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音乐历史代写 Music has always woven itself into situations that cause unrest and call for hope or longing. Many songs have been written during…

Music has always woven itself into situations that cause unrest and call for hope or longing. Many songs have been written during times of conflict wither to give rest to the rising upheaval or to convey a message of peace to all parties. Similarly war has played no small part in the history of songs that were composed in America (Library of Congress).

The song that I have selected to talk about is Yankee Doodle. This is one of the most renowned songs that originated from the revolution. In the middle of the 18th century, British Troops composed this song in the colonies, before it was identified as the song for independence. Before the American revolution came, many people used to make up lyrics on British Melodies, and eventually Yankee Doodle, which originated from Britain, acquired many lyrics that celebrated the Americans and their independence and mocked the British.


我选择谈论的歌曲是 Yankee Doodle。这是起源于革命的最著名的歌曲之一。在 18 世纪中叶,英国军队在殖民地创作了这首歌,之后才被确定为独立歌曲。在美国革命到来之前,很多人都用英国的旋律来作词,最终起源于英国的Yankee Doodle获得了许多歌颂美国人独立、嘲讽英国人的歌词。

Many sources state that the song was published in 1798

though some are of the opinion that it was a bit earlier than that. The first version of the song as discussed was written by a physician in the British Army (Thomas Fleming, 2013). It was written during the Indian and French war, and presented a satirical view at the New England Yankees. Over the years, the song gained popularity and many different verses were added to it, until it became highly popular throughout the colonies. However, after the 1770s, one version became standard which was a country person reaction to the first time he visited an army camp. Though there was one particular verse that the American soldiers enjoyed and liked most, which explained the reason for Yankee Doodle’s popularity.

Yankee Doodle is the tune
That we all delight in;
It suits for feasts, it suits for fun,
And just as well for fightin’. (Thomas Fleming, 2013)

许多消息来源称这首歌于 1798 年出版 音乐历史代写

译文:尽管有些人认为它比那早了一点。所讨论的这首歌的第一个版本是由英国陆军的一名医生创作的(Thomas Fleming,2013 年)。它写于印度和法国战争期间,并在新英格兰洋基队提出了讽刺观点。多年来,这首歌广受欢迎,并添加了许多不同的诗句,直到它在整个殖民地广受欢迎。然而,在 1770 年代之后,一个版本成为标准,这是乡下人第一次访问军营时的反应。尽管美国士兵最喜欢和最喜欢一首特别的诗句,这解释了洋基涂鸦受欢迎的原因。

和战斗一样。 (托马斯·弗莱明,2013 年)


At Yorktown, the British were forced to surrender.

And their attitudes exhibited the aura which pretended that the Americans did not exits, which angered the Infantry Brigade and thus, on his order the American army launched into the song. The British were shocked to see that the subjects they considered had now become their conquerors.

Even though the music was composed earlier, but it became so popular that it became adopted by the American people, and to date has been one of the most famous works. While the intention of the initial writer was to presented a satirical view of the British Yankees, the song evolved until it was considered to be the song of independence because it was played at the time of victory. From then on, it became a song of independence and was sung any time a war was won.

The music is simple in nature, and it is sung in the form of a melody. When it was originally introduced, it had simple music, however, the piece has evolved overtime. A meter is described as the pattern of the beats or pulses on which the piece’s rhythms are based. While the beat marches at a steady pace, the rhythm of the piece can change. Yankee Doodle has two beats per measure. A time signature on the other hand, indicates what the meter is, and Yankee Doodle’s time signature is 2/4. The rhythm of Yankee Doodle is affected by the beats per measure, as they are divided into two parts. Overall, it makes the melody memorable, but not unique.

在约克镇,英国人被迫投降。 音乐历史代写



音乐性质简单,以旋律的形式演唱。当它最初被引入时,它有简单的音乐,但是,这件作品随着时间的推移而演变。节拍被描述为乐曲节奏所基于的节拍或脉冲模式。虽然节拍以稳定的速度行进,但乐曲的节奏可能会发生变化。 Yankee Doodle 每小节有两个节拍。另一方面,拍号表示仪表是什么,而洋基涂鸦的拍号是 2/4。 Yankee Doodle 的节奏受每小节节拍的影响,因为它们分为两部分。总的来说,它使旋律令人难忘,但并不独特。


The song is a good example of a simple melody and in my opinion with such a detailed history that has helped the song evolve from a satirical to song for independence. Over the years the song has been sung at many victorious occasions. And it has become one of the most renowned. And favorite songs which have a link to conflict. Many songs have been sung during times of conflict. Some to explain how the writer felt, whereas, others to try to bring calm and serenity to an era of destructiveness. Conflict gives rise to artists. And many musicians were brought forth because of the turmoil or destruction they felt around them. And wanted to convey their feelings in words. And this song, is just one of many.

结论 音乐历史代写



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