reduce using tree products in construction.

•  Minimize the dust during constructions:  Performance Evaluation代写

The dust emanating from the construction activities which include movement of vehicles and machinery. Reducing the effects of these dust is critical. Therefore, ESCS Pty Ltd is committed to reducing the amount of emission of dust to the air.

•  Better approaches in the land excavation:

The Company intends to use better methods of creating the construction foundations. But when the excavation becomes necessary, the company must take any necessary precautions in ensuring ground stability and strength, also must carry out the due diligence during architectural planning and excavation.

•  Reduce the soil pollutants:  Performance Evaluation代写

The company also aims at keeping the oil spillage to the minimum or and eliminate incidences of spillage due to handling. This will not only reduce soil pollution but also water pollution resultant from runoff water into the rivers.

Environmental Targets  Performance Evaluation代写

The targets are used to make achievements of the environmental objectives easy by providing short-term goals. Each given objective can have various achievable short-term targets which the company intends to fulfill in the span of the project.

These objects target include:

•  Restoration of the lands natural beauty by more than 60%:  Performance Evaluation代写

The Company target to restore more than 60% beauty through the planting of a tree and other vegetation. It is the objective of the ESCS Pty Ltd to reclaim the lost beauty of any land that it has caused damages to its natural beauty. Failing to restore lands beauty makes land become ugly and unattractive.

•  Achieving total rehabilitation of the targeted land:

The Company load excess soil on trucks and deposit it into the polluted waste mining lands to make them productive. The target is to rehabilitate as much land as possible as long as there is extra soil that needs to be disposed of appropriately. The reclaimed land can be utilized for other purposes like farming of forestation. This will be a continuous process in every project carried out.

•  Exclude the option of drilling borehole as the source of water in the site:  Performance Evaluation代写

The company has realized the negative effects that come from the drilling of boreholes, thus it intends to do away in the drilling of boreholes to source for construction water. It intends to use piped water or use other means to source water from the rivers in the next projects.

•  Reducing the noise pollution by 20% in the next project:

The nuisance caused by machinery when the work is in progress causes noise pollution. The company aims at reducing this noise by 20% in the next project. It will have to invest in on means for reducing noise pollution to the minimum levels possible.

•  Replace the machinery generating vibration with the next project:  Performance Evaluation代写

The company objective is to reduce the amount of vibration caused by the machinery. It targets to reduce vibration by 30%. This will require investment in new machinery that generate low vibration in the subsequent contracts.

•  Aim to reduce the waste to the minimum levels:

It is the purpose of the company to reduce the waste because it also constitutes the overall cost of production. Managing waste in the company is important as it helps to keep it to the minimum.

•  Reducing the rate of deforestation to the minimum:  Performance Evaluation代写

The Company intends to conserve and improve the environment, therefore, our intention is to plant as many trees as possible. The company intends to replace the use of wood with other substitutes like metal bars.

•  Reduction of dust to the minimum levels:

The dust emanating from construction need to be contained to avoid air pollution and the effects on the people. The company needs to employ methods on how to contain and reduce the emission of dust into the air.

•  Better planning in land excavation to avoid ground destructions:  Performance Evaluation代写

The excavations have to be well planned to avoid adverse effects that might turn to be hazardous to the people and pose threat to the durability of the structure.

•  Eliminate the soil pollution completely:

The oil spillage needs to be eliminated completely by making sure handling processes are secure and no accidents to the oil tanks. Repairs and maintenance should be done in a controlled environment to avoid oil from spilling into the ground.

Environmental actions  Performance Evaluation代写

These are the company is ready and is prepared to do to ensure the environmental impact is eliminated or reduced to the minimum. The actions taken are in terms of the environmental objectives and targets of the company. These are achievable actions that ESCS Pty Ltd plan to achieve environmental objectives by enacting actions on them.

The following are the environmental actions which the company intends to take to mitigate the conditions that arise in the process of its operations.

Performance Evaluation代写
Performance Evaluation代写
  • Planting of various vegetation around the sites and building environmentally friendly structures
  • Filling of the open land with excess soil
  • Sourcing of water from other sources like a river through piping or building a dam for water storage
  • Restriction of operation hours and use of soundproofed machines
  • Replacement of machinery with one that produces mild vibration
  • Recycling of such waste materials
  • Planting trees on another set of land to replace the one felled
  • Fencing of the round to reduce winds
  • Prior analysis of the underground to ensure no underground phenomenon will be destructed, for instance, underground waterways
  • Ensure that no spillage of oils or any other soil contaminants

Monitoring implementation of the Environmental Action  Performance Evaluation代写

Environment policy goes beyond the environmental aspects, impacts, objectives, and targets, it also involves the monitoring implementation of the environmental actions taken by the organization in ensuring environmental policy compliance, controls, and mitigations. It is the company responsible, therefore, to regularly monitor the actions undertaken in environmental conservations and control.

They include:

•  Regular audit of the actions:

The Company needs to use audits as an essential way of getting the feedback on the environmental management system, rules regulations and quality standards. To conduct the environmental audit, the company needs to conduct surprise visits to the site. The audit covers everything relating to the environmental aspects which have been covered in this text like excavation, oil spillage, deforestation, land clearing, and noise.

•  Continuous feedback from the stakeholders:  Performance Evaluation代写

The Company needs to be getting continuous feedback from the customers and workers and also the public to know what is happening in the construction site, how workers are performing, and the effects of the project to the environment and the public. This practice also assists the company to come up with the solutions to the challenges it faces.

•  Carrying out the survey:

The management is required to do regular surveys to ascertain the extent to which the company’s operations are impacting on the environment. The survey can take the form of a questionnaire or random interviews with the employees and other stakeholders. To findings are then used to make the environmental policies and decisions.

•  Regular inspections and follow-ups:  Performance Evaluation代写

The company carries out regular inspections of the structures and equipment to ascertain their performance and their reliability. The company equipment needs to be working correctly after every task completed. Therefore they should be checked after each job to ensure that they are working properly for the next task. Also, regular check-ups are important to ensure that hazards are avoided due to emissions and pollution on the environment.

•  Safety assessments:

The intention of the company is to ensure the health and safety of the workers. This is achieved through adherence to the rules and regulations affected by the government legislation. The working condition of the workers is critical to their performance. Safety also ensures the safety of the public. Proper audits are should be random and unexpected to measure the preparedness of the operations in terms of health and safety.


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