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Review Question代写 The article was written by Olimpia Paun (2004). Paun is an associate professor at the College of Nursing at ···


Qualification of the Author

The article was written by Olimpia Paun (2004). Paun is an associate professor at the College of Nursing at Rush University Medical Center. She is a well-known scholar and a writer mostly on the nursing and has written widely on Alzheimer disease and the caregiving.

Opinion on the Personal Relevance of the Article  Review Question代写

No. I am a medical practitioner who believes the patient care that is evidence-based. The article study the field of religion and spirituality that does not practically apply in nursing and healthcare. Generally, nursing is about using clinical approach in treatment and healing process and for the case of terminally ill patients prolong life. The applicability of the findings to nursing is more of general knowledge using interpersonal skills and understanding people from a different cultural and religious background. The rationale nursing is taking care of the patient.

Purpose of the Study  Review Question代写

The purpose of the study is to “explored the experiences of AD caregiving “… specifically on the comparison of spiritual and religious beliefs and practices of the African American and Caucasian female participants in this study” (Paun, 2004, pg. 11). The author seeks to understand how women use spirituality as a way of getting strength for taking care of their AD patient. Further, the study compares how women from different races use religion and spirituality when taking care of their patient.

The positioning of the Purpose Statement  Review Question代写

The article identifies the purpose of the study. The purpose statement appears in the third paragraph of the first section of the introduction to the research (Paun, 2004, pg. 11, par. 3). Usually, the first section is an introduction to the research and outline the concepts used in the research. The critical part in this section is the purpose statement and mostly positioned at the last paragraph or sentence in the introduction. The positioning of the purpose statement is for summing up the content in the introduction part.

Investigative Concept of the Article  

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Review Question代写

The concept of the study is the use of spirituality by women AD caregivers. The paper investigates the use of spirituality and religion by the women who have AD patients. It also seeks to derive any variation in religious belief and spirituality by race. The sample included African American, American, and Caucasians women caregivers. The concept is thoroughly investigated through clearly described research methodology on page 12 and 13 (Paun, 2004, pg. 12 & 13).

Research Design  Review Question代写

Yes. The research uses interviews and qualitative approach for data collection and analysis. Qualitative research aims at getting the underlying reason, opinion, and motivation of the participants with respects to the research question. The population of the research is the American women with delimitation to those whose spouses have Alzheimer disease. Samples were taken purposefully to get women from African American, American, and Caucasians and have AD patients. The research used structured interviews to gather the opinion of the participants. The participants were briefed about their rights to withdraw from the research at any level and signed the declaration of acceptance to privacy and liability. The findings were then qualitatively analyzed using a phenomenological method which provided procedures meant to ensure rigorous and honest results.

Appropriateness of the Participants  Review Question代写

The purpose of the research is the use of spirituality by the women who take care of spouses with Alzheimer disease. The participants are the women taking care of AD patients. The sample used is the most appropriate as all of them were women taking of spouses with AD. Reason being, they were close to the challenges faced by AD patients, and they all shared in taking care of their spouses with AD.

Themes in the Article

1.Taking charge


3.Making sense of the situation

4.Looking into the future

The relevance of the Research to the Nursing Practice  Review Question代写

The research is important for exploring the issue of religion and spirituality in patient care. Through the research, a practicing nurse can understand the effect of religion on patient care and therefore can devise the best approach to assist in AD patient care. The researchers compared the religious practice in various races to see how it can influence healthcare. The findings are significant as they form the basis on which to understand people from different racial backgrounds.

In essence, through the research, a nurse becomes aware on the impact of religion in patient care and how they can assess AD caregivers’ spirituality in a bid to identify the existing conflicts. When there is a crisis between religion and patient care, the nurse can come up with appropriate interventions for emotional and spiritual support to the caregivers. Most importantly, at any given time, the welfare of the AD patient should take priority regardless of the conflicting believes and practices.


Paun, O. (2004). Female Alzheimer’s patient caregivers share their strength. Holistic Nursing Practice, 18(1), 11-17.

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