MSc in Energy Systems and Data Analytics

能源系统作业代写 Please mark to the following categories: Setting of research questions/objectives, introduction and context…

Dissertation Marking Scheme 能源系统作业代写

Please mark to the following categories: %
Setting of research questions/objectives, introduction and context 10
Quality of literature review and analysis of the field at an appropriate depth. Critical review of the literature. Uses literature to give context to the project. Good use of literature throughout the dissertation 20
Description of the data and exploratory analysis. Summarises the data used in the project well, performing initial exploratory analysis and demonstrating an understanding of, and attempts to mitigate, issues with the data, such as missing data or outliers. 10
Use of visualisations throughout the report. Visualisations that are creative and informative and provide insight into findings and results or motivate and provide context for the work. 10
Methodology. Justifies the appropriateness of methods used and demonstrates consideration of alternative methods. Demonstrates an understanding of the methods and potential shortcomings. Appropriate design of research (including addressing research ethics and data protection appropriately). 能源系统作业代写


Analysis and discussion: Thoughtful and insightful analysis of results in context of the literature,  research questions/hypothesis and consideration of wider issues and policy. 15
Conclusions, critical analysis and identification of weaknesses & impact of assumptions/chosen method on the conclusions, potential improvements and future work 10
Dissertation structure and presentation (including language), correct use of references. 10
Total and overall comments 100

Ethics: 能源系统作业代写


  • Does the Dissertation include proof of research ethics approval (this does not include an exemption form)? Y/N


  • If No, Does the Dissertation include a completed Ethics Exemption form? Y/N


  • If Yes, having read the Dissertation and the Ethics Exemption form, is it your view that this research is exempt from the need for ethics review? Y/N

As a guide to the quality of dissertation represented by marks. (Examples in parenthesis describe some of the typical characteristics of a dissertation falling under the given range):

>=80: exceptional (as 70-79, but highly original, research that could be rather easily published in a peer reviewed journal. It is very rare for a student to score this high, only a couple max in a cohort) 能源系统作业代写

70–79: excellent (distinctions) (Comprehensive knowledge, sophisticated and comprehensive analysis and use of methods, insightful and original interpretation, outstanding argumentation, very good presentation, very good understanding of the techniques and limitations of the research, demonstrated ability to do independent research)

65–69: very good (A high level of knowledge, high quality analysis and insightful interpretation, sustained, coherent and convincing argumentation, very good presentation, good understanding of the techniques and demonstrated ability to do independent research. Some areas of the dissertation may show minor shortcomings)

60–65: good (As 65-69, but with clearer minor shortcomings in different areas)

55–59: good/satisfactory (Ability to synthesize material from a range of sources, coherent argumentation, good presentation and appropriate referencing, demonstration of methodological awareness. Some minor flaws in several areas may exist)

50–54: satisfactory (As 55-59, but with numerous minor flaws across dissertation and possibly few non-critical major ones)

<50: poor (Poor familiarity with the topic, inability to synthesize information across the sources, inability to present a coherent and sustained argument, flaws in presentation and referencing, poor understanding of the research techniques)