Personal Statement-PSU

Art代写 The world of architecture has transformed into art that paints the ground up. Dating back in from the Egyptian pyramids…

The world of architecture has transformed into art that paints the ground up. Dating back in from the Egyptian pyramids to the modern Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, architecture has continued to dot the earth with beautiful structures. Particularly, the emergence of technology in art design and modeling has catapulted architecture to the highest imaginable limits. Personally have ever been fascinated by the beautiful work of art especially those produced by the best-known architecture in cities like Spain and America.

Since my childhood Art代写

The thrill of doing painting arts has been growing and it has transformed me into an exploratory mind with imagination. My eagerness to create and model beautiful arts by myself created interest to study architecture. As such, armed with great conviction and passion for art. I consider myself suitable to pursue my dream course in architecture at Portland State University. Particularly, because of your world-class faculty, groundbreaking research. And international reputation as well as a student from diverse cultures which offer wider network, perspectives, and experiences in learning.

The taste for arts is changing, and people are becoming more receptive to unique ideas and cultures. I have visited different places around the world, and I have had chances to interact with different cultures. I also exposure to artwork since childhood which awoke my artistic imaginations. The world of art is endless and fascinating considering the various cultures around the world. Architecture is not only a skill but also a combination of creativity and imagination. This is evident in the collection of my visits to various cities which have captured various architectural designs proving that art is also limited to individual creativity and imagination.


The opportunity to study Art代写

In your internationally recognized research institution will not only give me a chance to explore my position. But also provide an arena on which to interact with other cultures for personal development. I believe in every culture there is something new to learn and that is what I am looking forward to learning. Having traveled in various cultures, I have also interacted with people thus developing my interpersonal skills which are key in the intercultural communications.

I believe in the nobility of sharing of ideas as there is not a project that can succeed with a singularity of ideas. It requires diverse perspectives and sharing through communication. With various stakeholders in the project including the managers, supervisors, contractors, consultants, and artisans. In this regard, creating a beautiful work of art is a combination of minds. And eyes that see through it from the conception to its actualization. Portland State University is the university I believe will offer me these and much more. Art代写

Being an art tourist, I also enjoy learning new languages besides my native language.

New languages give me added advantage in interpersonal and inter-communications. For this course, I attended an English language course in my former school that made be confident and proficient in both written and spoken English. Besides learning the English language, I also became acquainted with American culture before my decision on joining Portland State University.

I consider myself a versatile person disciplined and committed in my undertaking. Close to me are the virtues of hard work in my studies, creativity, and innovation, and work ethics. I am a self-driven ready to take any initiative without fear. In the pursuit of my passion in arts, I have managed to design artworks using AutoCAD thus became proficient with Autodesk AutoCAD. Art代写

Looking back at my experience, determination, aspiration, passion for art and architecture, I feel best suited and qualified to be offered a chance in your world-class university.  If given this I will also contribute to upholding the good reputation of the university. This will culminate to the achievement of my passion for art and contribute to the creation of the world of imagination through creative artistic structures for the future.

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