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Analysis report代写-Brand of Zimmermann

Analysis report代写
Analysis report代写


Analysis report代写 Current country news or important issue in China and Japan will be indicated and analysed by PESTEL and SWOT analysis to identify problems and opportunities in entering Chinese and Japanese fashion market.


Analysis report
Analysis report



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Analysis report代写

Executive Summary

Zimmermann is a famous Australia fashion brand that provides luxury fashion items. In 2020, Zimmermann plans to enter China and Japan market in order to expand the brand in Asian. A dynamic satiation analysis of a key issue/opportunity in countries is necessary for Zimmermann before enter the market.Analysis report代写  A current key issue of China is the pandemic of COVID-19 which impact Chinese society significantly in economic, social, technology, and political.

The implication of the COVID-19 issue of Zimmermann will also be indicated,

solutions for Zimmermann doing business in china will be recommend in public relation and promotion market strategies. Moreover, there is a tax hike in October 2019 in Japan, which impact Japanese economic, social and political environment. Analysis report代写  The PESTLE and SWOT analysis will be made to identify the internal and external macro environment of Zimmermann will faced in Japan.

To address the issue of tax hike, Zimmermann could reposition the brand to satisfy target customers.Analysis report代写  Product diversification is recommend to be used for future brand growth of Zimmermann in Japan.

Table of Contents

1.0 Report Introduction (including brief introduction to the company) —————————– 3

2.0 Country Analysis 1 ————————————————————————————-3

2.1 Description of the Issue (eg Problem/Opportunity) —————————————— 3

2.2 Analysis of the Issue in the context of the Country —————————————— 5

2.3 Implications of the Issue for doing business in this Country ——————————– 6

2.4 Recommended Solution ————————————————————————– 6

3.0 Country Analysis 2————————————————————————————— 7

3.1 Description of the Issue (eg Problem/Opportunity) ——————————————- 7

3.2 Analysis of the Issue in the context of the Country  —————————————— 7

3.3 Implications of the Issue for doing business in this Country ——————————— 8

3.4 Recommended Solution —————————————————————————-9

4.0 Conclusions ———————————————————————————————— 9

5.0 Reference List ——————————————————————————————— 10

6.0 Appendices ———————————————————————————————— 12

1.0 Report Introduction

Zimmermann is an Australian brand that been found by sisters Nick and Simone Zimmermann in 1991, which launched their ready to wear and swimwear line with a focus on clever cuts and delicate prints. The first store has been opened in 1992 in Australia. Analysis report代写  Since the brand has been launched in Sydney, Nicky Zimmermann has built one of the most a recognized brand not only come from the land down under, but also has became one of the leaders in the fashion of swimwear.

The company size of Zimmermann is 501-1000 employees, and the estimated annual revenue is 45M.

Moreover, The brand of Zimmermann has received the Australian Fashion Laureate Award in 2014, it also received AFI Best Swimming Designer and Prix de Marie Clair Best Swimwear Brand. Analysis report代写  Today, the brand of Zimmermann has been present an Australian wearing style and it is on the top of Australian fashion. The aim of Zimmermann is to make ready- to wear collections available in China and Japan for Zimmermann. Country environments and their dynamic situations are important to understand Zimmerman want to do businesses in Asian countries.

Current country news or important issue in China and Japan will be indicated and analysed by PESTEL and SWOT analysis to identify problems and opportunities in entering Chinese and Japanese fashion market.

An in-depth understanding of the diverse business contexts across Japan and China will be developed in this report. Analysis report代写  On the other hand, recommendations of doing business in China and Japan will be made for Zimmermann to enter fashion market in China and Japan. The objective of country analysis report is to analysis dynamic situations and develops a business in Japan and China.

2.0 Country analysis- China

2.1 description of the issue

China is facing a significant medical and health issue in 2019 and 2020. There is a new virus emerged from central China in the beginning of 2020. There are 8,200 confirmed cases globally in 31 January 2020, with 170 reported death (Time, 2020).Analysis report代写  The COVID-19 pandemic also known as coronavirus pandemic, which is an ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019(COVID-19). On 11 and12 January 2020, World Health Commission reassured of quality of the ongoing investment in Wuhan.

The evidence is highly suggestive that the coronavirus is relevant with exposures in one seafood market in Wuhan.

According to WHO, the cluster was initially report on 31 December 2019, when the WHO China Office was informed (WHO,2020). Analysis report代写  The World Health organization declared the coronavirus as an international emergency public health issue in 30 January. As 16 of May, there are over 4.56 million of people has been diagnosed the case of COVID-19 in more than 188 countries and territories, and there are 308,000 reported death.

The good new is that there are more than 1.64 people have recovered form COVID-19. Most people will recover from COVID-19, while the death of patients usually ranges from 6 to 41 days. According the data before 25 march 2020, the University of Oxford’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBM) estimated that a global case fatality rate would be 0.82 per cent. Analysis report代写  COVID-19 is basically spread between people during close contact, via such as small droplets produced by coughing, sneezing and talking.

Moreover, touching contaminated surface and then touching their face may infect people.

There is not any vaccine or specific useful treatment for COVID-19 at this time. The pandemic of COVID-19 causes significant economic and society disruption in all over the world, especially in China. Analysis report代写  There is a biggest recession since Great Depression. Approximately 98.5% of students have been effect by the pandemic of COVID-19. According to CDC (2019), the prevention method would be surfacing cleaning, hand washing and keep social distancing etc.

Keeping social distancing will slow the spread of disease by reducing close contact between individuals.Analysis report代写  China mandated social distance from January 2020 to March 2020, which would influence the country significantly. Chinese society and economic has been influenced negatively by the pandemic of COVID-19.

2.2 Analysis of the issue in the context of the country

The pandemic of COVID-19 influence Chinese society significantly, and it would also barrier businesses from overseas. Doing business in China in 2020 should consider this significant issue of pandemic and analysis what this issue would effect the business. Analysis report代写  The affect of issue will be analyzed by PESTLE model. The political, economic, social, technology and environment influence of China will be analysis.


The pandemic of COVID-19 causes a standstill in China, which is a world second-largest economy. Cheng (2020), stated that the output contracted fastest peace record in first two month of 2020, and reach a highest unemployment rate in urban area. Analysis report代写  The industry output reduced 13.5 per cent in the first two month of 2020, and the unemployment rate of China has increased to 6.2 per cent. According to Appendix 1, China’s industrial production growth hit its lowest level on record in January and February 2020.

 Moreover, the retail sales decreased 20.5 per cent, and fixed investment in society fell to 24.5 per cent from 19.0 per cent in a month ago. The influence of COVID-19 on economic is bigger than SARS 2003, the economic recovery, population movement and GDP growth is estimated to slow down from 5 per cent to 5.5 per cent in 2020.Analysis report代写  The economic of China contracted 6.8% in the first Quarter of 2020 (Campbell, 2020). The data bode poorly for Chinese economic outlook in 2020.


The year of 2020 is the final year of Chinese 13th five-year plan, and Chinese government has already regulated polices responding the pandemic of COVID-19. Chinese government has already taken measures for the key aspect of economic policy. For fiscal policy, there is a tax and rent reduction, as well as a deferred payment of social security for individual. Analysis report代写  According to He (2020), People’s Bank of China has injected 100 billion Yuan into financial system by reducing interest rate in bank.

On regional level, local government arrange businesses and employees for returning go back to work and production. For monetary policy, the central bank of China has reduced reserve ration and interest rate to boost the consumption and business investment in society (Zhu, Tang & Tian etc., 2020).Analysis report代写  However, with the consideration of Chinese inflation rate is in top margin, the impact of monetary policy need to make a further observation.


people in China are under quarantine during January 2020 to March 2020, they cannot interaction with others face by face. The COVID-19 is mainly spread through droplets generated when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or exhales. Therefore, people avoid to go to outside to see other people. The social event and activities has been canceled, one family can only go out twice a week for daily necessities.Analysis report代写  When people go outside, they must wear masks in the street, and the social distance should be maintain. The connection of people to society has been weakened by COVID-19. The relationship of people has been challenged in Chinese society (Xu, 2020).

On the other hand, cause the COVID-19 spread fast and there is asymptomatic infection, it hard for people to trust others, it negatively affect the trust system in China. It is harder for people to trust others in 2020 Chinese society, which would also causes psychologically problem in the society (Livemore &Dezan, 2020). Analysis report代写  There is an increase number of mental healthy problem in China, such as depression, anxiety and eating disorder etc., the fear of coronavirus has changed people’s psychology, and China has opened online consultation platforms to provide psychological counseling services for people.

The last but not the least,

the technology in China has been influenced significantly by COVID-19. Student and employees cannot go to school and work under quarantine; therefore, they should study and work online at home.Analysis report代写  The online study and work tool grow significantly in 2020, and the technology of Internet is also improved (Tellas, 2020 & Silverman 2020).

The new way of living and working in China boosts online technology especially in online streaming .Analysis report代写  People get use to buy product and services from online streaming. This example is given by Beech (2020), the Internet usage increases 70% and streaming increases more than 12% during the pandemic of COVID-19. There is an opportunity in streaming technology in China in 2020.

2.3 Implications of the issue for doing business in this country

Zimmermann plans to enter China’s market in 2020 for it global ambition, and it plans to open 5 offline retail stores in Beijing and Shanghai. After analysis key sectors in PESTEL model of Macro influence by the pandemic of COVID-19, it shows some implications of issues for Zimmermann to extend business in China.


the demand of clothes and fashion would decrease significantly in 2020 for two reasons. For economic consider, people would not have money to buy fashion clothes and accessories. The Aggregate demand of market has decreased, especially in fashion items. Moreover, there is no need for showing fashion cloth due to the quarantine. People have less motivation to buy new and fashion items. Zimmermann will face a challenge on company revenue in China in 2020.Analysis report代写 Although the economy of china is in recession, there still have future opportunities in market, and people are expected to buy more goods and services after COVID-19. Chinese government made policies to boost investment, consumption and industry outputs.


there are significant opportunities in some industries such as medical, healthy and Internet technology etc. It is a good idea to develop good relationship and partnership with them. For example, according to Lavin (2018), China’s live streaming industry is booming, there is a huge opportunity of online streaming in Chinese fashion industry. Analysis report代写 Moreover, the sales way of Zimmermann would be different in China from other countries due to the pandemic of COVID-19, people are more like buy goods and services online. Foreign companies, which want to enter Chinese market, need to improve technology and digital marketing.

For retail commerce in China, supply and shipping challenge around (Cheung, 2020). Appendix 2 shows that it will be a decrease trend for Chinese retail sales from 2019 to 2023.Due fashion items is different from convenience items, customer need to think before making decision. Analysis report代写 Zimmermann is a brand that produces luxury fashion items, which should put more effort on digital marketing to persuade target customers.


people in China maintain social distance in COVID-19, and their value of world might be changed after COVID-19. Zimmermann is a fashion brand that delivers the beauty and positive image to the world. What styles of product target customer are wanted is a big issue that Zimmermann will face in entering Chinese market in 2020.Analysis report代写 Target customer might change style due their value change.

The key solution for customer style change is to investigate and analyze target customer to figure out what style they want after the pandemic of COVID-19. The demographic feature of target customer will be identified. Zimmermann will design clothes and accessories to satisfy target customer.Analysis report代写 Positive image and brand value should be delivered to public in the design.

2.4 Recommendation analysis


Zimmermann needs to stop open offline stores in China due to a concession trend in retail sector. It is good idea to put effort on digital marketing and online communication. Online store will have less cost than physical store in rental, staff and electricity bills.Analysis report代写 Moreover, online store do not have time and location limited, target customer could access online store in any time and any location. The company of Zimmermann would develop a technology team for solving online technology issues and online marketing (Montaldo,2019).

As the pandemic of COVID-19 reduce the revenue of offline store, it is good way to develop the brand by using online communication tool for Zimmermann. Secondly, online streaming is growing in China. It is a good idea for Zimmermann to develop a partnership with online streaming companies such as TaoBao and TikTok.Analysis report代写 More sales should be done in online streaming in Taobao and Tiktok. Thirdly, Zimmerman should enhance a positive brand image for target customers in China.

People who have been though a pandemic of COVID-19 would more likely have mental problems such as depression and anxiety and less confidence.

The fashion design of Zimmermann should give customer a positive image and improve confidence of customer. On the other hand, it is a good way to develop brand image with public relations strategies. There is a good opportunity for Zimmermann to improve it public relations and brand image in China.Analysis report代写 Zimmermann would donate money and supplies such as masks and disinfectant to China, which is a significant efficient way to quickly build a positive brand image to target customer. The revenue of Zimmermann should grow significantly in 2020.

3.0 Country analysis -Japan

3.1 Description of the issue

There is a contraction fiscal policy in Japan, Japan increased consumption tax from 8 per cent to 10 per cent in October 2019, which is a first time increasing consumption tax in last five years. Fiscal policy is an efficient tool that used by a congress and official to influence the economy of a country by using government spending and taxation.Analysis report代写 A contraction fiscal policy would be applied by decrease government spending and increase tax rate, when the inflation rate is too high and the domestic real GDP growth is higher than potential GDP growth.

The increase consumption tax may bring despite concerns and knock Japanese economic. Increased tax rate in Japan has applied to most goods and services, however, considering increased consumption tax may effects living standard of residents, especially low-income residents, some products are still taxed at 8 per cent.

According to BBC (2019), The increased tax rate applies to most goods and services from electronics to books and cars.

Analysis report代写 Some of products like life essential products will maintain exempt.The reason of tax hike in 2019 is that Japanese government needs to get more tax revenue to cover the costs of domestic growth aging population. Analysis report代写 However, Tatenno, Tsunashima & Akiyama (2019) states that Japan’s government put measures to prevent the economic move from squeezing consumption, such as 5 per cent rebate on purchase made by using electronic payments.

3.2 Analysis of the issue in the context of the country

An increased tax rate and contraction fiscal policy of Japan would have a significant influence on Japan’s society and economic.Analysis report代写 Domestic and foreign business would also be influence by the tax hike in Japan. To analysis the issues of tax hike in academic and practical vision, PESTEL macro influence model and SWOT analysis would be used in this section.PESTEL macro model such as economic, social and political influence will be analyzed to identify issues.


a tax hike will negatively impact Japan’s economic perform. According to Akiyoshi (2019), Japan has gone though a longest economic expansion since World War 2 from October 2016 to August 2018. Appendix 3 indicates that Japan has performed an economy expansion for 23 straight months. Although Japan’s economy has been perform strongly in first half year of 2019. Analysis report代写 A tax hike in October 2019 will bring an uncertain future of Japan’s economic.

The tax hike contributes 4.6 trillion yen tax revenue annually to Japan’s government, and it plans to use extra revenue for government spending to boost economic and increase social welfare. However, there is a 6.3 per cent of economic recession in last three month of 2019 in Japan. Analysis report代写 According to Trading Economic (2020), the GDP growth of Japan is 0 in last quarter of 2019, and the Japanese economy presents a recession and shrank 0.9 per cent in first quarter of 2020, which is a first decrease since 2015 (Appendix 4).


for political consideration, Japan’s government introduced temporary measures to reduce negative effects of tax hike, such as point reward of cashless payment, and increase lowest per hour pay in society (Honda, 2019). Due to the negative impact of increasing tax, it is necessary for Japan’s government to introduce measures to reduce negative impact of tax hike. Analysis report代写 Moreover, the tax hike would fuel a criticism of Japan’s Prime Minister at a vulnerable time of Japanese economy.


the tax hike would also influence social trend in Japan. Japanese has been encouraged to use cashless payment by rebates and discount, and they would turn to electronic payment rather than pay in cash. A social trend of cashless payment will begin in Japan. Analysis report代写 The social trend of cashless payment convenience residents but would result Internet criminal issue in society.

Moreover, SWOT analysis is a useful tool for Zimmermann to enter current Japan’s fashion market. For internal analysis, the strength of Zimmermann will be analyzed, Zimmerman is a fashion brand that already have been famous in Asian with well-organized staff, experienced designer and good reputation.Analysis report代写  Zimmermann presents ready-to-wear collections every year in Australian and New York fashion week.

Zimmermann has extended product lines such as kids and accessories in past 30 years.

There are overall 27 Zimmermann stores in Australia, American and UK, and it also maintains showrooms in Paris, Sydney, London, and New York.Analysis report代写 However, the brand of Zimmermann is an Australian brand, which could be unfamiliar with Japan’s fashion industry and there are some macro environment issues Zimmermann will be faced to enter Japanese market.

For example, a social trend of fashion is significantly different from Japan to Australia, Japanese fashion trends are sneakers with dresses, ruffles and lace, and comfy, wide leg pants (Tokyo Creative 2020). Zimmermann should consider the difference of fashion and design fashion items with local Japanese styles to enter the market.Analysis report代写 The threat of Zimmerman to enter Japanese market is a tax hike in October 2019. The economy of Japan is in a recession, and customer will make less consumption.

Japanese would buy less products and services especially luxury products, such as expensive fashion items, which is a significant threat for Zimmermann.

People in Japan do not have enough money for luxury brand anymore, and the tax on fashion item is in 10 per cent since October 2019. Analysis report代写 However, there are still opportunities in Japan’s fashion market.

Japan’s government delivers rebates on cashless payment, which would increase the sales. Analysis report代写 Moreover, the increased taxed revenue would be used at least half on social welfare to aging population, it means the expenditure of Japan’s aging population would increase. According to Walia (2019), in 2019, there are more than 20 per cent of population in Japan is over 65 years old, which is the highest proportion in the world. There is a great opportunity to design fashion items not only for younger generation but also for aging population in Japan.

3.3 Implications of the issue for doing business in this country

The implication of tax hike in Japan will be discussed for Zimmermann. Tax hike from 8 per cent to 10 per cent in Japan significantly effect doing business in Japan for Zimmerman. Firstly, the economy environment of Japan will go though a recession, which decreases the sales of fashion items. Analysis report代写 Zimmermann is a luxury fashion brand that design prime fashion items higher income people. Due Japan is in an economy concession, and target customer will consume less luxury items.

The revenue and profit of Zimmermann in Japan would be impact negatively.

Target customer would consider buying cheaper brand of fashion items such as ZARA and H&M. Comparing with cheaper American fashion brand, and the items of Zimmermann are too expensive for target customer.Analysis report代写 Zimmermann could reposition the brand in Japan for better sales in Tax hike. Secondly, the policy of cashless payment rebate would change the calculation way of business profit &loss statement.

More transaction is online paid, which is easier for Zimmermann to organize and monitor the revenue as well as less labor needed in Japanese retail store. The policy of cashless payment rebate would slightly boost consumption of goods and services in Japan, which would be an opportunity for Zimmermann.Analysis report代写 The last but not the least, the tax hike will benefits the aging population in Japan.

The living standard of aging population in Japan is increased by government expenditure.

Older generation have more money to buy goods and services, which is also a significant opportunity for Zimmermann.Analysis report代写 Again, it is a good idea for Zimmermann to consider retargeting customers and repositioning the brand.

3.4 Recommendation analysis

After issue description, issue analysis and implication by using PESTLE and SWOT model. There are some business and marketing strategies will be recommend for the luxury fashion brand of Zimmermann. Japan tax hike has influence economic, political and society significantly, it is a good idea for Zimmermann to retarget customer and reposition the brand in Japan. Analysis report代写 There is decrease consumption in younger Japanese generation due to the increased tax, while aging population will have more money for consuming fashion items. There is two ways to repositioning the brand.


Zimmermann could reduce unit price of cloth and accessories in Japan to not only just satisfy high-income individual but also satisfy at medium and low-income customers. Analysis report代写 The brand image would not be prime and luxury anymore, it can be convenience and cost- effective in Japan.


Zimmermann could develop a new product line by using Ansoff Matrix of diversification (appendix 5), which is a new product will be developed in a new target market.Zimmermann could target at aging population in Japan and develop a new product line of fashion items for aging population.

On the other hand, electronic payment trend in Japan is unstoppable. It is a good idea for Zimmermann to deliver marketing promotion strategies for cashless payment. Analysis report代写 For example, as promotion tools, Zimmermann could give customer discounts, coupons and gifts to encourage them making cashless payment.

4.0 Conclusions

To be conclude, when it comes to Australian fashion industry, Zimmermann plays an important role, and a few could rival the pedigree that Zimmermann has in Australian Fashion industry. The fashion brand of Zimmermann is going to extend business in Japan and China, which need a dynamic situation analysis in multiple vision. Analysis report代写 This country analysis report has analysed two major issues in two Asian counties, Japan and China. The pandemic of COVID-19 influence business environment in China and tax hike influence Japan’s business environment.

The current issue of country has been descripted and in fist part, and opportunities and issues have been identified to capitalise on in each county. This report has also analyzed the issue in multiple marketing models such as Ansoff Matrix, Marketing Mix, PESTEL and SWOT analysis. Analysis report代写

The implication of issues on Zimmermann has been indicated as well as recommendations on what Zimmermann would do to solve the problems and develop business in China and Japan.

Promotion and public relations strategies on marketing mix have been used in developing the brand of Zimmermann in China, while product, promotion and reposition strategies have been used in developing Japanese fashion market.

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6.0 Appendices

Appendix 1















































Appendix 4










Appendix 5













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