Banana Farming Youth Program for Maragua

Youth Program代写 This has prompted various initiatives through government agencies and NGOs in a bid to improve the welfare of the young people.

Young people take over 35% of the whole population in Kenya. The gap has been increasing tremendously over the last decades. The increase in the number of youths has not only impacted on the available resources but also the availability of development opportunities. The level of unemployment and poverty has always been hitting the ceiling and nothing seems to change any time soon. This has prompted various initiatives through government agencies and NGOs in a bid to improve the welfare of the young people. Youth Program代写**格式

These initiatives have not made any significant achievements in empowering the youths. There are challenges attributed to the youth empowerment programs in Kenya and in particular Maragua Constituency. The problems that have crippled the efforts made in elevating the status of the youths include:

  • Lack of information on the various government youth programs
  • Bureaucracies in accessing these services
  • Lack of proper guidance
  • Ignorance, etc

Youth empower has been one of the key agenda of the government, but the perennial challenges has continued to slow the progress. In addressing these problems, affirmative actions need be installed and implemented.

Youth Program代写
Youth Program代写

It the main goal of this  Youth Program代写

Banana Farming in Kenya: Varieties found in Kenya are ‘Muraru’, ‘Kiganda’, ‘Sukari’ among others and they are adapted to various agro-ecological zones. They can be eaten as dessert or cooked.

Improved cultivars include, Apple, Gross Michel, Kampala, Dwarf Cavendish, Giant Cavendish, Williams, Grand Nain, Valery, Poyo and Lacatan. Tall varieties are Poyo and Lacatan, while medium varieties include Valery, Paz and Williams.

The recommended banana varieties for export in Kenya are Apple (sweet Banana), Giant Cavendish, Lacatan, Sabaki, Valery, Red Banana (all dessert type), and Uganda Green (cooking type)

Giant Cavendish and Lacatan are resistant to Panama disease and have fruits with blunt tips. The bunch is irregularly shaped. Bracts and male flowers are persistent on the lower part of the male axis. In Poyo the male bracts fall off. Valery is also a Cavendish cultivar,which is more wind resistant than Giant Cavendish. Important varieties are

Banana Farming in Kenya – Varieties Grown In Kenya  Youth Program代写


    Gross Michel


    Dwarf Cavendish

    Uganda Green

    Giant Cavendish


    Grand Nain







Banana Farming in Kenya – Agro-Ecological Zones  Youth Program代写

Banana- growing zones range from Coastal Lands to Lower Highland zones. Bananas require the following ecological conditions:-


Altitudes of below 1800 m above sea level are generally recommended for the production of bananas.

Temperature  Youth Program代写

For optimal growth, bananas require a warm humid climate. An average temperature of 20°C to 30°C is required. Below 20°C, normal plant growth is retarded. Lacatan and Valery tolerates cold weather better than other varieties. Cooler areas (higher altitudes) slow down plant development and the inflorescence may also fail to emerge.


Bananas can grow well with an annual rainfall of 1000 to 2500 mm. optimal yields require a well distributed annual rainfall of 1400 mm or more, without long dry spells.

Soils  Youth Program代写

Bananas can be grown in a wide range of soils as long as there is good drainage and adequate fertility. They can tolerate short periods of flooding but do require good soil aeration. Light to medium, well drained loam soil is the best. Fertile deep soils rich in humus should be chosen wherever possible. For best growth, a pH range of 5.5 to 6.5 is recommended.

Soil Management  Youth Program代写

Several steps can be taken to replenish or increase soil nutrients; they include:

1.) Mulching of banana fields is a traditional agronomic practice favored for its suppression of weeds, conservation of moisture and maintenance of soil fertility. This can be done through the following ways:

Youth Program代写
Youth Program代写


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