The relationship Between Alcoholism, Sleep, and Academic Poor Performance



Relationship Between Alcoholism, Sleep, and Poor Academic Performance

Alcoholism代写 There are concerns in the increased number of the young people developing alcohol disorder. Alcoholism, Sleep, and Poor Academic Performance.


There are concerns in the increased number of the young people developing alcohol disorder. Alcoholism代写 

Most young people are in their early years in college or university. Research has found that the majority of students are introduced in alcoholism during their first years in the university and the habit may persist the entire academic period (White, & Hingson, 2013). It has also been found that over 20 percent of college students have alcoholic-related problems or have ever experienced a heavy episode of drinking (Davoren, Shiely, Byrne, & Perry, 2015). Considering the level of their life in university as the level where most are shaping their future life, indulging in alcoholism comes as a detriment to their health. Alcoholism代写**范文

The relation between alcoholism and students academic performance is a concern to many universities and colleges administrations. Alcoholism and other substance use have been attributed to poor academic performance and student attrition in these institutions (Meda et al. 2017). A student with alcohol disorder mainly have problems of class attendance. Furthermore, heavy alcohol intake is attributed to missing classes, failing behind syllabus, and low grades in assessment tests.


Moreover, the alcoholism delay time for sleeping as the student takes much of the times drinking. Alcoholism代写

As a result, the majority of students are unable to sleep early for lectures. Most of the student with alcoholism disorder may develop insomnia due to lack of enough sleep (Thakkar, Sharma, & Sahota, 2015). Therefore, they fail to concentrate during lectures due to psychological and emotional fatigue. Consequently, they fall behind the syllabus which leads to their failure in assessment tests. Alcoholism代写**范文

In this regard, an inquiry of the relationship between the alcoholism, sleep, and academic performance is necessary. The goals of the research will be to explore the effect of alcoholism on academic achievement and how it affects the sleep pattern of the student. The objectives are premised on the hypothesis that alcoholism contributes to the altering to the sleep pattern and behavior of the student who as a result lead to low attendance to lectures.

In carrying out the research, the cross-sectional study of the population of the students in the university will be carried out. Alcoholism代写

The lecturers are also involved in providing the opinion about the performance in their modules. The research will take the general health survey of the participants’ students who will also give views on their academic achievement. Alcoholism代写**范文

The results will determine the relationship between alcoholism, sleep, and academic performance. The research will apply to the colleges and university administration for student monitoring and administration. The study is also vital to the student support department for the identification of students with alcoholism disorder for medical assistance.


References Alcoholism代写

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