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Assessment 3代写 How I can serve as a positive role model in a workplace. Everyone need someone to look up to as a role model.

How I can serve as a positive role model in a workplace

Bale (5th October, 2016) at workplace, everyone need someone to look up to as a role model. Let puts it that, the managers need to be aware of the way they behave in the workplace. The people under them always look at the way they carry around their organization’s responsibilities. Effective managers influence positively to the peoples they lead. They are motivation and inspiration to their team. As a manager I have a role to play in influencing positively to my team by being a role model who they can look up to.

Being a time manager  Assessment 3代写

Walking the talk is important in building the team morale. My team will look up to me to see how i will be managing time within the organization. Time management is portrayed from how I will be able to delegate the duties, make organization priorities, communicate organization goals etc

Being the Guardian

I am the custodian and a reflection of the organization cultures. The whole team looks at me as the perfect representation of what the organization believes in. Communicating this to my team I must exhibit these cultures and be able to reflect them. I must be able to mirror that culture and believe in it before others can do that.

Being confident and leadership  Assessment 3代写

In a team, exuding confidence and leadership plays a bigger role in motivating and inspiring. For instance, given a task which generally is difficult, approaching it with confidence seeking to acquaint with the problem will motivate the team to be proactive and face the problem with no fear of failure. Everyone like a person who is happy with their achievements but continue to strive for bigger and better objectives.

Being knowledgeable and all rounded person

As a role model, I will not only be a teacher, I should also show ability to constantly want to learn, getting out of my comfort zone by challenging myself and surround myself with positive and smarter people.

Be able to offer my support and encouragement  Assessment 3代写

To able to offer this, I should strive to create healthy working environment and ways to understand the challenges employees or a colleague is undergoing. Making an employee free that the organization care about his/her welfare is important. This make employee feel motivated to serve in their capacities and be willing to fully offer their skills in the jobs.

Being a person of integrity, honesty, and respect to others

These virtues create trust in the workplace. A culture of trust is crucial for any organization grow to the right direction. These virtues also create an atmosphere of peace and satisfaction to the employees.

Benefits of Business networking  Assessment 3代写

According to Misner, (29th August, 2008) business networking as a process of relationship building. It involves leveraging the business and personal networks to bring mutual benefits. Business networking is mostly used by entrepreneurs as growth strategy.

i. Opportunities – these are opportunities to explore other markets or to produce other products.

ii. Connections – networks comes with creating connections with like-minded people and connecting with other businesses.

iii. Advice and Consultation – the entrepreneur seek advice or consultation from those who have years of experience in the similar field of business. Assessment 3代写**格式

iv. Raising Business Profile – associating with high profile business CEOs also make the name of the business become visit to some extent. For instance, building network with local community and being involved in communal affairs goes a niche higher in raising the profile of the business in that locality.

v. Business Mentorship – when a small business form networks with large businesses, the managers will be mentored to make the small business progressive.

These benefits can be achieved through joining such networks as (Misner, 2008):

i. Casual contacts – these a temporary networks

ii. Strong contacts – the networks are permanent and look for lasting mutual relationship

iii. Community services – involve taking part in community services and activities. Assessment 3代写**格式

iv. Professional associations – registering with relevant professional bodies operating in the industry.

v. Online/social media networks – this involve relating with people through social media platforms such as facebook, whatsapp, instagram, hungout etc

Assessment 3代写
Assessment 3代写

SWOT Analysis and why it is important  Assessment 3代写

SWOT Analysis is a technique used for business strategy evaluation. (Team FME, 2013) SWOT is the best way to achieve growth through analysis of products, services and markets. The analysis presents strengths and weaknesses of the business entity and the opportunities and threats in the market. The analysis helps an organization to develop the market strategy of a product especially for a new product or a service. Assessment 3代写**格式

The organization is also able to measure its internal capabilities and areas to work on. SWOT analysis is also important in market analysis where the organization is able to establish the opportunities and threats expected in the market. As the business strategy, the analysis is also important measure of business competiveness.

Benefits of Goal Setting and Application  Assessment 3代写

Goal setting involve creating an action plan to remain focused and motivated. It is a way of benchmarking the direction of an organization or an individual. Goal setting provide a sense of direction to the organization in which the objectives are achieved.

i. Provide direction

ii. Motivates

iii. Facilitate planning

Goal setting is important in new start-ups.  It is a masterpiece from which the new business intends to achieve its objectives. A business entity without goal orientation is headed to fail. To the managers, it is important set the organizational goals from which the performance of the organization is measured.

Legislations that may affect personal work priorities  Assessment 3代写

Legislations seek to regulate how businesses and people go about what they do.

i. Work Licensing

ii. OH&S

iii. Change in taxation policy

Techniques for effective time management  Assessment 3代写

Time management at workplace is crucial. It is said that time waited is never recovered in the world of business. Good time management is a way of increasing productivity of an organization.

i. Setting clear goals to be achieved

ii. Making priorities of the organization

iii. Practicing delegation of some responsibilities

Leadership styles and their Application  Assessment 3代写


i. Bureaucratic leadership: this style of leadership follow set rules of standards. It emphasize that everything be done in a specific way. This style is important when the work or a project is being carried out need strong adherence to the methods mainly for risky undertakings, for instance construction or use of chemicals.

Autocratic Assessment 3代写**格式

ii. Autocratic leadership: can also be called authoritarian. Under this leadership, the leader controls all decision making with little or no contribution from the team members. All the decisions made are based on the leader’s judgment. This type of leadership is important especially when there is need for fast decision making.

Leadership theories  Assessment 3代写

Leadership theories seek to explain the reason why certain people become leaders. The theories look at the characters and behaviors of the leaders so people can adopt and work on their existing leadership qualities.

Gill (2011) he explained the following leadership theories:

i. “great man” theory

ii. Contingency theories

iii. Behavioral theories

iv. Management theories

Traits of a great leader  Assessment 3代写

When I have a winning business idea is required to build a strong team and resources to push the idea forward to success. Below are the key traits that every leader should possess and learnt to emphasis. (Tanya P, 2016, Forbes Contibutor)

i. Honesty

ii. Communication

iii. Delegation

iv. Confidence

v. Sense of humor

vi. Commitment

vii. Positive attitude

viii. Ability to inspire

ix. Intuitive

x. Creativity

Why people resist change  Assessment 3代写

(Mdletye, M.A., Coetzee, J. & Ukpere, W.I., 2014) people resist changing differently because of demographical, personal and organizational or contextual factors.

(Serban & Iorga, 2016) gave the reasons why people resist to change.

i. Ineffective communication

ii. Fear of unknown

iii. Lack of job safety

iv. Economic considerations

v. Organizational culture

vi. Lack of competence

vii. Low trust

viii. Benefits and rewards

ix. Change of routine

x. Lack of involvement in decision making

Impact of legislations on organizational leadership  Assessment 3代写

Assessment 3代写
Assessment 3代写

Reason why people may react differently to change

i. Their perception and attitude

ii. Impact on change to their life

iii. Environmental factors

iv. Personal characteristics and core values

v. Career goals and objectives

Different ways people may react to change  Assessment 3代写

i. Refusing to change

ii. Expression of displeasure and anger

iii. Joy for the celebration of accepted change

iv. Panic

v. Adaptation

Ethics and effects on a business  Assessment 3代写

Ethics are codes of conduct in a business. Ethics are not only practiced when transacting or dealing with customers but also in every activity that business organization engages in. Ethics involve maintaining morality in all business the actions. Assessment 3代写**格式

Any business that operates by the law of honesty and consideration will be preferred than a competitor who lack those admirable qualities. It is about earning customers trust and makes them believe that they can rely on your business integrity. Generally, business ethics is a way of creating customers’ satisfaction hence loyalty.

Creating good business name and reputation  Assessment 3代写

Every business wants the best brand name in the market, but they have to pay the price. Creating good reputation to the media and community takes efforts of involvement in CSR. For instance, offering scholarships to the orphaned children, provision of social amenities without charge to the community whereas involving the media coverage goes a long way to build that desirable brand in the market.


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