Moral Decision-Making Model



Moral Decision-Making Model

Explain How You Will Use the Moral Decision-Making Model to Make the Decisions Presented in The Family Values Scenario.

The dilemma, in this case, is whether to restrict the patient lover into the PACU as the family requested or let her stay. It is important to note that, allowing any visitor is against the hospital rules with rare exceptions. As the nurse, I have two options, one to let the lover stay and say goodbye to her lover together with the family. Or enact the hospital rule that no one will be allowed including the family in the PACU.Moral Decision-Making Model代写

The decisions will see both the lover and the family either permitted in the PACU or denied to see her. Other alternatives are to heed to the request of the family and send the lover out but let her some time to say goodbye to her lover.Moral Decision-Making Model代写

All the above the decisions have consequences.

Moral Decision-Making Model代写
Moral Decision-Making Model代写

If I choose to lock them altogether from seeing the patient.  I will cause pressure on both sides as they fear for the condition of their loved one. I might cause stress to the family and the lover. On the other hand, if I allow the lover to stay against the wish of the family, it might cause unwanted commotion or violence. Moreover, if I choose to send lover out as per the request of the family.  I might cause her stress which might be traumatic to her life.Moral Decision-Making Model代写


The best decision to make is to make the statement to the family that it is against.Moral Decision-Making Model代写

The management rule to allow them into the PACU and that I retain the discretion on whether to allow them or not. I will then proceed to state the same to the patient lover. I will then enable her some time to see her patient and say goodbye before letting the family into the room. This way I will try to reduce the possibilities of violence. Between the two and also lower the risk of one party being stressed for the need to see their loved one. They will, therefore, be even.

The Moral Decision-Making Model is crucial as it helps the nurse to illuminate on the nursing dilemma. Try to evaluate the available options, outline the criteria to use in resolving the problem. Come up with a decision and be able to assess the effects of the decision made. The model is essential for the nurse in the face of an ethical nursing dilemma. In the case of family values, the options have been evaluated and analyzed before decision is made. Therefore, it gives the nurse the chance to see through the dilemma before making the final decision.