Six Sigma in Luxury Car Sales


Luxury代写 Six Sigma approach can be used to improve customer services in the sales of luxury cars. The approach is used to address…

Six Sigma approach can be used to improve customer services in the sales of luxury cars. The approach is used to address business opportunities and solve business problems (Pestorius 19). DMAIC will be used to demonstrate how to increase sales and customer satisfaction in the luxury car company. The aim is to increase car sales from 200 to 400 cars per week.

译文:六西格码方法可用于改善豪华车销售中的客户服务。该方法用于解决商机和解决业务问题(Pestorius 19)。 DMAIC将用于演示如何提高豪华车公司的销售和客户满意度。目的是将汽车销售量从每周200辆增加到400辆。

Step 1: Define

The company intends to solve the issue of low sales per week. Comparatively, the sales per week are low considering the high number of visitors per week. It is an indication that there is a gap in customer services that need to be filled. The main stakeholders are the sales representatives, customers, and managers. If customer customer satisfaction is increased and gaps in service filled, car sales will increase from 200 to 400 cars per week.

步骤1:定义 Luxury代写


Step 2: Measure

The data is collected through feedback systems and random interviews. The company seeks to understand the types of luxury cars clients are looking at; the level of satisfaction; and areas they think need to be improved. The proposed changes include improving car show experience by redesigning and adding more salesmen from the current 20 to 30 salesmen. The company also intends to bring on a variety of luxury cars in line with customer requests. The company proposes to open online sales and exhibitions as a way of increasing visitors, accessibility and customer services. The key success factors are increase in sales from 200 to 400 cars per week and an increase in car inventory.

步骤2:量度 Luxury代写


Step 3: Analyze

Luxury customers need personalized services with a sales representative for easier question and answer (Steel par. 6). They also need convenience and accessibility of the company showroom and products. Automobile companies are going online to access more customers at ease. Online exhibitions and sales offer flexibility and convenience to customers. Improvement of these areas creates a better customer experience.


步骤3:分析 Luxury代写

译文:奢侈品客户需要销售代表提供个性化服务,以便更轻松地进行问答(Steel par。6)。他们还需要公司展示厅和产品的便利性和可及性。汽车公司正在上网以轻松地吸引更多的客户。在线展览和销售为客户提供了灵活性和便利性。这些方面的改善可以创造更好的客户体验。

Step 4: Improve 

The company needs an online platform where customers can access a variety of luxury cars, and make orders. The company also needs to increase its salesmen from the current 20 to 30 and train them on providing personalized services to clients both at the showroom and online. These measures will increase customer reach, experience, and services and hence increase overall sales.

步骤4:改善 Luxury代写


Step 5: Control

One of the main controls is the percentage of the sales representatives meeting their prospect goals. The meeting of targets should increase tremendously if the measures are well-implemented. The traffic and buyer behavior in the online platform will indicate improvement in customer service and experience.

步骤5:控制 Luxury代写



Six Sigma has provided an effective approach in sales strategy formulation. The luxury car sales company is not only able to identify the problem and formulate the solutions but also develop control mechanisms. Continuous review of the process is essential to keep check of the emerging issues in the company.

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