Software Design and Development Coursework

软件设计代写 For this part of the coursework, you are to analyse a program in terms of module coupling and cohesion. The output of this…

Part 1: Module coupling and cohesion

For this part of the coursework, you are to analyse a program in terms of module coupling and cohesion. The output of this part is a short report containing extracts of source code along with descriptive writing.

Instructions 软件设计代写

Select one of the example programs you have seen in the degree so far. It can be from any of the modules you are taking now or have taken before. Carry out the following tasks:

  • Describethe purpose of the program and which technologies it
  • Examinethe code and identify two different types of module coupling that are happening in the code. In your report, put in extracts of the code which illustrate the coupling and explain why you think that type of coupling is happening there.
  • Examinethe code and identify two different types of module cohesion that are happening in the code. In your report, put in extracts of the code which illustrate the cohesion and explain why you think that type of coupling is happening there.

Here is a checklist for part 1:


  Done? Marks
Typed report in PDF format, approximately 500 words. Word count does not include source code extracts   1
Description of the purpose of the program and the technology it uses   1
Module coupling example 1: code extract and explanation   2
Module coupling example 2: code extract and explanation   2
Module cohesion example 1: code extract and explanation   2
Module cohesion example 2: code extract and explanation   2
Total   10


Part 2: Unit testing activity 软件设计代写


In this part of the coursework, you are to develop a set of unit tests for one of the example programs you have seen in the course. The output of this part is some source code and a testing report.




Select ONE of the unit test example programs you have seen in the course: snakestats, terriblefall or norestforthewiccad. We recommend that you select the one you feel most confident working on.


  • Writea total of 9 tests, organised into three
  • Eachtest set should target one functional element of the program (e.g. an API path, a statistical function or a physics simulation function).
  • Writethe code that allows the program to pass your
  • Explainyour approach in each test  What was your strategy here?
  • Capturescreenshots or console logs of the code before and after it passed the tests, showing the output of the unit testing library. Shorten the output to the most important part, where it lists the number of tests passed and failed.
  • Writeeverything up in a report which you should save out to PDF format

Here is a checklist you can use to ensure you have completed all the tasks: 软件设计代写


  Done? Marks
Select example program to test   0
Test set 1 target function name (e.g. /spells)   0
Test set 1 written explanation of strategy   1
Test set 1 test 1 coded, explained and run   0.5
Test set 1 test 2 coded, explained and run   0.5
Test set 1 test 3 coded, explained and run   0.5
Test set 2 target function name   0
Test set 2 written explanation of strategy   1
Test set 2 test 1 coded, explained and run   0.5
Test set 2 test 2 coded, explained and run   0.5
Test set 2 test 3 coded, explained and run   0.5
Test set 3 target function name   0
Test set 3 written explanation of strategy   1
Test set 3 test 1 coded, explained and run   0.5
Test set 3 test 2 coded, explained and run   0.5


Test set 3 test 3 coded, explained and run   0.5
Annotated output of running 9 tests before and after passing   0.5
Source code of all tests in a zip file (not a rar/7z, etc.)   1
Report in PDF format containing description of test strategy in each test set and annotated unit test output before and after passing, as described above. Aim for around 500 words.   1
Total   10


Part 3: Secure programming 软件设计代写

For this part, you are to develop a strategy to improve the security of a piece of software using secure programming techniques. The output of this part is a report in PDF format.


Select one of the example programs you have seen in the degree so far. It can be from any of the modules you are taking now or have taken before.

Referring to the strategies in ‘ Secure Programming HOWTO,2015 David A. Wheeler v3.72’ https://, describe THREE things you can do to the code in that program to improve its security. Report your secure programming plan. Note that you do not need to actually implement the secure code, just report on what you plan to do.

Here is a checklist for part 3: 软件设计代写


  Done? Marks
Secure programming recommendation 1: what is the problem? What should   3
change and how?    
Secure programming recommendation 2: what is the problem? What should   3
change and how?    
Secure programming recommendation 3: what is the problem? What should   3
change and how?    
Report in PDF format containing secure programming recommendations, as   1
described above. Aim for 500 words.    
Total   10


What to submit 软件设计代写

You should submit the following:

Part 1: PDF report, approx 500 words.

Part 2: Source code for unit tests in a zip file and PDF report, approx 500 words. Part 3: PDF report, approx 500 words.