A C T I O N    P L A N

Action plan代写 Barbie game will integrate digital technology and player interactivity bundled with educative capabilities.

I S S U E    D E S C R I P T I O N Action plan代写

 Barbie is a revolutionary game changer with customer-focused features and interactivity. The game market has undergone dynamics of technological changes with the development of smartphones coupled with gaming capabilities. Barbie game will integrate digital technology and player interactivity bundled with educative capabilities. This is in response to the changing market perspectives on gaming which has shifted to table games and technology detoxification. The company looks forward to building an apps for kids for table gaming and detox with educational aspects.

D E S I R E D    O U T C O M E Action plan代写

 Mattle Inc. aims to introduce the new innovation into the market together with its mainstream traditional gaming products in its reinvention strategy. The company aims at introducing digital games with interactivity and educational benefits to the players. The company target to acquire a niche in the international digital game market.

Action plan代写
Action plan代写

A C T I O N    P L A N    S P O N S O R Action plan代写

 The business plan has been prepared for the purpose of reinventing Mattel Inc. market and marketing strategy and plan. Therefore the organization has come up with innovative games away from their traditional games, by integrating technology and learning into them.
 Product design  Company software programmers and engineers in the department of Research and development, marketing and sales departments  The team require computers, website hosting, and internet services  Software developers and engineers  The human resource needed to develop the app.


Integrated technology and educational aspects
 Pre-test drive for Barbie game  Research and development  Internet and web hosting and financing of the test  Prospective customers, software developers, and engineers  Number of prospective customers to test the software  Satisfaction of the stakeholders
Preliminary promotions of the Barbie game  Department of sales and marketing and research and development team  Internet marketing, online adverting, financing of the promotions  Sales and marketing team of Mattel Inc.  Promotion channels and human creativity  The response of the product in the market
Full launching of the product  Sales and marketing department  Exhibition for launching the game.  Mattel Inc. employees and the public  Online platform coverage Product launch
 Full marketing and sales of the product  Sales and marketing department, the finance department  Online marketing and advertising, specific websites for the app downloads  Sale team and developers  Online platform coverage and financing  Downloads and subscription of the customers



1. Product:

Barbie games should have excellent user interfaces suitable and friendly to the kids. User friendliness of any app dictate the usability and the satisfaction gained thereof. The game interaction with the player should be educational to the extent that parents feel the need utility of the game to their children.

2. Promotion:

The target market is wide and therefore subdividing it into small market regions is critical. This will ensure proper responsiveness to the needs of the certain region with regard to marketing. The company should use various promotional methods to create customers aware of the game. New sales representatives should be employed to assist in creating awareness using online platforms and exhibitions and also assist in developing new distribution outlets. Action plan代写**格式

The company should hire trainers to train sales forces in the new gaming products and the marketing approaches used. This will be within the company’s sales support budget based on an average salary and benefits cost for each position. The advertising level for the game will be determined by the competition from the leading game companies and their market share in online and digital games. The company should advertise more aggressively to build on customers’ awareness and to avoid being overshadowed by other already established digital games. Action plan代写**格式

Although the company traditional games are still popular, migrating to the digital platform things might not be the same and a different market model should be used. To gain an advertising voice and market index, the company need to invest in the sales team by providing enough facilitation and resources.

Action plan代写
Action plan代写

3. Distribution:

After launching the product the company should embark on introducing the game to its main market segments in America and within one year go international. Due to the product newness in the digital world, there is need to establish strong distribution channels. The company should establish an online web repository for the games distribution. The online distribution channel is the main link with customers that the Mattel Inc. should target. Action plan代写**格式

4. Pricing:

the price for Barbie game should one for fishing and hooking the interests of the customers. The company should consider the general prices in the game market and come up with the competitive pricing strategy for Barbie. In setting up the price, the newness of Barbie in the digital market should also be considered as a contributing pricing factor. The company should aim at maintaining its market share as in the traditional games market. Action plan代写**格式

5. Management:

Mattel focus should be on the satisfaction of the customers. It should have an overhaul change in organizational structure and create a working environment where all worker feels motivated and identified with the products of the company. This will improve their creativity and productivity. Action plan代写**格式


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