Event Log for Assessment 2

Alibaba Group代写 Although it might be perceived as insignificant, Hong Kong protests have far-reaching impacts on businesses and more so Alibaba.

1.What is its name?

Alibaba Group

Alibaba Group代写
Alibaba Group代写

2.What are/is its main service or products?

Online wholesale and retail marketing

3.Where is its base country?


4.Name some of its overseas markets.

The United States, India, Africa, Europe, North and South America, United Arab Emirates, Australia.

(A) The specific current news event that has an impact on my chosen MNC  Alibaba Group代写

1.Summarise the news below in a few lines

Although it might be perceived as insignificant, Hong Kong protests have far-reaching impacts on businesses and more so Alibaba. The protest has pushed Hong Kong to mild depression. The GDP shrank to 3.2 percent compared to previous period. Businesses are performing poorly due to disruptions and closures. The overall consumption has declined in the same period. Alibaba is an online retail store and just like any other business feels the impact of the protests by decline in sales and overall profits in the region.

2.How does this news impact on my chosen MNC? List two possible impacts.  Alibaba Group代写

Alibaba Group代写
Alibaba Group代写
a. Impact 1

The low consumption rate by Hong Kong citizens and economic uncertainty reduce sales and profits. That means online retail returns are also declining in the region compared to the company’s market prospects. Also, the operations costs are also likely to increase in the period of protests.

b. Impact 2

The company’s share prices are likely to lower if the protest persists and there are no amicable solutions. This will lead to a loss in investments as investors withdraw their shares due to poor returns. Ultimately, the company may end up exiting the market due to losses and political instability.

(B) Proposed measures to mitigate these impacts. List two measures with an explanation.  Alibaba Group代写

1.Measure 1

Hong Kong is a volatile market and hence not trustworthy by investors. Precaution should be taken when making investments in the country. The company should work on attracting consumptions through intensive marketing and branding strategies.

2.Measure 2  Alibaba Group代写

Additionally, Alibaba should not appear to favor or align with any opposing groups. The support of any side can result in other groups revolting at the detriment of the company. The company should be neutral but work for a bipartisan agreement for peace.


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