Ethical Moral Framework



Ethical Moral Framework

Privacy in Policing

Ethical Framework代写 Ethical is a behavior that concerns all walks and levels of life.Privacy is a legal right to every individual.

Ethical Framework

In law enforcement, decisions about what is right and wrong permeate everyday life. Ethical is a behavior that concerns all walks and levels of life. In essence, ethics define how people behave and their obligation towards others and the organization (“Ethics Research Center,” 2013). This document explores the defensive ethical, moral framework in privacy.

Ethical Framework代写
Ethical Framework代写

Privacy is a legal right to every individual. Therefore, it is morally and ethically correct to protect the right to privacy. However, in law enforcement, the right to privacy is infringed on the ground of ethical, moral framework of utilitarian. It means that the enforcement or infringement of the right to privacy is based on the consequences of the action or failure to act. It means that the moral judgment that benefits most people like the one that is morally acceptable.

Impact of the Organizational Goals and Objectives, Structure, Culture, Environment, Ethics Policies, and Incentive System on Ethical Behavior Within an Organization.  Ethical Framework代写

In the contemporary world, the homogeneity of ethical standards no longer exists in the organizations. The heterogeneity on the organization is brought about by the organizations trying to pursue diversity in the workplace. For instance, the application of organizational goals and objectives are based on the prevailing circumstances like terrorism and corruption. Cultivating the culture of ethics in the organization encourages the employees to behave ethically in their workplace.  Ethical Framework代写**范文

Additionally, ethics is also affected by the context in which a person needs to act morally. For instance, in the case of investigating a terror attack, the right to privacy of the accomplices does not apply for the good of facilitating the investigations. Incentives encourage the employees to act ethically. For instance, taking a bribe in the process of enforcing justice to twist the truth is ethically and legally wrong. Offering good pay and performance appraisals is one way of encouraging the workers to act morally.

Ethics Program to Increase Ethical Behavior  Ethical Framework代写

As ethical lapses are easy to make, people need to be well educated about the ethical practices in the organization. In the case of police, they need to be trained about the issue of privacy and how it might affect their law enforcement duties (Plante, 2015). The education will teach them the risks and how to avoid them by being ethical.

References  Ethical Framework代写

Ethical Framework代写
Ethical Framework代写

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