Phonology代写 Permissible words in English are categorized into two major clauses: sonorants and obstruent. The sonorants are…

Consonant Combinations Phonology代写

First consonant Second consonant Orthographic Phonological
[m] [t] Management [mænɪʒmɪn]
[k] [n] Cannot [kænɑt]
[t] [s] Takes [tæks]
[t] [s] Taxes [tæksɪs]
[p] [ɹ] Personal [pəɹsnəl]
[ʃ] [s] She’s [ʃiz]

Permissible words in English are categorized into two major clauses: sonorants and obstruent. The sonorants are the vowels, nasal, glides, and glides. On the other hand, the obstruent is the affricates, fricatives, the stops. Phonology代写

A minimal pair refers to a pair of words that differ through a single a sound such as takes [tæks] and taxes [tæksɪs]. The sounds of these words may confuse some people who are not well versed with the English language.


Part Two Phonology代写

  1. In different languages, there are specific sounds that do not behave in systematic ways. For instance, a word spelled the same way in English and Spanish may have differing sounds.
  2. In most cases, sounds often behave in systematic ways according to their general sound properties associated with their particular properties. In this regard, sound can be classified as natural class, which represents a group of sound with similar properties and have common behavior in consistent fashion. Phonology代写
  3. The relationship between two sounds is characterized by phoneme and allophone. In this regard, words with the same spelling in different languages needs the speaker to determine whether they are from the same phoneme or their allophone are from the same phoneme. In this regard, phoneme refers to the mental sound category noted with slach brackers (/…/), while allophone refers to the surface realization of a phoneme, which is the actual pronunciation. Phonology代写
  4. The classification of sounds in Spanish, German, and Greece is determined by the allophones in their pronunciation. In this regard, the phonological environments does occur as well as the sounds elicited from the varying environments. There are systematic way of differentiating between the two sets of environments although the sounds may act different in relation to the phoneme and  allophones that may belong to different phonemes.


最小对是指通过单个声音而不同的一对词,例如“ take”和“ taxs”。这些单词的发音可能会使一些不太熟悉英语的人感到困惑。