Assessment 3: Case Study



Assessment 3: Case Study

Question and Answer

Question and Answer代写 Question 1: Creating High-Performance Work System Platform.Question 2: The Relationship Between HPWS and Organizational Culture.


Question 1: Creating High-Performance Work System Platform  Question and Answer代写

There are common management practices that create a platform where High-performance Work System emerges and hence competitive advantage and organizational performance. Below are some of the six human resource practices that any organization just like Google can us.

a. Ensuring employee security  Question and Answer代写

There is a trend of many organizations downsizing while others hiring part-time workers or contracting. The main aim of these practices is to avoid obligations to employees. However, research has shown that though this trend is becoming popular, organizations that practice it hardly improve performance in long-term (Gramm & Schnell, 2013). HPWS calls for creating a workplace that is based on high-trust partnership with workers. As a result, there is a commitment between employees and organization and promote workers behaviors that are essential to the future success of the organization. Question and Answer代写**成品

Google is a successful technology and internet company that use programs that guarantee workers employment after proving their commitment and ability to deliver towards achieving the goals of the company. The policies that make employees feel secure demonstrate the organizational commitment to them and their welfare. Google ensures the security of employees and builds trust in them and the management. The approach has been proved to yield employee satisfaction.

b.  Have selective hiring  Question and Answer代写

The company uses a rigorous method of hiring and selecting employees. The policy ensures selection of employees with the best talents and skills is taken first. The company does not focus on the employee academic pedigree but rather hire for the best fit of the job. The hiring and selection process look for attributes like characters, respects for others and motivated to make a difference both in the company and to the world. The chosen employees also need the right attitude to learn through training and experience. Question and Answer代写**成品

Therefore, Google hunt for talent in colleges, science competitions, boot camps, and incubation centers. These events are used by people who have self-drive for change and are into what they do. Hiring the right people the jobs is the start towards the achievement of organizational goals.

Question and Answer代写
Question and Answer代写

c. Decentralized decision making  Question and Answer代写

A company like Google has established an HPWS culture through clear goals and objectives. The achievement of these goals requires the delegation of some decision processes in the organization and empowerment of staff in their service delivery. Google has a well-trained and supported self-managed workforce that is autonomous and enjoys wide decision-making discretion and hence shows the company’s high trust in them.

d.  High results-based compensation  Question and Answer代写

There is a need to have a compensation-based system at all levels when the company makes good progress. It promotes employees’ awareness of shared goals as well as their role in contributing to the company’s profitability. A method of compensating employees contingent on company performance is a high-performance culture that Google has adopted.

e.  Training by commitment  Question and Answer代写

As an HPWS company, Google emphasis on training by commitment as opposed to control-oriented training. Companies need to take the initiative of training as way of resolving problems, increase quality, make changes in work methods and hence demonstrate trust in employees and as well as their input in organizational changes.

f.  Reduced status barriers  Question and Answer代写

Google believes that great ideas can come from all employees regardless of their status, language, gender, among others. Therefore, the company has worked to reduce status barriers created by wages, language, skills, and the dressing that can create the notion of hierarchy than equality. Instead of controlling people, a company like Google has worked to build trust culture through nurturing and development. Therefore, the treatment of employees as partners, reducing status barriers, empowerment, and respect works towards achieving HPWS.

Question 2: The Relationship Between HPWS and Organizational Culture  Question and Answer代写


Researches have shown that there exists a relationship between organizational culture and human resource performance (Chow, 2012). Organizational culture is a sense of employees’ shared beliefs and practices that align with the organization’s goals. A corporate culture binds the organizational workforce together for shared direction. An established corporate culture is an indication that workers are well-oriented toward goals and holds a similar belief and ethical values that align with the company’s objective. Question and Answer代写**成品

A good culture can prove critical in creating an effective team because there exists a rapport and trust. The bond between employee helps the company to avoid conflict and that ensure they are focused on tasks completion. The existence of a strong corporate culture ease of communication of staff roles and responsibilities. As such, employees are aware of what is needed of them, the performance appraisal, and reward system used.

Organizational culture  Question and Answer代写

Google is one of the largest organizations that has proved organizational culture as critical to its success. It has a culture of tapping the best talents from all over the world. The working relationship is founded on workers’ flexibility, fun, and trust. The culture is synonymous with employee engagement. The company employs people with skills and motivation to make Google achieve its goals. The company has also adopted a hiring culture where it does not look at the candidate’s credentials but the ability and motivation to work. Question and Answer代写**成品

The hiring process, therefore, does not follow conventional methods but rather looks for talent where they are like in colleges, symposiums and science fairs. Other notable cultures include low-status barriers, creation of unique workplace, use of technologies to connect its workers, and creation of world recognized and respected brand. The various combination of these cultures has resulted created a workforce that is satisfied, feel trusted, and share in the aspirations of the company and hence the emergence of HPWS at Google.

A culture should make employees feel valued.  Question and Answer代写

Furthermore, research has found that employees become more engaged and work harder if they perceive the company takes them as partners rather than outsiders (Valizade, Ogbonnaya, Tregaskis, & Forde, 2016). A culture should make employees feel valued. For instance, when employees feel they have control over their jobs instead of feeling powerless they tend to more commit. Employee control can take various shapes including working from home, deciding the projects and new taking roles. When they feel valued, they make decisions that lead them to achieve the highest level of performance.

A culture that promotes workers’ satisfaction works.  Question and Answer代写

The culture of employee growth such as training, promotions, and career development keep employees motivated. These make employees happy and motivated and are likely to perform well at their jobs. A study has shown that a satisfied employee remains loyal to the company. A new worker needs to be trained to bring them up to the tasks. Training builds employee’s confidence in doing their work and reduces chances of errors while encouraging consultation in work processes. Question and Answer代写**成品

On other hand, employees feel appreciated for their services and hard work if there is an elaborate promotion plan. For instance, employees will be more committed to work if they perceive their hard work will be recognized and rewarded through promotions, bonuses, or remunerations. Overall, a culture that promotes workers’ satisfaction works towards the achievement of HPWS.

Performance management system  Question and Answer代写

Therefore, organizations need to structure their recruitment processes, employee empowerment, relationships and goals to attract and engage employees with the same beliefs and values that attribute to the organizational culture. It ensures that all staff include the new ones are well-assimilated into the company’s objectives. In essence, companies should align their culture to a performance management system for the emergence of HPWS.

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Question and Answer代写

Question 3: Other HRM Considerations  Question and Answer代写

a.  Employees and Labor Relations

The employee relations seek to align the needs of employees to the objectives of the organization (Picincu, 2018). Human resource management should ensure that things like discrimination issues, union, and non-union issues and sexual harassment should have a separate department to handle them. The company should ensure all employees follow the law and adhere to the policies of the company. Every employee should be treated fairly regardless of their gender, race, language, and skills. Question and Answer代写**成品

Besides, the recognition of people living with disability is of great importance because they too have contribution to society. There should be no discrimination whatsoever in the logistics and accessibility of the matter in to the company premises. Good communication will necessary to ensure that an employee has confidence when contacting the labor relations department.

b.  Gender Equality  Question and Answer代写

Gender equality is an emerging issue in modern technological industries. Google is a technology company can be faced with structural gender inequalities. Creating gender equality should be seen as a way of fostering business and individual performance as well as customer diversification and market penetration. When women are inflexible roles like part-time, casual and contractual, they tend to be more productive in workplace. Question and Answer代写**成品

Thus, Google should recognize social problems that face women and try to incorporate them into its human resource policies to promote the admission of the women in internet and technology jobs. Such policies include target programs that seek to recruit women, flexible work policies that favor women, offering parental leaves, and assistance with childcare.

c.  Employee stress management  Question and Answer代写

Workplace stress is a serious concern to many companies and Google is not an exemption. It is the role of a human resource department to ensure it workers are free from work-related stresses and can extend to ensuring their social life is does not impact their performance. According to Gino of Harvard Business Review, observed that though some work stress is necessary for performance, if it exceeds a certain threshold it becomes detrimental to performance (Gino, 2016).

In another survey by American Institute of Stress found that 80 percent of workers find their jobs stressing with half of them feeling extremely stressed. Out of the 80 percent, the 14 percent felt they can result in physical violence against their coworkers. Question and Answer代写**成品

Therefore, to manage employee stress, Google can encourage vacations, offer childcare services, discourage “presenteeism” and offer remote work (Hartland, 2018). Besides, the company can offer stress management training to its employees. Since employees are the most valuable resource to the company, helping them manage and cope with social and work stress will indirectly promote satisfaction, motivation, and morale which in turn increases their work productivity.

d.  Employee welfare  Question and Answer代写

There are benefits that accrue to a company that treats its employee’s well-being as their basic concern. Staff welfare should strategic goals for the achievement of organizational goals. According to a report by Forbes Contributors (2013), absenteeism is one indication that workforce welfare is not well-taken care. Although any company employees to be absent in a number of days, excessive absenteeism is harm to productivity. Question and Answer代写**成品

In effect, the company will have low financial performance, low staff morals and other negative issues follow. According to Forbes Contributor, some of the reasons that cause absenteeism are bullying, burnout, depression, illness, job hunting, and injuries. It should there be the concern of the company to know how its employees are faring and care if and when necessary by offering moral or financial supports.

References  Question and Answer代写

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