Coursework Brief – Individual assignment

Design report代写 You can pick a commercial firm of any size, a public sector body, a social enterprise or a policy context to write about.

Design report代写
Design report代写

Module name: Design

Module code: MSIN0024

Module leader name: Davide Ravasi

Academic year: 2

Term 1, 2 or 3: 2

Nature of assessment – individual or group: Individual

Content of this coursework Brief

Core information
Coursework brief and requirements
Module learning outcomes covered in this assessment 
Assessment of this coursework
Groupwork instructions (if applicable)
Additional information from module leader (if applicable)

Section A: Core information

This assessment is marked out of
% weighting of this assessment within total module mark
Word count/page length - maximum
2.000 words
Footnotes, appendices, tables, figures, diagrams, charts included in/excluded from word count

Bibliographies, reference lists included in/excluded from word count

Penalty for exceeding word count/page length 
Yes – 10 percentage points deduction, capped at 40% for Levels 4,5, 6, and 50% for Level 7. Refer to Academic Manual Section 3: Module Assessment - 3.13 Word Counts.
Academic misconduct (including plagiarism)
Academic Misconduct is defined as any action or attempted action that may result in a student obtaining an unfair academic advantage. Refer to Academic Manual Section 9: Student Academic Misconduct Procedure - 9.2 Definitions.
Submission date
April 21st 2020
Submission time
5:00pm UK time
Penalty for late submission
Yes. Refer to Academic Manual Section 3: Module Assessment - 3.12 Coursework Deadlines & Late Submissions.
Submitting your assignment
The assignment MUST be submitted to the module submission link located within this module’s Moodle ‘Submissions’ tab by the specified deadline. Where the assessment is group work, each group should nominate ONE (1) person to upload the submission on behalf of their group. Do NOT submit more than one submission per group.
Anonymity of identity 
The nature of this assessment is such that anonymity is not required.


Return and status of marked assignments
At the latest this will be within 4 weeks from the date of submission but we will endeavour to return it earlier than this.

Assessments are subject to double marking/scrutiny, and internal quality inspection by a nominated School of Management internal assessor. All results when first published are provisional until confirmed by the relevant External Examiner and the Examination Board.

No appeals regarding your published mark are available until after confirmation by that Examination Board.


Section B: Coursework Brief and Requirements

Write a case study about an organisation that has applied design thinking/strategic design/human-centred design/service design in response to a challenge.Design report代写

You can pick a commercial firm of any size, a public sector body, a social enterprise or a policy context to write about.

Do not use a design consultancy such as IDEO or write about Apple or IBM. Do not use the same company you used for your Strategy by Design project.Design report代写

While you may use information provided by design consultancies who worked on a project, you should analyse the activities and impact on the organisation that did the project. You can do original research (e.g. by doing interviews with a firm) or use existing resources such as blog posts, articles, academic papers, book chapters, talks or videos, or a mixture of these.Design report代写

Your case study should include discussion of the following:

  • What was the context in which “design thinking” was applied? How familiar was the organisation with design approaches before starting the project?
  • How and why was this approach chosen? What were the expectations?Design report代写
  • What activities took place and how were things organised? What happened along the way? What frameworks were used to shape the activity?
  • What resources (skills, knowledge, methods, financial resources) were involved?
  • Who was involved, when, how and why?
  • What were the outcomes of using this approach and for whom? What were the benefits of using a design thinking approach?
  • What were the challenges and how were they overcome (or not)?Design report代写
  • Did the organisation invest further in developing a design capability?

Students will be expected to draw on the full range of knowledge and skills they have developed during the MSIN0024 Design module and demonstrate their ability to integrate this knowledge and apply it in novel situations.  Design report代写


Penalties for Over-Length Coursework

  • For this assignment the maximum word count is 2,000 words.
  • The word count includes tables, diagrams and illustrations (and their captions) and footnotes.
  • The word count does notinclude the bibliography and appendices.  Design report代写
  • Use appendices for supplemental evidence, tables, data and images. While you can provide additional text in your appendices, this should be limited to short explanations of the supplied evidence/table/data. It is important that all of your conclusions and your key arguments are provided in the main body of your report, not in the appendices.Design report代写
  • Assessed work shouldn’t exceed the prescribed length. For work that exceeds the specified maximum length the mark will be reduced by ten percentage marks (10%); but the penalised mark will not be reduced below the pass mark, assuming the work merited a pass.
  • In the case of coursework that is submitted over-length and is also late, the greater of the two penalties will apply.


  1.  You should list the Organisation you used for your Strategy by Design project on your cover page.
  2.  This includes the MSIN0024 Design Lectures, Seminars, and Readings, and the IBM Enterprise Design Thinking, and Design Kit material.Design report代写
  3.  Students are expected to demonstrate that they can integrate this material with the wider knowledge and skills from the Management Science BSc/MSci programme.


  • Plagiarism is defined as the presentation of another person’s thoughts or words or artefacts or software as though they were your own.
  • Any direct quotation from the published or unpublished works of other persons must therefore be clearly identified as such by being placed inside quotation marks, and you should identify their sources as accurately and fully as possible.Design report代写
  • A series of short quotations from several different sources, if not clearly identified as such, constitutes plagiarism just as much as does a single unacknowledged long quotation from a single source. Equally, if you summarise another person’s ideas, judgements, figures, software or diagrams, a reference to that person must be made and the work referred to must be included in the reference list or bibliography.Design report代写
  • All coursework will be submitted electronically via Moodle and will be passed through Turnitin – a sophisticated detection system to scan work for evidence of plagiarism. This system gives access to billions of sources worldwide, including websites and journals, as well as work previously submitted to the Department, UCL and other universities.Design report代写
  • For full details of the UCL School of Management’s policy on Plagiarism see the UCL School of Management 2019/20 Guidelines for Students. This document also provides advice on how to reference sources of information.

Section C: Module Learning Outcomes covered in this Assignment

Upon successful completion of the module, students will be able to:

  1. Identify the contribution that strategic design and design management can make to dealing with organisational issues and contemporary problems.
  2. Apply methods, tools and techniques from strategic design and design management to support product and service development and innovation.
  3. Describe when such approaches and methods are relevant and productive and the organisational issues that arise in using them

This assignment is linked to Learning Outcomes L1, L2, and L3.Design report代写

Section D: Assessment of this Coursework

Assessment Criteria

1.The case study should demonstrate a clear understanding of the organisation and itsbusiness context.

The report should include a Business Model Canvas for the organisation (which can be included in the Appendices). A good answer will demonstrate a clear understanding of each element and be supported by appropriate quantitative and qualitative information. The analysis of the organisation should identify the key challenges that the organisation faces. A very good or excellent answer will include information from multiple sources and demonstrate clear connections between the information included and the logic and analysis of the report.Design report代写

2.The case study should demonstrate a clear understanding of the specific challenge(s)/problem(s)faced by the organisation that were the focus of applying design thinking.

A good answer will identify the factors shaping this problem and describe the activities through which this challenge became visible and significant from the point of view of decision makers in the organisation. A very good or excellent answer will include information from multiple sources and identify different stakeholders and actors for whom the problem came to be significant, possibly in different and contradictory ways.Design report代写

3.The case study should describe the approach selectedand reasons for using this approach.

A good answer will outline the approach and describe the activities, methods, outputs and people involved using publicly available materials including academic research but also blogs, social media and reports.   A very good or excellent answer will use several sources of information to describe the approach including original material such as interviews and give different perspectives on how things unfolded involving different actors and stakeholders, possibly in contradictory ways.Design report代写

4.The case study should describe the resourcesand competences 

A good answer will use examples to show how resources and expertise were combined by the organisation (internal and external) to carry out the approach. A very good or excellent answer will reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of the choices made.Design report代写

5.The case study should describe the outcomesthat resulted from taking this approach.

A good answer will use examples to show how the approach taken resulted in particular outcomes, how these were assessed or evaluated, and will discuss the challenges of carrying out the design project.     A very good or excellent answer will use multiple sources of information to consider the effects of the project on different actors and stakeholders, possibly in contradictory ways and with incomplete data. The description of outcomes should be linked to the ideas in the McKinsey and Frog Design reports on “The Business Value of Design”.Design report代写

6.The report should demonstrate independent critically argued opinions.

All sources used should be identifiedand included in a bibliography (included as an Appendix) together with footnote-based references (in the style used in McKinsey Global Institute reports).
The structure you use for the report should reflect both the intended audience and the purpose of the report. A good answer will include multiple sources to support each conclusion and not base its conclusions directly on one source. A very good or excellent answer will demonstrate critical judgement on the choice of sources and the ability to draw conclusions based on incomplete and/or contradictory information. Design report代写

Design report代写
Design report代写













You are advised to refer to the UCL Assessment Criteria Guidelines, located at

Section E: Groupwork Instructions (If applicable)

This is not a group work assessment and no associated instructions apply.Design report代写

Section F: Additional Information from Module Leader



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