48730/32548, Cybersecurity

网络安全代考 The exam will be conducted online at UTS CANVAS. More information will be given to you before the exam. Please check your exam…

Final written exam information and Sample Exam questions

Final written exam Information:

The exam will be conducted online at UTS CANVAS. More information will be given to you before the exam. Please check your exam information at UTS Exam Timetable. There will be Five main questions in the final written exam and each of them will have several sub questions. You must read all lecture notes, text and any reference materials provided to you in order to answer these questions. For each question, your answer should be short,
concise and neatly presented. Below is a set of sample questions based on the topics we covered in this subject. Please work through them and get an understanding, the right way to answer and how much you should write for each question. Remember, these are only sample questions. Also, practice the review questions for each lecture notes given to you.

Good Luck !!!

Sample Exam questions for 48730/32548, Cybersecurity

Question 1: 网络安全代考

a. Briefly, explain how Cyber Security is different from Computer Security? How authorization is different from access control? [7 mark]
b. Mention four important techniques which can be applied to reduce the frequency of security incidents. [5 mark]
c. How could the hackers breach integrity of data? [8 mark]

Question 2:

a. What concerns do business stakeholders have about Cyber risk? [6 mark]
b. What is the benefit of conducting a threat assessment in the development of a cyberstrategy?
[7 mark]
c. What are the main classes of SQL injection attack? What is CSRF? How it works?
[7 mark]

Question 3: 网络安全代考

a. Briefly explain different types of cookies used by web servers? For a given domain, feit.uts.edu.au, explain who can set the cookie and how? [6 mark]
b. What is DoS attack? What are the general symptoms? [7 mark]
c. What is URL obfuscation? What security threats does it present? [7 mark]

Question 4:

a. What information are required to verify certificates between the TLS client and server? What is certificate revocation? [8 mark]
b. What is version Rollback attack? Briefly explain the significance of Heartbeat protocol.
[6 mark]
c. Briefly explain the methods to defend against session hijacking. How Botnet can be demonstrated as a case for DDOS? [6 mark]


Question 5:

a. Briefly explain how TPM is helpful providing host security? [8 mark]
b. Explain the differences between anomaly-based IDS and signature-based IDS?
[6 mark]
c. What is an insider attack? Briefly describe the defense mechanisms to protect against known insider attacks. [6 mark]

Question 6: 网络安全代考

a. Name the major data encryption and security protocols used by wireless networks? [8 mark]
b. State some of the major threats related to mobile security. [5 mark]
c. Which is generally safer between a firewall with a “default deny” policy or a firewall with a “default allow “policy? Why? [7 mark]