UESTC3031 – Engineering Project Management & Finance

Project Plan Assignment [10%]

项目管理assignment代写 The numbers in square brackets in the right-hand margin indicate the marks allotted to the part of the question against which the mark is shown.

The numbers in square brackets in the right-hand margin indicate the marks allotted to the part of the question against which the mark is shown. These marks are for guidance only.

Purpose of the Assignment

Prepare a written description of your project team structure

Demonstrate the development of a project plan and schedule (WBS and Gantt Chart / Network Diagram) via showing interactions and dependencies, discussing the benefits/drawbacks of different types of plan, and identifying critical paths

Submission: via Moodle

Submission Instructions: 项目管理assignment代写

 You must submit in ONE pdf document (not a zipped file, not two times, not in a word document) project plan assignment that accompanies it. You already have the instructions in the lecture notes and have been provided the assignment answering file that must be used.

 You must prepare this assessment in pairs/groups of 2. You must clearly indicate in the file name and in the document the student name’s and IDs in the form Student1_GUID_UESTCID_Student2_GUID_UESTCID.pdf and inside the documents you will list a table with the student’s names, GUIDs, and UESTCIDs of your group  members so that we know who submitted with whom.

 The marking criteria is provided.

 You must submit a plagiarism declaration and your submission will go through plagiarism check.

No late submissions will be allowed in the Moodle so if you don’t submit you will get a zero for this complete assessment.

 This is a SUMMATIVE assessment (i.e. marked assessment).

 Each of you must submit individually the assessment prepared in groups so we must receive (via Moodle) 2 identical submissions in the system i.e. one for each student member of the group.

 While using references, you must use IEEE style/format.

Project Plan Assignment [10%] 项目管理assignment代写

Scenario: You are a manager in an electronics company responsible for making electronics circuit boards. You have recently prepared a detailed calculation for a Bill of Materials and break-even analysis of a design for a microcontroller. You are now required to put together a team to manufacture the boards.

Part A [25 marks]: Prepare a short written summary (within a 500 word limit) of your project plan and resources for your manager; he needs this to justify financial investment in the project. You are permitted to use any or all the information from the first part of this assessment.

Prepare your written summary to cover the following points:

  1. Project team members and their respective responsibilities.[5]

(Remember, it is only a small board project so you only need 4-5 team members)

  1. Clear purpose of your project in terms of the Statement of Work.[10]
  1. Work Breakdown Structure with clear emphasis on the work packages. [10]

Part B [25 marks]: You have received an order of 500 boards / units. Now, to start building this microcontroller, the very first component needed is the printed circuit board (PCB) that renders all the other components dependent on it. There might have been other such similar constraints and interdependencies during your project as listed below in Table II.



  • there is a one-day national holiday declared on the day after task 12 completion.
  • the weekends as a normal work day like any other day of the week.
  • the diagrams / figures MUST be hand-drawn with a ruler.
  1. Demonstrate the interdependencies and interlink between various tasks with the help of a Project Network Diagram. [15]
  1. Based on your Project Network Diagram above, how many days did it take to complete this project? Demonstrate this with the help of the critical path.[5] 项目管理assignment代写
  1. Timeline of your project with the help of Gantt Chart clearly listing all the tasks. The chart must be hand-drawn with a ruler. [5]

NOTE: Do NOT use electronic drawing packages for diagrams, the objective is for you to practice these diagrams under ‘exam conditions’. Electronic diagrams will be marked ‘zero’.