Ethical Decision Making

道德决策代写 In this assignment, we are supposed to consider and analyze the given situations and then give our assessment of what should…


In this assignment, we are supposed to consider and analyze the given situations and then give our assessment of what should be done in light of ethical decision making.

Case I 道德决策代写

Based on the case that has been shared with us, in my opinion, Ralph needs to go public with the information he has unearthed, as the equipment was improperly used by the vets and many of the animals were hurt in the process. Since some of the reports showed cases of recent animal deaths, therefore, these things need to be highlighted. It will not only hurt the IPO, but, may even result in delay or postponement of the IPO as well. According to the stakeholder orientation model, one should take the decision that maximizes the positive and minimizes the negative impact on the stakeholder. However, in this scenario, going public with this information would be the wisest decision. While it may affect the company negatively for the moment, in the longer run it would be beneficial, as it will help prevent further animal deaths, and allow vets to become more educated and knowledgeable regarding the correct use of the equipment. It will also help in creating a credible image of the organization, while communicating to the audience, just how much the company cares about being ethically correct.

Case II

The second case outlines the situation which many people go through and experience. This puts them in a moral and ethical dilemma. Bribery is a common factor which helps people in getting business, and in turn, increasing the commission that the agent receives. Smoothening things out right before the signing of contract is a practice that is commonly followed and implemented. In this situation, the agent requests for an additional amount, apart from the 10% commission that he is already getting. In my opinion, this ethically wrong, and entertaining such request is also ethically incorrect. I would decline the offer, and tell him that we will get this contract on our own terms, based on how well we perform. Bribing the agent especially when he himself is already receiving a commission shows bad faith, and I do not believe in entertaining such requests.

If the agent goes to the vice president and he entertains this request, then in my opinion, most people will let it slide. It is on his head that he decided to take this course of action. On the other hand, this is how the industry practice is, and defeating or addressing such an issue is highly difficult in my opinion. I will simply have to accept that this is how things are, while I may not participate in this, but the system has accepted these happenings, and in order to survive and ensure that I am not out of a job, I will have no other choice but to accept that such practices take place within the industry. Fighting off the gray market is not only difficult but many people end up losing more than they asked for when they stand up against such practices. So, I will remain quiet while knowing that wrongs are being carried out throughout the Middle Eastern Area.

Case III 道德决策代写

In this scenario, the company is being offered a proposal in which they sell out their Plastics plant to Oliver Company, which intends to automate the process, and lay off the workforce. Many people will lose their jobs, resulting in problems for the families of those people as well. However, if they do not sell out the division, and it continues to incur loss, then the company will be in trouble as well. Therefore, in my opinion, they should find a middle ground, so that while the company does sell its plastics division, they are able to ascertain that part of the workforce will remain instead of the majority of the workforce being laid off. In my opinion, the right decision for the business would be to sold it to the right buyer, and since Oliver is willing to purchase it and invest in it, therefore, the right thing to do would be to sell it right now. In return, the workers should either be heavily compensated so that there are no issues in letting people go.

While ethically the company should think about the employees and their interests, but all organizations are capitalist and profit oriented.  So, thinking in the best interest of the organization and its employees would be the right thing to do. Offering employees golden handshakes, or anything that ensures a better future for them would help them in setting up and securing their future.


Case IV

Society’s expectations drive the performance of companies. A very famous example is that of Johnson & Johnsons, in which one batch of Tylenol was defective and a couple people got severely hurt, some even resulted in death. That time, Johnson and Johnsons, had to recall the entire batch of the product because it was ethically the right call to make, and they had to ensure that their reputation was not affected. While at that time, the general consensus of the public was highly negative, the people were quite averse to the brand for some time. Negative sentiment can be highly detrimental for the reputation and image of a brand, which is why it is extremely important for organizations to ensure that they indeed are able to honestly communicate with their target audience and manage the situation correctly.

Case V 道德决策代写

In this scenario, mentioning to the reporter that you haven’t read the report is correct. I say this because making a statement without being aware of the full extent of the situation is incredibly wrong, and it may do more harm than good. While I do agree that the chemical should be replaced immediately, I also think that a contingency plan needs to be developed in order to ensure that the employees are not stricken with panic. Additionally, it would help to reward the employees for their hard work and ensure that proper medical facilities are offered to them. This will help curtail the risk posed by the chemical and it will also build a greater level of trust among the employees for the organization.

This is why, I believe that companies need to take responsibility for their actions, while taking steps to ensure that they are doing everything they can to help the employees working for them. It will not only build credibility of the organization, but also create a positive image in how they manage and handle adverse situations.

Ethical decisions making is not only difficult, but at times, taking responsibility for the wrongs of other people can be a humongous task. Very few people are actually able to do what is right.


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