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Concert Review代写 On July 29, 2016, Ed Archibald was featuring Darryl white light the Tower Jazz.Just like any other music, jazz music tells stories.


Tower Jazz


On July 29, 2016, Ed Archibald was featuring Darryl white light the Tower Jazz. They performed many pieces, but “Fly Me to the Moon,” “Waltz for Debby,” and “Ancient Memories” came out the most stylistic pieces that give the audience the aura of exciting jazz music. Just like any other music, jazz music tells stories.

The first “Fly Me to the Moon” initially done by Bart Howard. It had a standard upbeat. Concert Review代写

The Latin-inspired sounding consonance formed created the instrument version of the song. It created a romantic mood at the start. A guitar and saxophone alternated between bringing a melody and gave the feeling of two lovers dancing under the moonlight. The texture of the song changed as the passion of the song was heating up. At the same time, saxophone created a melody, and, together with guitar and other instruments, work in accompaniment. The rhythm was steady and got faster like a heartbeat as the song approached the climax. The song was louder and louder until the instruments converged at the top before changing the dynamic to moderate and concluded the song.  Concert Review代写**格式

The second song, “Waltz for Debby,” is the original work of Bill Evans.  Concert Review代写

It had a consonant slow beat waltz. The texture did not change throughout the song with an unusual 1,2,3 pattern. The melody was composed of a mix of saxophone, trumpet, and guitar that took turn in form of a solo. The dynamics were soft throughout the song but raised to a moderate level before decrescendo then back to softness. It was a fabulous composition by the ensemble of keeping up with the beat.

Concert Review代写
Concert Review代写

The last one was “Ancient Memories” by Fred Hamilton.  Concert Review代写

The song started with a dissonant tone after the entry of piano and drums. It then changed to consonant harmony and maintained through the performance. The song gave a texture of polyphonic that appeared between instruments. It had bright and happy melody at some points and cooled and relaxing on others as the tempo change,”and trumpet notes emphasize. The song used many dynamics. It started with crescendo from soft to very loud. It then retained the rhythm until it was reversed. Concert Review代写**格式

The first song was so romantic for me from the first tone.  Concert Review代写

It displayed romance and sexiness without the use of words. The ensemble was steady and was dancing and twirling under the shadows of moon. The performance reminded me of “My Heart Will Go On” by telling a story just like Celine Dion’s lyrics. The song was worth listening to get the experience. It was fantastic and familiar to the audience.

I was mesmerized by the second song, and I wondered why Debby would compose such an old-sounding song to a lover. Nonetheless, it was beautiful, though it held a different position in the genre than the other pieces. The song was dull and lacked depth, and hence I could not recommend it to anyone.

One the other hand, “Ancient Memories” was a beautiful song.  Concert Review代写

Prof. White played it with a passion that I am not even sure which part I enjoyed the most. The song gave me flashbacks of my childhood. It was fun and had a high reception. I loved it to the core. Concert Review代写**格式

The Tower Jazz concert is enjoyable and full of excellent music atmosphere that stimulates the intellectual experiences of music. Were it not for this paper I would not have experienced such a vibrant music sound combo. Diversification was evident in the concert and when one is viewing the mixture of songs which are rooted in the different genre you become diversified person.

Concert Review代写
Concert Review代写


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