Portfolio Essay About Embryology



Portfolio Essay About Embryology

Embryology代写 The study on embryology has always fascinated me to learn especially how fertilization takes place to the development of the embryo.


The study on embryology has always fascinated me to learn especially how fertilization takes place to the development of the embryo. In this paper, I will reflect on the human fertilization lab. In my reflection, I will reflect on how I felt about the lectures what I learned. The challenges that I faced, and the areas I need to improve and much more.

Description  Embryology代写

When I joined Qatar University college of medicine, it was a life-changing opportunity to contribute to the world of academia and serve people. Like any other new student in medicine, I have a remarkable experience specifically in the embryology class. Being a compulsory subject in medicine much on fertilization, zygote formation, and embryo development were covered.

The medical college is located at the outskirts of the city making it have a serene environment for learning. It was on 30th August 2018 in the morning when I entered my first embryology class that took two hours of continuous lecture from Dr. Mubarak Bidmos. The lecture was about fertilization process, and as expected, there was a lot lined up for us that day. Dr. Mubarak started with a brief overview of the male and female gamete to detailed cell mechanics of fertilization and embryo development. Perhaps, the most profound thing in the fertilization process is learning how sperm and egg fuse together to form a zygote. Which eventually transforms to the embryo and fetus.

The lecture used the combination of illustrations and diagrams to demonstrate the processes of fertilization.  Embryology代写

He used different pictorials in powerpoint to present the various types of fertilization and how they are carried out. The motion pictures were also used to reinforce some of the concepts on egg development, release, and fertilization as well as the immediate changes after fertilization.

The various fertilization methods presented include natural fertilization and vitro-fertilization. In this regard, the lecturer expounded on the role of technology in the fertilization especially in solving the problem with natural fertilization human. In this regard, he explains the chronology of events until the invention of lab fertilization.


The study on fertilization is vital in understanding the beginning of life after conception. Further, the lecture prepared us for the understanding of human development from a simple cell to a complex being. That is, the student will be able to track down the human development to the basic gamete fusion. Then embryo to a fetus which grows to a fully-grown human being.

Reflection  Embryology代写

Generally, the class on embryology formed the basis of understanding human development and growth. With the main focus on fertilization, I was able to learn about the necessary development of human being from single gamete cells. The knowledge on the fertilization process triggered my mind to think more about how the human body is formed through multiple cell division through various stages. Also, I was able to know the existence of various types of fertilization. Which are done in the medical laboratories with the help of the modern technology. For instance, vitro fertilization was a new term to before the lecture. But after the lecture, I was able to explain why vitro fertilization exists and how it is done in a bid to solving human infertility.

Before this lecture, there was a lot I did not know about fertilization. Definitely, it is not all about the fusion of the egg and sperm. It is more than this according to the embryology class attended. I was able to conceptualize it as not just a simple process but a process composed of multi-stages of biological changes. This experience has improved my essential intellectual and professional development by acquiring knowledge on how a human come to be starting with simple cells.

Another aspect of embryology that fascinated me is the use of technology in enhancing fertilization in human.  Embryology代写

That is the use of vitro fertilization for those not able to have natural fertilization. Notably, how it implements the transfer of mitochondria from other cells to the oocytes to increase the success rate of fertilization.

 To a great extent the lecture informative and in my point of view. I now understand the whole process of fertilization as well as the changes surrounding it. More also, I feel ready enough to handle some question on fertilization. However, I felt not well prepared enough for that class. I could have done prior researched on embryology before the lecture. Notably, this would have given me ideas on the more profound insights of the concepts of fertilization. As such, my comprehension of fertilization could have improved. I also found out I was not able to go through the course outline to prepare beforehand. Other obstacles arose during lectures like distractions from other students. And low concentration made it a challenge for me to understand some concepts.

Looking forward, I have a role to play in making sure some of the problems I faced are not repeated in the following lectures.  Embryology代写

One of the areas of improvement is time management and learn to avoid and manage procrastination. I should also research on the lectures beforehand for enhanced understanding of the class materials. I will also make sure to write down some point during the lecture for future references of the topic.


Human fertilization is a sensitive topic that forms the foundation for the medical course. That is, the study of a human being begins from the primary cell division, development of embryo and fetus, early infancy to adulthood. Therefore, the course on embryology needs thorough and in-depth reading and research.


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