Poverty in the United States in 2017: In Brief by Joseph Dalaker





Poverty level代写 Poverty in the United States in 2017.The report is a summary of the United States Census on poverty levels in households.


The report is a summary of the United States Census on poverty levels in households.Poverty level代写**范文

It presents data on the levels of income, earning, income disparity, and poverty on the data collected in population data collected in 2018 and earlier Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplements (CPS ASEC). The description of who is poor or vulnerable to poverty is critical for making social welfare decisions and policies to mitigate poverty as well as determining eligibility for government social programs.

According to the report, 2017 recorded 12.3 percent poverty level of the population (Dalaker p. 3).Poverty level代写

The percentage makes up to 39.7 million people living below federal poverty line. However, number of people living in poverty in 2017 was statistically lower by 0.4 percent than 2016. The decline marked a three consecutive annual decline in poverty level since 2014 from 14.8 percent to 12.3 percent. The number of families living in poverty decreased in 2017 (p. 4). Single parenting families recorded an overall higher percentage of poverty compared to two-parent families.Poverty level代写**范文

Notably, female-householder recorded higher poverty level of 25.7 percent compared to 12.4 in male-householder. Married people had lower prevalence of poverty at 4.9 percent (p. 5). Also, poverty level for adults declined by 0.4 in 2017 from 11.6 in 2016. The poverty level for individuals over 64 and those under 18 did not change significant change from 2016. Additionally, blacks are the most affected by poverty at 21.2 percent followed by Hispanics at 18.3 percent and the lowest in the non-Hispanic whites at 8.7 percent (p. 6). Asians accounted for a 10 percent poverty level.

Poverty level代写
Poverty level代写

What is Learned Poverty level代写

Poverty is a pervasive condition that human beings are unable or do not have access to or the inability to get a standard level of basic needs. It is prevalent in all parts of the world at varying degrees and not likely to end soon. Though the United States is considered one of the richest in the world, there over 35 million people living in poverty.Poverty level代写**范文

The federal government measure of poverty was developed in the early 1960s by Mollie Orshansky. The measurement is based on the food plan of the least expensive and yet nutritionally adequate diet for American families experiencing temporary income shortage. She developed a matrix of 124 poverty thresholds using family sizes and composition. A low-income family or an individual are those living below the poverty threshold.Poverty level代写**范文

The report gives a clear face of poverty in America.Poverty level代写

The real face of poverty is found in rural areas of the South and Southwest regions of the US. The living condition in these regions is pathetic, and unemployment is high. Mississippi is the leading South with poverty level of 19.8 followed by Louisiana and West Virginia with 19.7 and 19.1 respectively (p. 8). In Southwest, the leading is New Mexico, with poverty level of 19.7 followed by Arizona and Oklahoma. The areas with a high level of poverty run in long history. The many factors contributing to it including agricultural economy, and lack of adequate education and low focus on innovation.Poverty level代写**范文

The overall decline in poverty is attributed to strengthening the labor market. However, many people still face barriers to liberate themselves from poverty. It is an indication of the need for more strategic intervention measures. As the job market work to reduce the number of unemployment and hence reduce poverty through part-time jobs, there are those working full-time all year but with low wage to get out of poverty.

How the Report is Related to Social Welfare Poverty level代写

Poverty reports are essential not to ameliorate the lives of the poor but to present information that assists in understanding poverty statistics for the government, policymakers, and society to effective device solutions that continue chip away, bit by bit the scourge of poverty. As such, the government comes up with programs intended to keep children away from poverty. Such social programs as refundable tax credit, SNAP, housing subsidies, and social security keep millions of children and older Americans from poverty. Other critical government programs that help needy Americans include Medicaid, head start, among others, use poverty reports for planning purposes.Poverty level代写**范文

Work Cited Poverty level代写

Dalaker, Joseph. “Poverty in the United States in 2017: In Brief.” Congressional Research Services, (2018), pp. 1-16.

Poverty level代写
Poverty level代写


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