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Cybercrime Essay代写 Cybercrime is a criminal activity committed by cybercriminals using the internet and computers as tools.

Cybercrime Cybercrime Essay代写

In the contemporary world, explosion of the internet technology has in different ways affected how users communicate and go about their daily lives.

The internet enables people and businesses to communicate fast and convenient. However, the internet and computers are being used negatively in a way destructive to the society. Cybercrime has become a threat to the internet users, especially in the mobile technology. Cybercrime is a criminal activity committed by cybercriminals using the internet and computers as tools. These activities include but not limited to illegal file downloads and uploads such as music and videos, and sending spam emails targeted to breach the privacy of the user (Armerding, 2015).Cybercrime Essay代写**范文

For long now, cybercrime has aroused the concerns of the government agencies as well as the users’ sensitivity to the information they share through the internet (Miller & Murphy, 2009). Various methods are used to reduce cybercrimes to the internet users especially business corporations and prominent individuals. For that reason, this paper will focus on the pertinent parts of cybercrime which include reducing identity theft, internet frauds and intrusion of computer networks.

How can the users of the internet and computer networks reduce identity theft? Cybercrime Essay代写

Identity theft is identifying with another person’s information falsely mainly for financial gain. To most internet and computer network users, the solution to this question remains bizarre. This question has been a remedial response by the Internet Service Providers and hosts. But contrary to expectations, to most users, the cyber crime has been hard to crack. Due to modern technology in computing and information, identity theft has become sophisticated with hackers’ ability to hack bank transactions, ATM vending machines, mobile phones and more. Hackers have become interested in anything that is connecting to the internet.Cybercrime Essay代写**范文

The problems arise because the internet and computer users may not be aware of the forms cybercrimes take and the ways they occur. This is regardless of numerous sensitization campaigns aiming at reducing identity theft by the ISP, web servers, and other internet safety campaigners. To reduce cyber identity theft, the users need to be taught the types of cybercrimes and how they can protect themselves. People should also learn about the secure and safe sites where they can learn about cybercrimes, cases for cybercrimes and safety measures when using the internet and computer networks.

Such informative sources include the privacy statements of most websites which includes the safety measures of the user, exploring more on the topic of internet security using scholarly literature or contacting the internet service providers and network administrators (Commonwealth of Australia, 2016).

Cybercrime Essay代写
Cybercrime Essay代写

The other one is how to reduce internet fraud. Cybercrime Essay代写

The government agencies and law enforcement for different countries work to reduce internet frauds as well as informing people on how not to fall a victim. Internet fraud is the use of the internet to commit fraud. These include the use of online services to fraudulently solicit, transact, and transfer proceeds of fraud to financial institutions. These crimes are mostly committed using personal computers whiles others use other people’s network. Agencies such as National Internal Security keep track of the internet activities for issues like money laundering, drug trafficking, and other illegal business activities.Cybercrime Essay代写**范文

The agencies also provide guidelines on how to secure personal data and access to assistance in case of theft of personal information and if used in committing internet crimes. Some of the measures that have been put in place to protect internet users and reduce internet frauds are the provision of channels for reporting fraudulent activities and surveillance of the networks to track any suspicious activity (Cohen, 2003).

Finally, internet money transfers have become more popular today for convenience. Cybercrime Essay代写

Cybercrimes are also at the rise with identity theft and fraudulent internet transactions taking the center stage. Hackers are working tirelessly to bypass security levels of any computer as long as they have a reason to break in (Data breach, 2015). This is regardless of numerous security layers developed in software and computer systems to keep off sniffers and break in. Breaking into a computer network exposes the user information and the use of the computer network is compromised. It also exposes sensitive information which can be used by the criminals to conceal identity and be able to carry out the fraudulent transactions.Cybercrime Essay代写**范文

Internet and computer users need to be informed of ways to reduce hacking into their computer systems and networks. Some of the ways to reduce chances of hacking into personal computer and networks are to install updated anti-spy wares and avoid accessing sites which cannot be trusted to avoid virus infection of their computer (Paulson, 2002). This is because data privacy is key when using any computer system or network.

The risk posed by cybercrimes to individuals and businesses have intensified the efforts aiming to reduce their impacts. Cybercrime Essay代写

Majority of internet users today have started taking their internet privacy seriously owing to the levels of transactions being they carry out over the internet. Also, the relevant authorities are taking a key interest in reducing internet frauds which may result to dwindling of the economies. As a result, internet criminals are left with few loopholes to exploit and which are mostly dependent on the users’ privacy measures. Because of this, internet users are advised to be extra careful when navigating through the internet web and also make sure their computers and networks are always secure.Cybercrime Essay代写**范文

Cybercrime Essay代写
Cybercrime Essay代写

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