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Discussion Topics代写 The issue of the abolishment of the electoral college is confusing as people try to weight the best electoral process.


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Should Electoral College be Abolished for One Man One Vote?

The issue of the abolishment of the electoral college is confusing as people try to weight the best electoral process that will reflect the representation of all and foster democracy. The founding fathers feared demagoguery and “mob democracy” where the nation might fall to unqualified leaders or a leader who only represent the interest of the few states (Stepman). To argue out my stand first is better to understand the reason why electoral college was formed. It was created for two purposes.  Discussion Topics代写**格式

First, the founding fathers wanted to create a buffer between the electorates and the selection of a president. Second, it was part of government structure to give powers to the smaller states. The first argument against the abolishment saw the possibility that the tyrant could manipulate the public opinion and come to power using the popular vote from large states (Stepman par. 7). Furthermore, the electoral college is the compromise to factor in the smaller states. The electoral college ensures that each state is equally represented in the number of electoral votes.

Why Electoral College has not Been Abolished  Discussion Topics代写

Although the electoral college system of presidential election was formed many years back and a lot has changed, some might argue that it is not suitable for this generation. However, looking at the evils it was meant to control, it is enough to conclude that Electoral College was a sacred creation of the founding fathers (Schulman). The view from both extremes, Democrats, would be happy to abolish it, but Republicans will not agree. Then, what does it take to abolish the Electoral College system to electoral system that favors popular votes? One reason why it has not been abolished is that it will require a constitutional amendment.  Discussion Topics代写**格式

It is unlikely that 2/3 of the House Representative and that of Senate would support the abolishment of the electoral college. The reason being, 13 of the states may not support it because electoral college gives them disproportionate powers to larger states. In essence, the electoral college created a way for equal representation of the minority states. If for instance the popular vote is used, the majority in the three states, California, Florida and Texas will decide the election which may not reflect the interest of the whole nation.

Moreover, even though the national popular vote can determine the presidency, there are instances when it failed in 1824, 1876, 1888, and 2000.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electoral College  Discussion Topics代写

The advantage of electoral college is that it promotes equal representation of the small states. The small state has at least three electoral votes which prevent the large states from controlling the popular vote. The disadvantage with the system is that; people feel their votes do not count, a good example is the 2000 election where the candidate won the popular vote but failed in the electoral college.  Discussion Topics代写**格式

Advantages and Disadvantages of Popular Vote

The popular vote is praised for its support of democracy. People get to decide the kind of the leader they want to represent them. However, the weaknesses of the popular vote system are too many. The system may undermine the efforts of equal representation where the majority in the minority states determine the winner which might not reflect the will of the whole nation. Furthermore, voting in the popular vote is based on personal emotions and attitude, and mostly the electorates are not guided by reason hence bad leaders can easily manipulate them to win the election.

Discussion 2  Discussion Topics代写

The purchase of Louisiana marked a seminal time for the property of the United States. The treaty not only doubled the land on which the U.S is today but also projected its superiority in the modern world. President Thomas Jefferson was a protector of the constitution and adhered to a strict constitutionalist view of the constitution. Although the purchase was not legally protected in the constitution unless directly authorized by the Congress, the Supreme Courte Chief Justice John Marshall made it clear about the treaty clause in a decision between American Insurance Co. v. Canter.

Discussion Topics代写
Discussion Topics代写

He stated that “The Constitution confers absolutely on the government of the Union, the powers of making war, and of making treaties; consequently, that government possesses the power of acquiring territory, either by conquest or by treaty.” According to Ferejohn and Pasquino (210), the law provides the exceptions in the exercise of emergency powers to the extent they do not reflect the distrust of those with authority. The action by Jefferson was done for the great good of the people of America.  Discussion Topics代写**格式

Furthermore, the president has the executive powers to give executive orders which have the same effect as federal law (“NCC Staff” par. 2). Therefore, based on the above provisions and arguments, by implication, the president has powers which are only protected by the constitution to the extent they are exercised within the precinct of honest and for the greater good of the country and during emergencies. Also, the constitution is designed to check the exercise of powers of those wielded with authority. However, the powers must not exceed the rights and trust bestowed on them by the citizens.

Discussion 3  Discussion Topics代写

No! America will not be better off with single political party as it will only breed dictatorship.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Single and Multi-party

Single Party System  Discussion Topics代写

The single-party system is attributed to stable administration which can spur the economic prosperity of a nation. Lack of opposition to policies of the ruling regime makes it possible to establish long-term economic plans. As such, there is no wastage in irrelevant criticisms and propaganda.

However, most people fear a single party system because it can impede the freedom of expression which erodes democracy leading to a dictatorial regime. As a result of the regime becoming powerful with not criticisms, the administration may become unaccountable like the case of Jefferson purchase of Louisiana without Congress input.  Discussion Topics代写**格式

Multi-party System

The most profound benefit of multi-party is the participation of the electorates through opposing political forces. Political competitions encourage voter participation and therefore exercise their democratic rights to elect the leader of their choice. Multi-party also encourage opposition which keeps watch of the ruling party and criticizes it for lack of accountability. However, multi-party is believed to cause disputes in decision-making and rift between political parties. At some point, the majority of voters might not be right in getting a good leader.

Discussion 4  Discussion Topics代写

Jefferson was a self-made leader of his caliber the time he rose to the presidency with no formal education. In 1828 election he triumphed over Adams, and he became a darling to ordinary Americans and to many he was the embodiment of “mob rule.” He also broke the chain of the ruling elites and proved that even a common man could rise to power. His time was commonly referred to the “era of the rise of the common man.”  Discussion Topics代写**格式

Jefferson influenced the notion of the equality of opportunities for white men. He showed concerns to issues that were affecting the common man such as farming, anti-banking, and egalitarian principles. The issues made him famous because they represented the ideals of the common man. To prove his allegiance to help the ordinary people, Jefferson set out a battle against Bank of America for its policies which only benefited the wealthy men. He also fought for political and religious freedoms which never existed before. Therefore, by the virtue him being the common man his era was filled by the notion of liberation and elevation of the common man and everything he does make him famous. Perhaps the most significant of his achievements is the purchase of Louisiana land that doubled the American territory. The expansion of the area also increased the economic activities like farming.

Discussion 5  Discussion Topics代写

Prejudice against foreign groups in America is not new and is engraved in the American culture that is not vocalized. After the colonial times, it became difficult for Americans to accommodate immigrants and were always discriminated. Today there is rampant prejudice against the Muslims because of stereotypes like Islamic religion breeds terrorism. A collective and individual efforts are needed to break away from that culture. Collectively, people can end the prejudice like the civil war movement in the mid-1950s when the blacks came together and protested peacefully against discrimination. Furthermore, individuals like Martin Luther can rise and crusade against any form of prejudice in America.  Discussion Topics代写**格式

History teaches us that prejudice against a particular religion, culture or race does not have value to the American Nation. Prejudice only builds hatred and is the enemy of peace. For peace to prevail, people have to learn to co-exist with others and understand that America is a multi-cultural nation.

Discussion 6  Discussion Topics代写

Utopian communities were created in reaction to urban growth and industrialization and followed the doctrine of communal living detached from society. The communes aimed at creating a perfect American society which was already in American thought by the 1840s. The idea of utopia failed because people could not think the same the concept was perceived differently by different people. In essence, no everyone believes that utopia is zero crime, zero poverty, full employment and healthcare and more as most of its doctrines were not practical. Today, there exist underground groups which claim utopian belief. These secret groups dominate American culture, political landscape, and businesses. A good example is Illuminati that has secret doctrines.

Discussion Topics代写
Discussion Topics代写

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