Can men and women be friends without sexual attraction?

Discuss代写 Can men and women be friends without sexual attraction? That depends on the personality and values of the people involved.


Challenging question  

Whether men and women can be friends meeting regularly and casually to catch without having an intimate relationship or such talks is a challenging question to ask. It is a double-edged sword that depends on the personality and values of the people involved. I also depend on who is answers the question. In this regard, I take it that, it is normal to have a friend of the opposite sex as it is to the same sex.

Opinion  Discuss代写 

While there are those who can see having a best friend of the opposite sex as laughable and absurd, I believe it is possible. Those who see it impossible are of the school of thought that is from dark ages where women were taken as sex toys and slaves to stay at home and serve men. Today women are looking after families like any other man or woman. They have a career and a respectable social status. As such, they socialize with people regardless of gender. Discuss代写 **范文

Therefore, these women make friends in all walks of life including men. Because the establishment of friendship is based on values and personalities, a career woman can have a male friend who she can confide with without any sexual attraction or anything to suggest intimacy. Both learn to keep distance limit of their friendship, and it flourishes just like that of the same sex.


Imagine social circles where same-sex friends only surround everyone?  Discuss代写

How is that even possible? A human being is a social being, and the socialization is not aligned to a specific gender. She has a friend that you can trust and run to when in need is natural to need. That friend can be from any sex. Some women find it easy and better to have a male friend, and it is to some men. A woman with a male friend may feel secure when around him and sees a person to run to when in need. Discuss代写 **范文

A man can act like a support figure to a woman emotionally especially if has emotional issues in her social life. Likewise, a man can tell us friendship for emotional support especially on issues on love and relationships. As such, no man is an island, and we are all social beings, and there is no boundary on the gender to make a friend.

Respect for oneself and other person is key to maintaining a good friendship.  Discuss代写 

If a man takes a woman as a best friend, then he does so with a set mind of limits to their friendship. The same case applies to a woman. Respect for the sake of lasting friendship is key. If respects lacks, then the set limits of friendship will tend to weaken hence developing a lust for intimacy. Therefore, I believe that, with respect, two can be friends without crossing the limits. Discuss代写 **范文

While the issue is sensitive and dependent on who is asked, I must attest that it is not easy to maintain a close friendship with the opposite, but it is possible. When such bonds are kept, they can be the best as the friendship is natural and mutual. It is also important to restate that, for man and woman friendship to last, they must limit guided by values and respect.


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