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艺术学代写 The poem indeed undermines the poetic nature of metaphoric communication in the poem.Williams explicitly shows how the metaphors…

1.Portrait of a lady

The poem indeed undermines the poetic nature of metaphoric communication in the poem. Williams explicitly shows how the metaphors used to express the stunning feature of the beauty of a woman are meaningless by using the literary thought and direct questioning. He directly mocks the meaning of the symbolically used term sky. With contempt, the poet shows that the tropes needed a further explanation which he ironically answered but not satisfactory. The poet also asks the questions repeatedly to show disregard of the meaning of the metaphor used (Williams, W., Litz, A., & MacGowan, C. 1995).

The interruptions used by the poet of questioning the symbols used makes the audience question the rationality of their use in the poem. Thus, the poet failed to paint a clear image of the lady. 艺术学代写


Line 7 to end (paraphrased)

The whiteness notwithstanding, her body has purple moles which made her skin beautiful to touch. However, they are beautiful under his hands when he reaches her. The touch of his hands makes her skin quiver and turn purple. Step by step and gently, he removes her cloth while erotically picking her like a flower. Her skin is soft and light under his hands as explores the whole of her body until she is filled with desire for him (Williams, W., Litz, A., & MacGowan, C. 1995).

The poet concluded that his own desire for her wife after this episode, she too was burning with desire. This is a wrong conclusion because the feeling might not be mutual. The poet also concludes that the audience will understand what he meant by the word “flower” which has been used metaphorically to indicate her wife.艺术学代写


3.A Sort of a Song  艺术学代写

The image created by the phrase “No ideas but things” (Williams, W., Litz, A., & MacGowan, C. 1995) means being in an environment but has no clue on how to live with it. The phrase makes the audience think of nature and what he/she can do with it. This also shows how people have not been reconcilable with nature. The use of metaphor to reconcile people with the rocks seems not to point anywhere but make the audience think of their position as human beings. This also brings the theme of “nature and people.” The use of the word saxifrage shows endurance that people have to undergo in nature. Saxifrage is a type of flower that grows on rocks, which is not easy for a plant to thrive.

This is therefore likened with to human beings. Therefore, one has to be inventive in the environment. The reason the three poems are compared is that all use metaphor and imagery to convey their message. The poem “A sort of a Song” William use the two stylistic devices just to express his message. The intention of the poet is not to reconcile metaphor and image, but to use them together to build up his poem.

4.Birds and Fishes  艺术学代写

The poem brings out the themes of “Justice and Mercy,” and “Belief in non-compassionate God.” The subjects are well captured in the poem by the use of various stylistic devices in a chronology of dramatic events. The poet uses free verses with rhythms at the end of each line. The imagery used in the poem regards the nature in the context of birds and fish and how one prey the other mercilessly. The poet begins the poem with a picturesque scene of events that takes place when they arrive at the shores, and the pelicans come hunting them.

The narration continues with how pelicans feast on the fish without mercy because pity and justice are human characteristics. The poet shows that the characters of compassion and compassion have no place in the lives of fish and birds. Furthermore, he says that the human virtues are not of concern to God. This brings the theme of justice and mercy which is also portraying him as viewing God being ruthless.艺术学代写


Williams, W., Litz, A., & MacGowan, C. (1995). The Collected Poems of William Carlos Williams. New York, NY: New Directions Books.



这首诗确实破坏了诗歌中隐喻交流的诗意本质。威廉姆斯(Williams)明确地表明,通过运用文学思想和直接质疑,用来表达女性美的惊人特征的隐喻是毫无意义的。他直接嘲笑了象征性术语“天空”的含义。这位诗人鄙夷地表示,这些比喻需要进一步的解释,但他讽刺地回答了这一点,但并不令人满意。诗人还反复提出问题,以表示无视所使用的隐喻的含义(Williams,W.,Litz,A.,&MacGowan,C. 1995)。诗人对所使用符号的质疑所引起的干扰,使听众对在诗中使用它们的合理性提出了质疑。因此,诗人未能描绘出这位女士的清晰形象。艺术学代写


第7行结束 艺术学代写
尽管白皙,但她的身体上有紫痣,使她的皮肤触感漂亮。但是,当他到达她的手下时,它们在他的手下很漂亮。他的手的触摸使她的皮肤颤抖并变紫。他一步一步地轻轻地移开她的衣服,然后像花一样在情色上摘下她。她的皮肤在他的手掌下柔软柔软,不断探索整个身体,直到对他的欲望充满满足为止(Williams,W.,Litz,A.,&MacGowan,C. 1995)。

3.一首歌 艺术学代写


4.鸟和鱼 艺术学代写