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道德essay代写 This report will analyze the case study which involves following characters Kelvin, Vanessa, James, and Toby. The decision…

1. Introduction

This report will analyze the case study which involves following characters Kelvin, Vanessa, James, and Toby. The decision making of the following characters has been reviewed using Ethical Decision Making Model (EDM). The behavior of these characters in the case study is shaped by their own personal interests. In this case, we will analyze the factors that affect individual’s actions. EDM posited by David Tuffley has been used to analyze the ethical behaviors of the preceding characters.

In ethical scenario of Kevin, we see Kevin a recent IT graduate has incorporated some exaggerated skills in order to get a job. Kevin then discovered some dark secrets about the business he is working for. Kevin entered the partitioned system despite prohibition and learned some illegal thing about the firm. He also learned that the company has not declared the income to avoid tax. Likewise, Vanessa, a credible, well-reputed database security specialist was involved in a design process by a company who later on decided for a less secure system rather than high security as they found it costly. However, Vanessa comprehends the requirement of a system and data to be stored is highly sensitive. Thus, she tried to persuade the company to go for high security system rather than weak security system. 道德essay代写

But the CEO is not ready to agree and formed an opinion that Vanessa is doing this for her own profitability.

James; the HCI consultant has started working for Company A in designing contract. James, while setting a new design realized that the software he is going to use actually has a Graphic User Interface which is owned by Company B for which James used to work previously. James is not prohibited by Company A to discuss any information about the company A outside the company. Now James has to make decision whether he should inform Company B about their copied GUI or he should inform Company A of the patent infringement.

In part 2 we have Toby’s case. Toby is a full stack developer working for an IT industry in Brisbane. Toby has assigned with a task to upgrade the web-based order entry. Meanwhile, Alec Smith suddenly leaves the company who is Toby’s boss. Toby worked hard for Alec’s position and confirmed himself for management position. Meanwhile, he learned that the two highly paid contractors Dev A and Dev B have been hired by Alec are incompetent. Alec favored them both because they were his buddies. Dev A did not get his contract renewed and Toby replaced his position someone better. Now Alec called Toby and pressurize him to cancel the performance review for Dev A sending a memo to senior management stating that there is no problem with his performance. Toby refused his requests and the project was placed on hold and cancelled eventually. Afterwards Toby was approached by another senior manager of another company who offered him to work for him. He cancelled Toby’s interview stating that his previous report was bad which Toby found later on that the process was influenced by Alec.

Now Toby at another ecommerce company has been invited by CEO, who asked him about Alec Smith as was thinking to hire him. Now Toby can either take his revenge or give a true unbiased suggestion about Alec Smith to his boss.

2. Analysis 道德essay代写

2.1. Personal Factors

Factor 1 – Taking Personal Revenge

Toby was misled by Alec when he was about to join Ben’s company after an interview which got cancelled as Alec intervened and influenced the hiring process. Here, Alec took a personal revenge from Toby because he did not concede his proposal regarding the cancelation of performance review of Dev A. This is the violation of the primacy of the public interest by Alec.

Factor 2 – Lying on your resume

Kevin has recently graduated and requires a job right away. Though he believes in himself that he is going to learn the skills needed for this job he exaggerated his skillset in this CV to get a job which was unethical. Kevin was unable to do his job properly later on. He did not quit the job even after he has been pointed by his boss at several occasions that he is not doing a particular task properly (Australian Computer Society , 2014).

2.2. Professional Factors 道德essay代写

Factor 3 – Data Security

Kevin was forbidden to intervene in highly secured partitioned system but he got the passwords list and choose to enter the system. After entering the system Kevin knows too much about the company including the illegal activities it is involved in. Kevin chose to intervene the privacy now he is endeavored to preserve the privacy and confidentiality of the company’s information.

Factor 4 – Professional guidance

Vanessa told the large organization she is working for to go for highly secured system rather than low security system keeping in view the sensitivity of the data including the medical records of insurance claims, salaries and performance evaluation. Vanessa has acted with honesty, professionalism and integrity. She did not misled the client knowingly though they thing Vanessa is suggesting high security system to earn more profit. Her professional opinions were highly based on her own experience. She has distinguished between her professional and personal advice.

Factor 5 – Services matching financial needs of the stakeholder

Vanessa was endeavored to provide products and services that match the financial needs of the stakeholders as well as their operational needs. The operational needs are fulfilled but Vanessa did not fulfil the financial needs yet. On the other hand, Vanessa has advised their stakeholder that the low security system is not in their best interest.

Factor 6 – Patent Infringement 道德essay代写

James an HCI consultant has learned that Company A has copied the GUI of Company B for which James used to work before. James is not allowed by the company to discuss the matter with anyone outside the contract. It is clear that Company A has copied the GUI of Company B which is violation of honesty and integrity of ACS Code of Professional Conduct. This is copyright infringement.

Factor 7 – Merit based decisions

Toby replaced Dev A with a better performer as Dev A’s performance was not up to mark. Despite being pressurized by Alec Toby did not changed the performance review for Dev A. Toby act with honesty and made transparent decisions based on merit.

Factor 8 – Personal favor & biased decisions

Alec hired Dev A and Dev B as they were his friends. Thereby, he gave them personal favor and violated the act of honesty in ACS Professional Code of Conduct. He has also violated the act of professionalism stating the confrontation of limiting the diversity in the workplace and ensuring that opportunities for employment and working conditions are based on the actual performance of the employees and the skill set they possess free of prejudices and stereotypes. Alec has profoundly violated this act of professionalism.


Factor 9 – Intervening in performance review

Alec further violate professionalism by pressurizing Toby in a closed meeting to retract his proposed performance review and send a memo to senior management that he has no issues with Dev A performance. Here Alec is pressurizing Toby to act in dishonest way. He also breached professionalism by attempting to influence the Toby and force him to take action breaching this code.

Factor 10 – Taking Revenge

Alec further act unprofessionally by taking personal revenge from Toby. He intervened in the hiring process of Toby and presented a false report about Toby to Ben who later on cancelled Toby’s interview considering his bad report. Here Alec again violated professionalism he influenced Ben to take action in his interest breaching the code of professionalism. He also violated the code of honesty by positing false report on Toby to Ben to influence his hiring process. Alec has repeatedly engage in unethical behavior. He also violated the code of professional development degrading Toby to continue his professional development by positing his false performance report (Australian Computer Society , 2014).

2.3. Legal Factors 道德essay代写

Factor 11 – Getting into Privacy

Kevin was prohibited to enter the highly secured system. However, Kevin took the passwords out of his drawer and entered the highly confidential information breaching the confidentiality. He breached the code of preserving the confidentiality and privacy of others.

Factor 12 – Illegal Activities

Kevin works for Ajax a legitimate trucking business. Kevin learned that the business is engaged in the transport of black market goods at a large scale. These goods can be tobacco, firearms, or drugs. Whatever the goods may be they are illegal.

Factor 13 – Hidden Income to avoid Tax

Another thing Kevin learned about Ajax truck business is that they have not declared their income. The income they generate is not routed in the main accounts of the company to avoid tax.  The income is not declared to Australian Tax Office (ATO) which is another illegal act.

Factors 14 – Intellectual Property

James learned that Company A has copied the Graphical User Interface of Company B. Thus, Company A has breached the code of respecting intellectual property of others (Australian Computer Society , 2014).

2.4. Prioritization 道德essay代写

Factor Related Issue
1. Taking Personal Revenge Alec influenced Toby’s hiring procedure.
2. Lying on resume Kevin lied on his resume.
3. Data Security Kevin got into highly secured system.
4. Professional guidance Vanessa provided professional guidance to her clients.
5. Services matching financial needs of the stakeholder Vanessa could not understood the financial need of the stakeholders
6. Patent Infringement James learned about patent infringement by Company A.
7. Merit based decisions Toby terminated Dev A for poor performance
8. Personal favor & biased decisions Dev A and Dev B were favored by Alec because they were his friend
9. Taking Revenge Alec provided false report to Ben about Toby taking his revenge
10. Intervening in performance review Alec pressurized Toby to Dev A’s performance review
11. Getting into Privacy Kevin was proscribed to enter secured system which he breached anyway.
12. Illegal Activities Ajax was involved in transporting the black market goods.
13. Hidden Income to avoid Tax Ajax did not declare their income to Australian Tax office.
14. Intellectual Property Company copied the GUI of Company B.


2.5. Decision

Keeping in view the following ethical facets EDM can be used to see how the following actors should have acted in these situation. Kevin; one of the key characters decided to intervene in company’s privacy. Kevin learn about the illegal activities of the company. Knowing too much Kevin is now obliged to inform the authorities about these illegal activities.

Vanessa acted professionally and gave accurate advice to her clients but they wanted low cost solution. Here Vanessa should have tried to meet the financial needs of the client. Likewise, James knew about the patent infringement by company A. James should immediately inform the Company A about the infringement rather than informing Company B. He should inform company B if Company A does not act on his suggestion.

Toby should tell the truth about Alec to his new boss. He should not produce false report like Alec to take his personal revenge.

3. Discussion 道德essay代写

The key factors that shape the overall actions of the preceding characters have been identified. The most important factor which has been highlighted are personal factors. As we see, character like Alec preferred to take personal revenge from Toby. Likewise, Kevin decided to intervene into security personally. The professional and legal issues are all related to the privacy of the data. The issue of privacy was highlighted in Kevin, and James case. Ethical issues are more prevalent in the corporate world than legal issues. Thus ethical issues have been prioritized in EDM (Professional Issues Assignment, 2018).

4. Conclusion

The characters acted differently each of these characters have their own moral ground on which they acted. Many decisions taken by the characters in the cases are unethical and questionable. Even if their intentions are good the unethical acts are profound. Character such as Alec, and Kevin, have shown amoral approach. Some of them condoned the ethical considerations unintentionally ( 3410ICT & 7101ICT Professional Issues in Computing , 2021).


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