Mid-Term Mock 2 Test – Timed Examination  

Module Code and Title: BUS354 Audit & Assurance

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Duration and submission of exam: upload your completed exam paper to QMplus within one hour of downloading 

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Question 1 Audit代考

Which TWO of the following describe the roles of the responsible party in any assurance engagement?

A Setting the criteria of the assurance engagement

B Gathering evidence on the subject matter

C Issuing an opinion on the subject matter against the criteria set

D Preparing the subject matter


Question 2

With respect to the benefits of assurance engagements, for each of the following statements, select True or False.

1 Assurance is an independent and professional activity that users value.

2 The principle objective of assurance is to detect and correct fraud.

3 Assurance assignments may take many forms.


Question 3 Audit代考

Andy & Co, an audit firm, have been asked by Budget Ltd to accept appointment as auditor.

Budget Ltd’s previous auditors were Matt & Co.

What would be the best course of action for Andy & Co if Budget Ltd refuse to give them permission to contact Matt & Co?

A Contact Matt & Co in writing anyway as we need to speak to the previous auditors before accepting the appointment.

B Telephone Matt & Co in order to obtain the information sought in the form of an off the record chat.

C Ask Budget Ltd again if they can contact Matt & Co .

D Make no communication with Matt & Co and consider declining the appointment.


Question 4

As part of his analytical procedures on the financial statements of Nails Ltd, Peter has identified

that the current ratio has decreased from 2 to 1.5. All purchases of inventory are currently made for cash and all sales are credit sales.

Which TWO of the following could be a valid explanation for this decrease?

1 The company has increased its credit policy to customers from 30 to 50 days.

2 The company has shifted its reliance from long-term debit to short-term debit.

3 The company has decided to adopt a just in time inventory system (whereby the supplier will   deliver direct to its stores, eliminating the need for a distribution centre).

4 The company has recently offered special discounts to customers to attract more sales.


Question 5 Audit代考

Which TWO of the following approaches could the auditor use when gathering audit evidence?

1 Tests of control only

2 Substantive procedures only

3 Both tests of control and substantive procedures

4 Analytical procedures only


Question 6

For each of the following statements, decide whether they are true or false in respect of business risk.

1 Inherent and control risks are components of audit risk.

2 Auditors should provide suggestions for companies to overcome business risks.

3 Identifying business risks is part of the company’s risk assessment process.


Question 7

Two types of procedures used in gathering evidence are tests of controls and substantive procedures.

For each of the following examples, decide which type of procedure is illustrated.

1 Carrying out analytical procedures on the income statement

2 Reviewing board minutes for evidence of authorisation of major additions to non-current assets

3 Reperforming the year-end bank reconciliation


Question 8 Audit代考

The following statements describe possible limitations of the provision of assurance.

For each statement, decide whether it is a limitation or is not a limitation.

1 Sampling is part of the audit process.

2 The provision of assurance in itself can be a subjective process.

3 The auditors may be auditing that particular client for the first time.


Question 9

Which two of the following are limitations of the provision of assurance?

A Assurance work is carried out by people independent of the entity

B Sampling is used in assurance work

C Client systems have inherent limitations

D Unqualified staff may be used on assurance engagements


Question 10

Which one of the following statements best describes the evidence obtained and the opinion given in a reasonable assurance engagement?

A Sufficient appropriate evidence and a negatively worded opinion

B Sufficient appropriate evidence and a positively worded opinion

C A lower level of evidence and a negatively worded opinion

D A lower level of evidence and a positively worded opinion


Question 11 Audit代考

Which three of the following are benefits of an assurance report on financial information?

An assurance report:

A enhances the credibility of the information being reported on

B reduces the risk of management bias in the information being reported on

C attests to the correctness of the information being reported on

D draws the attention of the user to deficiencies in the information being reported on


Question 12

In the context of a statutory audit which three of the following are examples of the expectation gap?

The belief that:

A the auditor’s report certifies the financial statements as correct

B the auditor’s principal duty is to detect fraud

C the auditor is employed by the directors

D the auditor checks all transactions


Question 13

Which two of the following are auditors always required to do on being invited to accept an audit engagement?

A Ensure they are professionally qualified to act

B Ensure they have adequate existing resources to carry out the audit

C Obtain references for key personnel within the entity to be audited

D Communicate with the predecessor auditors to discover any reasons they should not accept appointment


Question 14 Audit代考

For each of the following factors present at a prospective client, select whether that factor indicates that that client is high risk or low risk.

Company has prudent accounting policies

A High risk

B Low risk


Company carries out unusual transactions

C High risk

D Low risk


Company currently has no finance director

E High risk

F Low risk


Question 15

Which three of the following are purposes of a letter of engagement?

A Setting out the form of any report to be issued

B Providing constructive suggestions to management concerning improvements in internal control

C Documenting and confirming acceptance of the appointment

D Narrowing the expectations gap

E Providing evidence on matters where other evidence is not expected to exi