A&P by John Updike

A&P代写 The conservatives tend to stick to the old ways of doing things while liberals tend to be dynamic and change with time.

In every society there are the conservatives and liberals. A&P代写

The conservatives tend to stick to the old ways of doing things while liberals tend to be dynamic and change with time. The liberals find it difficult to stick to archaic way of doing things unlike the conservatives. Breaking from the chains of conservativeness is a challenge to many especially in a scenario where young people feel that they are being forced to adhere to the traditions that are past time. Widely read, A&P is a representation of a tale that tells of traditions that tie a young man, Sammy and who found a chance to liberate himself and try to get a new life.

Story A&P代写


The narrator of the tale is at a grocery store when he saw three half-naked girls approaching. The leader of the trio catched the eyes of the narrators because of her stature. She walked like a queen towards the store and never turned to notice the narrator nor his coworker Stokesie.

According to Sammy, the Queenie seemed to lead the others to the store. It was fun for Sammy to watch them as they walk carelessly into the store where people were already getting surprised by their audacity to walk naked. Sammy thought that were it not the store assuming that they were at the beach, the girls would not take attention from anyone.A&P代写**范文

Queenie opted to be attended by Sammy after taking a jay of Kingfish fancy herring snack. No sooner did she approached the checkout lane where Sammy was than the A&P manager, Lengel, came from outside and on seeing the girls, sent them away for wearing inappropriately in a store citing it a violation of the store policies. They argue with him, but he told them to better dress right next time. Lengel told Sammy to ring the girls up.A&P代写**范文

Sammy obliged to the manager’s order and quitted. Perhaps he expected the girls to hear him. Probably they heard him and ignored. Lengel warned Sammy to think through before quitting since the decision might ruin his life, but Sammy could not heed any of that, he had already made up his mind. He turned his apron, and bow tie and saunters out into the parking lot. Unfortunately, the girls had already gone before he was done quitting. Sammy watch from a distance as Lengel check the stores. Lengel looks hard and stiff, and Sammy began to feel how hard the world would be thereafter.

Analysis A&P代写

Sammy did not like how he lived to conform. At the beginning of the story, Sammy is quite clear that he is unlike the “sheep” and “houseslaves” milling about the aisles of the store.  Sammy is equally confident that he is neither a chump like Stokesie. Who wants to climb the management ladder, nor a flunky like Lengel. Who haggles over cabbages and hides behind his office door all day. As he surveys the scene, Sammy is comfortable behind his wised-up, sarcastic attitude. A&P代写**范文

However, all this self-confidence is shaken by the three girls who enter the store in their bathing suits, and especially by the beautiful leader of the group. From the start, Updike emphasizes the disruptive effect the girls have on the usual order of the store. They immediately cause Sammy to make an error at his register, which he hardly ever does. They move against the usual traffic flow of the store, disturbing the other shoppers. And of course they completely distract all the male employees and eventually draw the disapproving attention of Lengel.


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