Topic: Non Probability Sampling

非概率抽样代写 主题:非概率抽样

非概率抽样代写 Non probability sampling is easier to do as compared to probability sampling. And it allows the research to be conducted…

Non probability sampling is easier to do as compared to probability sampling. And it allows the research to be conducted in a less expensive and less complicated manner. There are different types of non probability sampling which can be used to conduct research. However, popular opinion is that the sample being representative of the actual target audience cannot be claimed.


In order to learn about the breakfast habits and preferences of the general population

We suggested using either the convenience sampling, or snowball sampling. Convenience sampling can be done easily where the researches selects respondents who are close by. And available for research, they are selected because it is convenient to conduct research with them. While this method is highly easy to follow and implement. One of its biggest drawbacks is that it may present an outcome that is not representative of the actual target audience’s behavior

为了了解一般人群的早餐习惯和喜好 非概率抽样代写



Another method which can be utilized is snowball sampling which has gained popularity over the past years. It has two stages, the first stage requires the identification of relevant people with the required characteristics. Who are then interviewed to gain insight. The feedback gained from these people, is used to identify other people who can. And will be relevant to the research, and are them added in the sample. The second stage primarily involves observing and interviewing the people identified in the first stage. And the same process continues, hence the name, snowball sampling, which starts small. And gains momentum as it rolls down the hill, all the while getting bigger and bigger.


The second method, i.e. snowball sampling will be far more effective for the cereal manufacturer because it involves both observational as well as the interviewing technique which can lead to a lot of insights and behavioral habits identified throughout this process. It is most effective for deviant studies as well as subcultures, and behavioral studies.

译文:第二种方法,即滚雪球抽样对谷物制造商来说将更有效,因为它涉及观察和访谈技术,可以在整个过程中确定许多见解和行为习惯。它对越轨研究以及亚文化和行为研究最有效。 非概率抽样代写


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