Assessment 1

Assessment 1代写 In the organization I have a role in being a person who other people can look up to. Leading by example then the others follow.


Q1.  Assessment 1代写

In the organization I have a role in being a person who other people can look up to. Leading by example then the others follow. Being a role model means that I am exhibiting the core values, objectives and organization standards.

1.Positive role modeling  Assessment 1代写

Perry (2009), outlined approaches used by a positive role model: attending to the little things, making connections, maintaining a light-hearted attitude, modeling, and affirming others. She gave the importance of role modeling especially to the learners who need to see and learn by example. She termed this a social learning theory. As positive role model these are the aspects I strive to show to others so that they can emulate them.

As a role model I should be:

i. A good listener – Giving them attention plays a role of making them realize the value of interdependence between them and how each one of them is able to contribute positively to organization building.

ii. Having confidence – Showing confidence no matter how difficult the situation is by giving them hope of emerging the winner.

iii. Good time manager – Time management is one of the virtues of a good leader. I need to show that I can delegate duties, and be able to set priorities in the organization.

iv. By building environment of honesty, integrity and respect –People will feel motivated for being part of the organization that respect them, and an organization they can trust.

2.Creating effective communication  Assessment 1代写

Effective communication is part of any successful organization. A good structure of how communication flows in the organization should be emphasized. As a role player in ensuring there is effective communication, I should:

i. Train others on the importance of organizational communication. They see the need to communicate the issues that affect them. They will appreciate communication as the way of team building, way of developing good relationships and sharing of ideas and the art of good management. Assessment 1代写**格式

ii. Create a communication process: most employees may feel not informed of the organization communication. Creating a simplified communication process ensure that communication is accessible to all employees.

iii. Create a feedback process – one way communication do not work well, and it is important to have forums to offer answers and ask questions. This will help to show that the message was received as intended. The feedback can be in either the in the staff meeting or any open forum. Employees need to feel that their thought and opinions are heard.

iv. Creating different ways on how employees can communicate with the organization.

Assessment 1代写
Assessment 1代写

3.Consultation process  Assessment 1代写

Through this I seek to understand the wants, needs and expectations of all the stake holders. Building a consultative process is important in every organization. with good consultative process:

i. Help create trust – discussing issues of shared interest while employees an chance of expressing their views can engender improved management to employee relations.

ii. Improve job satisfaction – consultation make employees feel motivated if they have good understanding of their job and how it fit into the organization and they are actively engaged for their views n decision making process.

Q2.  Assessment 1代写

Every organization has a culture that that its employees believes in. I being part of the whole organization is to play a role in making sure my involvement in work culture improvement. First I need to be a role model in showing the best practices of the organization. These are the core objectives that guide all the workers in the organization.

To build culture of team work I must show the need and willingness of bringing people together for the common good for the attainment of a collective goal in the organization. the culture of team work is built on trust, integrity and respect for one another.

Q3.  Assessment 1代写

The modern ways of doing work require workers to understand and appreciate the changes that are taking place global environment and technology. Running an organization need a better understanding of how the market is operating as a global market. As a manager I should integrate and work with such global changes like; international quality standards, international markets, global competition etc.

To embrace new technology, I should invest in e-commerce, social media marketing, investment in cloud computing and data centers, investment in modern artificial intelligence in making repetitive tasks in the organization. I should also invest in automating the activities of the organization especially information and communication technology.

Q4.  Assessment 1代写

Leadership roles decision making process.

Consultation on the new market entry  Assessment 1代写

I was entrusted with a role of doing a relevant research on organization and possibilities of entering an existing market niche. Our product had already hit the ceiling in the current market the company needed to explore and diversify its product for the new market.

As the consultant we had factor to consider before advising the company whether to take the next step.  Assessment 1代写**格式

These factor were: whether the market will be sustainable given the competition and customer satisfaction required; whether there was possibility of that market future growth; evaluate on the barrier we were likely to face in the market; and we conducted the SWOT analysis of the company and the product, market analysis and gave the market strategy suitable for that particular project. I was also required to draw a marketing plan of the product. The whole process took my team six month both in the office and the field.

The second role was launching the product in the market.  Assessment 1代写

My team was responsible in offering technical advice according to our previous findings on the market analysis and the marketing plan. Prior to the launching the new product into the market, there was factor we considered to minimize the risk of loss. First, we needed to conduct a market survey for the new product, this was after three months marketing of the product in the market. The process took three months then the product was launched and intensive marketing done on the product to make customer aware of the use of the new product. Assessment 1代写**格式


 To build trust and support, first I needed to believe in what I was doing in the organization. When my colleague are convinced of my conviction and confidence in what am doing, was easy to win their trust in support. I also needed to be a person of high integrity and honesty so that people can believe in me and what I do. My convincing power was also important so that I could be able to persuade and create support.

Assessment 1代写
Assessment 1代写

Q6.    Assessment 1代写

Assigning accountability and responsibility to my team

As a leader to my team I had to make sure my team is responsible and accountable the organization. To do this, I assigned each member of the team to a role in the organization. I took the marketing team end gave them a responsibility to go and do a market research of our product. These was a field research where they were required engage our customers to get the response about our product. They went out gathered these data, analyzed it and present it to the management for relevant decision making. Assessment 1代写**格式

The other team was to train other employees on occupational health and safety. Their responsibility was to prepare the training resources to be used for the actual training, train then report. The training was to take two day after which they give a detailed report to the department of human resource

Q8.  Assessment 1代写

Empowering a team need strong motivating factors. For instance, I made sure there we had close relationships with my team members, so they free felt free to share with me in every step we made. Through sharing I was able to respond appropriately to their needs so they remained motivated and empowered all through.

I made sure there I clear flow of communication. I emphasized to my team the importance of effective communication for our success. They embraced to communicate to one another freely. They created bonding, relationships and understanding amongst the team members. Therefore they felt comfortable at work place.

Q9.  Assessment 1代写

The role of a leader in organization change process.

A leader has a role in guiding the team in the new developments of the organization. The team needs to know what the change is about and there it is the role of their leader to explain why the change was necessary and needed. The leader also need to motivate the team to be able to keep up with changes being introduced even in the face of resistance he/she should make sure proper communications and consultations are made to keep the team involved in the whole process.

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