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Feedback Essay

Feedback Essay代写 The issue of ethics, legal, and practice risks are pertinent in the field of nursing as it is in any other medical field.


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Feedback Essay代写
Feedback Essay代写

The issue of ethics, legal, and practice risks are pertinent in the field of nursing as it is in any other medical field. I agree that these three tenets are what guide the nursing practice. I also concur with you that the three principles determine the level of professionalism. Moreover, ethics and legal issues should be inherent to every law-abiding citizen and thus not limited to the nursing practice. Every nurse is entitling to be acquainted with the nursing professional code of conduct as well as the risks associated with the nursing profession (Grace 2017). This will ensure that at no given time will any practitioner fall into contravention due to ignorance but for the negligence.

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The relationship between professional ethics, legal issues, and risks can be blurred due to subjective reasoning. When professional ethics does not fall in the legal line, a nurse can tend not to observe it as there is no legal implication attached to it. At this point, it is essential that a practicing nurse to have the moral part of practice (Zavotsky, & Chan, 2016.) Although there is no legal remedy for failing to observe morality, the human conscience and nature should prevail in determining behavior in the nursing profession.  Feedback Essay代写

When a nurse is faced by the moral and ethical dilemma that has no legal implication, most are the times when nurses apply subjectivity in professionalism. In this case, what is moral and ethical for one professional nurse may not be the case with another practicing nurse.

Generally, a practicing nurse needs to observe professional ethics and legal aspect in the scope of nursing practice to manage the risks. It is logical to say that ethical and law-abiding nursing professional is unlikely to fall into the risks associated with the practice (Driscoll & Masters, 2018). In essence, professionalism is the key to balancing all three principles of nursing practice.

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Feedback Essay代写
Feedback Essay代写

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