Emirates Flight 419 Incident Summary

Emirates 419代写 Emirates Flight 419 Incident Summary:The incident by Emirates flight 419 in 2007 was a cause of information error (Hradecky, 2007).


The Fly Emirates is a Dubai based airline with more than 36,000 flights per week (Morris, 2019).

The airline is considered one of the safest since it never had a fatal accident. Since its inception, it had suffered only one hull loss when it Boeing 777 was written-off after it crashed during landing at Dubai International Airport. Most air flight consumers are concerned about which airline is safer, but the fact remains that some are safer than others. Those airlines considered risky are blacklisted, particularly in EU blacklist to not ever fly over European space.

The incident by Emirates flight 419 in 2007 was a cause of information error (Hradecky, 2007).  Emirates 419代写

However, it did not mean the airline hired unqualified pilots. The captain for the flight was 40 years old at the time of the incident. English was his first language, and hence language barrier was not a limitation in his work. He was a qualified pilot with an Airline Transport Pilot License which was still valid at that period. His medical condition was up to the standard requirement and valid. He held experience of flying for over 14 000 hours. Besides, the captain had been flying Boeing 777 for three and a half years and was the captain for eighteen months. His previous works included being the captain and first officer when flying Boeing 737, 757 and 767 aircraft.

Emirates 419代写
Emirates 419代写

Before the incident, he had qualified for his last pilot proficiency check the same month. There were no concerns in his previous pilot proficiency checks and were affirmed as satisfactory. Furthermore, before the incident, the pilot was on duty for six hours had flown for only three hours on 22nd Match 2007. He was off-duty the day before the incident, and on 20th he only flew for 9 hours. Therefore, he was not tired of his daily duties and was fit to work.

The flight captain had used the route for more than 30 times for the last three and a half years.  Emirates 419代写

Thus, he noted having flown under various conditions, including departure and landing approaches. However, he stated that the routine procedures and standards were followed before the take-off in Auckland.

On the other hand, the first officer aged 48 years and was a qualified pilot with a valid Airline Transport Pilot License. He was also medically fit with a valid certificate. He held experience of having flown for 12 664 hours before the incident. As the operator, he had previously flown Boeing 777 for one year. Besides, he had experience in being the captain and first officer in Boeing 737, McDonnell Douglas MD 82 and others. Furthermore, he had completed that year pilot proficiency check and hence confirmed qualified. However, his previous pilot checks were not remarkable.

The first officer had been on duty that day for six hours and had traveled for three hours only.  Emirates 419代写

The previous day was his day off after flying for nine hours the day before 21st Match. However, he had only a few trips to and from Auckland with only three trips. Like his captain, he confirmed having checked the verbal ATIS broadcast before take-off. Moreover, on the day of the incident, the runways were visible up to 50 kilometers. Clouds were few and high at 1800 feet and 2500 feet. Temperatures were recorded at 22 Celsius and winds were blowing at the rate of 5 knots. Thus, the weather was suitable for flights.

Conclusion  Emirates 419代写

Generally, after close analysis of the event that transpired, it was concluded that the Auckland incident was caused by information perception error when pilots did not diligently check all the standards and procedures. However, the contradiction in the information relayed by updated ATIS broadcast created a mindset to the pilots that there were no changes in the runway length restriction. By implication, they assumed that since during their landing the full-length runway was available as per the updated ATIS, it revoked previous ATIS instructions of their departure from Sydney which indicated reduced runway length.

References  Emirates 419代写

Emirates 419代写
Emirates 419代写

Morris, H., (2019). The airline that has never had a single plane crash. Retrieved from https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/travel-truths/airlines-never-had-a-crash-accident/

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