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Art and Architecture代写 Artifacts are the source of historical information that ancient people left as footprints of culture.

Artifacts are the source of historical information that ancient people left as footprints of culture. In the American, various cultural artifacts communicate Maya cultures that were long forgotten, but the art and architecture need to be protected as a reminder of ancient civilization (Khan Academy). In this context, it is important also to understand and have comparison between various arts to gain a deeper understanding of them.

In this regard, the three arts represent Maya classical civilization. Art and Architecture代写

The Sarcophagus lid, ceramic cup, and vessel with mythological scene are all similar in that they represent the ancient Maya culture. All of them were curved between the period of Mesoamerica thus represent ancient civilization and culture. Art and Architecture代写**成品

However, the Sarcophagus lid for king K’inich Janaab’ Pakal is estimated to have been curved in the 4th century on the Maya pyramid. The lid is cast with stone and has the king curved and suspended over the jaws (Jiménez). It is a depiction that, the king is a connection between heaven and earth. This picture also indicates the Maya culture in kinship where they honored their kings and saw them as special deities who have connections between underworld and heavens.

Art and Architecture代写
Art and Architecture代写

The second picture shows the ancient ceramic cup. Art and Architecture代写

The cup was curved in the 8th century. The cup was used in ceremonies in ancient Maya. It has calligraphy that represents certain aspects in Maya history. The inscriptions on the cup show deities dancing. Also, other feature show mountain and another deity lying giving a sophisticated message of celebration and feasting. Therefore, the cup was important and used during celebrations.

Moreover, the third shows a vessel that has mythological scenes. Art and Architecture代写

The vessel is a date in the 7th to 8th century. The vessel shows a serpent with a skinny skull, a firefly at the back and a dog hence depicting an event that happen at night (Doyle and Zucke). It is a representation of Maya culture of believing in the dark forces.       Art and Architecture代写**成品

The three pictures were important to Maya community as a representation of cultures which were forgotten of likely to be forgotten. In modern world, these cultures need to be preserved for further understanding of pro-Conquest culture.

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Art and Architecture代写
Art and Architecture代写

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