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American History代写 Although America was a lucrative colony to many countries from Europe, England managed to take it as a colony.


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Although America was a lucrative colony to many countries from Europe, England managed to take it as a colony. The Europeans came with their varied ideas, customs, and characters. America being a projection of Europe, the European aimed at transplanting their habits and traditions. However, the peculiarity of America’s geographic conditions, the interplay of various groups, and the difficulty of maintaining the old ways of doing things made the changes scarce and invisible (American History par. 2). The established new social patterns which resembled European society were distinctively American.  American History代写**范文

Therefore, it becomes difficult for the European to develop their social system which was being neutralized by the various cultures which came into play to give a hybrid social system distinct in America.

They belief in the American dream helped foster and disintegrate the social classes through the belief that, everyone through hard work can be successful.

Discussion 2  American History代写

Most of the Northern American Indians were allied to the French colonialist. France was the first to arrive in the northern part and had formed a strong bond with the native Indians. They had even intermarried with the Indians thus sharing cultures. They had also established a trading relationship and centers on the northern coast of America. When Britain came, it extended its trading territories to the western lake which threatened the presence of France in its new route along the Maumee, Wabash, and Ohio rivers (Michigan State University par. 1).  American History代写**范文

American History代写
American History代写

Northern American Indians also feared that Britain had started to destroy the hunting area which was its source of livelihood. The war came to be referred to the Seven Years War which aimed to decide who between the two colonialists was strong to remain in Northern America. In the retaliation to defend its territory, France joined forces with Indians against Britain.

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The differences in opinion emerged between the British officials and the Americans on the issue of taxation which was being imposed on the people (United States History par. 1). Americans were not well represented in the parliament as Britain believed in virtual representation where the decision by the MPs represented the interests of every person in America (United States History par. 3). The Americans argued that they were not represented in parliament in making such pertinent decision affecting them. They were, therefore, demanding equal representation in the parliament.

Work Cited  American History代写

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American History代写
American History代写

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