Personal Ethical Action Plan



Personal Ethical Action Plan

Action Plan代写 Personal Ethical Action Plan.I identified this value after evaluating my working history and recognized it as the key to my success.

Part 1: Core Values Action Plan代写

From “Funeral Exercise” and the “Five People Five Attributes Exercise” I will build on my core values which will be important to both personal and professional life.

After evaluation myself, I was able to identify the following core values:

  • Dependability
  • Commitment
  • Open-mindedness
  • Respect

Dependability Action Plan代写

This quality will help me attend to my duties on time and be consistent. I identified this value after evaluating my working history and recognized it as the key to my success. I value dependability as I can make timely deliveries and adhere to deadlines. When in an ethical dilemma the value prevails depending on the moral context and options available.


Commitment is important to my line of work as it helps me win the trust of my clients and employers. I identified this as one of my core values after long connections and relationships with my clients and employers. When faced with a moral dilemma I can weigh the circumstances available and make an informed decision which might/might not upset both parties.Action Plan代写**格式

Open-mindedness Action Plan代写

I hold this virtue dearly as it gives me the opportunity to listen to others people’s point of view. I was able to identify this virtue after being tasked to manage people. When faced with an ethical dilemma, being open-minded help in getting others people’s opinions that might help to make an informed moral decision. Action Plan代写**格式


This a virtue I have learned and gained over time of interaction with people. In case of an ethical dilemma, combined with other core values and moral context, respect will shape the opinion I will hold over a particular situation.

Action Plan代写
Action Plan代写

Ethical Action Plan Parts 2 Action Plan代写

Case One

In my company, I was once tasked with supervising a group of employees working to delivers a construction project. We had completed half the project when one of my directors, acting on behalf of others. The director needed my help in inflating the cost of the project. In so doing, I was to record more workers in the project than there was and then raise the payment figures. I had my core values which i hold so dearly, and my reputation has won me several jobs in the city. The issue weighed heavily on me, and I was in an ethical dilemma. Action Plan代写**格式

What I did and the impact Action Plan代写

I did not accept his request for it was against my core values. I was one of the most dependable and employee of the company. Therefore, I could not bypass my values. Instead, I offered him an opportunity to reduce the overhead cost of the project. In essence, my suggestion had an impact on the overall cost of the project.

What motivated me to speak up and act

The request was against my core values which I dearly hold in my professionalism. I had to give voice to my values by acting ethically and at the same time remain loyal to my employer. I had to offer him a better option to resolve the possible financial crisis.

How satisfied I was and the response I would like to have given Action Plan代写

I was pleased with my answer as it was by my core virtues of commitment and dependability. Also, the issue tested on my other core values which included honesty, respect, and loyalty.

What made me be able to speak out and act comfortably Action Plan代写**格式

It is because of my commitment to core values that I was able to speak up and move. I proposed a reduction of cost which was within my control as the supervisor.

Action Plan代写
Action Plan代写

Case Two Action Plan代写

I was working with a group of internal auditors in a particular corporation. One day there was a misappropriation of funds and the management needed to seal the gap in the financial statements. The reason behind their action was tax evasion and sealing of the loopholes in the accounts without the knowledge of the external auditors and the senior management. As a junior auditor, I did nothing to raise the ethical issue in the misrepresentation of the statements. Action Plan代写**格式

What happened?

They managed to seal the gap and evade taxation

Why I did not speak up and what motivated me to do so Action Plan代写

I felt inferior among the other employees and feared their opinion. I choose to silent regardless of my value position because of fear that my voice will not be heard.

How satisfied I was and how I would have responded

I was not confident about not raising the issue. I would have suggested a better approach to the problem by either suggesting the adherence to the accounting standards or reporting the matter to the relevant authorities and declining to sign the financial statement by giving a qualification. Action Plan代写**格式

What would have made it easier? 

It was not within my control to act and speak out as it was depended on the same seniors in my field. However, I had an option of not signing the report unless the standards were met.

Appendix Action Plan代写

Five People, Five Attributes Exercise

List five people you admire and respect.  Under each name list the attributes you associate with that person.

  1. Bill Gates__________________________________________________________
    1. Passion________________________
    2. Commitment________________________
    3. Vision________________________
    4. Caring________________________
    5. Innovative________________________

  1. Jack Ma__________________________________________________________
    1. Commitment________________________
    2. Visionary________________________
    3. Respected________________________
    4. Friendly________________________
    5. Open-minded________________________

  1. Elon Mask__________________________________________________________
    1. Passionate________________________
    2. Dependable________________________
    3. Perseverance________________________
    4. Visionary________________________
    5. Respect________________________

  1. Jeff Bezos__________________________________________________________
    1. Innovative________________________
    2. Open-minded________________________
    3. Patience________________________
    4. Respect________________________
    5. Trust________________________

  1. Donald Trump__________________________________________________________
    1. Confidentiality________________________
    2. Self-interest first________________________
    3. Committed________________________
    4. Vision________________________
    5. Charismatic________________________


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